Top 29 LG K40 hidden features, hacks & secrets

LG K40 is a mid-range Android smartphone with a huge list of features. The known & noticeable features are NFC, Fingerprint Scanner, Face Unlock, Selfie Flash, Expandable Memory, Wifi Calling, Notification Light, etc. However, there are many more features that are hidden or unnoticeable.

In this post, we are going to trace those hidden features & secrets. We are also going to check out the LG K40 hacks. So, without further ado, Let’s get going –

LG K40 Hidden Features, Secrets & Hacks – LM-X420

1. Hide apps & photos on K40

lg k40 hide photos

You can hide apps and photo albums on LG K40 from kids and prying eyes. I’ve laid down the whole procedure in the below post and video –

LG K40 Hidden Apps & Photos


2. LG K40 USB OTG Support


There is no mention of LG K40 OTG support in the user manual or in phone settings. The good thing is K40 is OTG compatible.

You need a USB OTG adapter to connect a Pen Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, etc. to LG K40.

Refer to the above screenshot. I’ve connected a Pen Drive. It’s detected as a USB Drive.

doe lg k40 support otg

This time a mouse has been connected. Notice the Mouse pointer in the above screenshot.

3. LG K40 Gyroscope / VR Compatibility

lg k40 gyroscope vr compatible

LG K40 comes with a Gyroscope Sensor. This makes it VR(Virtual Reality) compatible. You can use a VR headset and enjoy 360-degree videos on your K40.



4. LG K40 Qslide Apps

lg k40 qslide apps

A few apps on LG K40 work in a mini-window format over the current screen. We can multitask with QSlide apps. The app window transparency can also be controlled.

To learn how to launch Qslide apps, please follow the below video –


1. How to force restart LG K40

lg k40 hidden features force restart


Force Restart is the basic & most useful trick to troubleshoot your LG K40.

When your K40 is frozen, the only option to reboot the phone is a forced restart. As the K40 battery is non-removable, we cannot pull it out to turn off the phone. So, follow this step –

Press the  Volume Down & Power Button for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.



6. How to make Folders on K40

how to make folders on lg k40

There is no instruction on K40 to make a new folder. It can be done as follows –

Long-Press an app icon and place it over another app.

The 2 apps will be added to this newly created folder as shown above.

Watch the below video for better understanding –

7. LG K40 one-click Screen Recording

how to screen record on lg k40

You know how to screenshot on K40, but what about Screen Recording?  The recording is more useful than a screenshot.

Add a one-click screen recording shortcut to your LG K40 navigation panel using the below tutorial –

LG K40 One-Click Screen Recording


8. LG K40 Android 9 Easter Eggs

lg k40 easter eggs

My LG K40 MetroPCS is running on Android Pie. Repeated clicks on the Android Version brings the Android P animation on the screen.

A few more clicks on the P takes us to the Drawing app as shown above.

Follow the below video to do it yourself –


9. Double Tap Status Bar to turn off K40 screen

When on the K40 home screen you can double-tap an empty space to turn off the screen. However, we cannot put the phone to sleep when in Settings or in some other app. In such a case, the workaround is tapping the status bar twice to put off the screen.

You can better understand it in the following video –

10. Search Personal Content on K40 Home Screen

lg k40 secrets

On Android 9 we can search our personal content by swiping down the home screen. Follow the above screenshot to get access to Google’s “Search your Personal Content” screen.

hidden features lg k40

I typed in “ga” and all the Gallery apps are sorted out.

11. LG K40 Camera Shortcut Keys

Many a time, we fail to capture a moment as a good amount of time is wasted in looking for the camera app.

The solution to this problem is the camera shortcut key. No matter your phone screen is on or off you can launch the camera viewfinder in one go.

lg k40 power button camera shortcut

If your K40 screen is on, tap the Power key twice to launch the camera.

LG K40 Power Button as Camera Shortcut

lg k40 volume button camera shortcut

With the phone screen off, press the volume down key twice to open the camera. Press it one more time to capture a photo.

Launch Camera & Capture Photo with Volume Down Button

12. Auto Answer & Silence Calls on K40


Do you find it difficult to answer calls while driving? Do you wish to pick the call without touching your phone or Bluetooth headset? Your wish is fulfilled.

lg k40 auto answer

The LG K40 Auto answer feature allows you to pick a call automatically after a set duration of 1, 2, or 5 seconds.

Go to Settings > Call > “Answer and end calls”.  Tap “Auto answer” and set the time duration.

lg k40 volume up silence call

You can also use the Volume Up key to answer or silence incoming calls.

For more details, please follow the below link –

Answer & Silence calls with Volume UP Button

13. Hide number in Outgoing Calls – LG K40

lg k40 hide number outgoing call

Do you know you can hide your number during an outgoing call? Watch the below video to enable this setting.


14. LG K40 Voice Notifications

lg k40 voice notifications

The text to speech feature on LG K40 reads out the caller info and messages for you.

The voice notification setting can be enabled via Accessibility settings.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision  & enable “Message/call voice notifications” as shown above.

Voice Notifications – Read Caller Info & Messages out loud

15. LG K40 Screen Mirroring

I searched all over my LG K40, but couldn’t find the Cast or Screen Mirroring option anywhere. That doesn’t mean we cannot mirror/cast our phone screen on the TV.

lg k40 screen mirroring

We can mirror/cast our K40 screen to the TV with & without Chromecast. Check out the below video and post for the detailed procedure.

LG K40 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast

16. LG K40 Secret Codes & Hidden Menu

lg k40 secret codes

LG K40 phone dialer can be used to access secret menus including the “hidden menu”. There are 6 secret codes in total. For more details, please check out the below video and blog post –

LG K40 Secret Codes

LG K40 Hidden Menu



17. LG K40 Home with App Drawer

lg k40 app drawer

The default LG K40 Home is without an app drawer. Follow the below video/blog post to learn how to get back the home with an app drawer.

On K40, the apps menu can also be pulled by swiping up the home screen.

LG K40 App Drawer


18. LG K40 Latest FRP Bypass Hack

lg k40 frp bypass 2020

Here I’m sharing the latest August 2020 LG K40 FRP Bypass hack to get past the Google verification screen.


LG K40 FRP Bypass Hack 2020

19. LG K40 Liquid Damage Indicator – Moisture Detection

lg k40 liquid damage indicator

In the LG K40 hidden menu, there is a Moisture Detection setting.


lg k40 moisture detection

This setting should work as a liquid damage indicator on K40.

20. LG K40 Parental Controls

lg k40 parental controls

Have you bought the K40 for your kid and you want to enforce certain restrictions? This can be done by turning on the “Parental Controls” settings in the Play Store app. The below video shows how to enable this setting –

21. LG K40 Lock Screen Bypass


lg k40 lock screen bypass hack

Our next hack to bypass the LG K40 lock screen (PIN, Pattern or Password) is covered in the below post & youtube video –

LG K40 Lock Screen Bypass


22. LG K40 Secure Startup Bypass

lg k40 secure startup bypass hack

The secure startup screen is similar to the lock screen. We can bypass it as per the below guide –

LG K40 Secure Startup Bypass



23. LG K40 Developer Options

lg k40 developer options

The developer options menu is keep hidden on LG K40. We have to tap the build number 7 times to unhide this setting. The below video can help you out better –

LG K40 Developer Options – How to turn on

24. Vibrate when Outgoing call is answered or when a call ends


lg k40 vibrate when call answered or ended

Do you want to get notified when a call is ended or when the other person picks up your call? You can set a vibration indicator as shown in the above screenshot.

The following video shows the path to enable this setting.

25. LG K40 Safe Mode

lg k40 safe mode

Safe Mode on LG K40 helps in detecting malicious apps. Due to bad coding, a downloaded Android app can result in abnormal behavior.

Downloaded apps & widgets are disabled in Safe Mode.

Learn how to use the K40 Safe Mode for troubleshooting as per the below link –

LG K40 Safe Mode

26. LG K40 Recovery Mode

lg k40 recovery mode

As the name suggests, Recovery mode is made to recover your LG K40 when fails to boot or is stuck at the lock screen.

It’s a separate partition. You can access it even if you fail to boot your phone properly.

We can access the recovery mode using the volume down & power button.

Learn how to Hard reset your K40 using the Recovery Mode –

LG K40 Recovery Mode

27. LG K40 Download Mode

lg k40 download mode

If your K40 is bricked or stuck in a boot loop, Download Mode comes to the rescue.

Like Recovery Mode it’s a separate partition used to upgrade/downgrade/unbrick firmware using a stock K40 firmware file.

Follow the below guide to download & flash a stock ROM on your K40 –

LG K40 Download Mode

28. LG K40 Demo Mode

lg k40 demo mode

The LG K40 demo mode can be enabled via the “Developer Options”. As the name suggests, it’s used for demo purposes. In the demo mode, the 4G icon is showing up even though I’m not connected to Mobile data.

29. LG K40 ADB Mode / USB Debugging

lg k40 usb debugging

For USB Debugging, we need to connect our phone to a PC and install the K40 ADB Driver.

We can write ADB commands for bootloader unlocking, moving apps to SD card, etc.


Learn how to enable & use USB Debugging on K40 –

LG K40 USB Debugging


If I’ve missed an LG K40 hidden feature or hack, please share it in the below comment section.

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