LG K30 Tips & Tricks – 35 Most Useful LM-X410 Tips & Tricks

Even though LG K30 is a budget smartphone it’s loaded with lots of useful features. In this post, I’m going to share the most useful LG K30 tips and tricks to get the most out of your phone.

So, let’s begin without wasting any time,

35 Most Useful LG K30 Tips & Tricks

1.  Launch Camera without unlocking the screen

With the screen locked, there are 2 ways to launch the camera on LG K30.

The first method is using the volume down button as a shortcut key. While the screen is off, press the volume down key twice to launch the camera. Again press volume down key to capture a photo.

The second method is using the camera shortcut on the lock screen at the bottom right corner. Swipe the camera icon upwards to launch the camera app. You can check the above video to get a feel of it.

2. Control ISO sensitivity & use Manual Focus on LG K30 rear camera

With the Oreo update, we get manual controls on LG K30 rear camera. Two things that we can control manually are Focus & ISO sensitivity.

With Manual Focus, we can produce images with a blurred background. ISO control can help in low light conditions to increase brightness.

Check out the above video to learn the procedure.

3. Reduce Animation Scale to speed up your K30

Being a budget phone LG K30 has an entry-level processor. As you would start filling up your storage space with apps and stuff, the phone will gradually slow down.

To give it a boost in speed we can reduce the animation speed in “Developer Options”. Learn how to enable developer options on K30.

Now open Developer options, Tap Window animation scale and change it from 1x to .5x or turn it off.
Do the same with the Transition animation scale & Animator duration scale.

4. Connect Hardware peripherals such as Pendrive, Mouse, Keyboard, etc. to K30 using USB OTG Adapter

LG K30 supports USB OTG (on the go). Using a USB OTG adapter we can connect hardware peripherals such as pen drive, mouse, keyboard etc just like a computer.

You can check out the above video. I’ve tried to connect a pen drive and mouse to my K30 using a USB OTG cable.


5. Connect a VR headset & enjoy the 360-degree view on LG K30

LG K30 has a Gyroscope sensor which is necessary for a 360-degree view using VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

You can check out the 360-degree view on LG K30 using Google Cardboard app in the above video.


6. Let the phone Read out the caller name & text messages aloud

Know your caller before reaching the phone. This way you get to know whether the call needs to be attended urgently or not.

Let the phone read the text messages for you and save yourself from the hassle of reading.

To enable this feature Go to Settings < Accessibility < Vision & Turn on “Message / call voice notifications”.


7. Add a Screen Recorder shortcut in the navigation panel

A built-in screen recorder is missing from LG K30. A video does a much better job than a screenshot most of the time.

There are various screen recorders in the Play store and the one I like the most is Screen Recorder by Kimcy939. It’s free from any ads and can be added as a shortcut in the navigation panel to start screen recording with a single click.

Check out the above video to learn the procedure.

I’ve tested the various screen recorders and shortlisted the best among them. You can check out this post for more details. LG K30 Screenshot & Screen Record Tutorial.


8. Zoom in on a page using Touch Zoom & Window Zoom

For elder people with low vision, there’s a zoom-in feature in LG K30.

There are 2 types of zoom –

The first one is the touch zoom which can zoom the whole screen with a triple tap.

The second zoom is window zoom. It’s like a magnifying glass. We can keep the zoom window size as small medium or large. The colors can be also inverted in window zoom. Get a feel of it in the above video.


9. How to launch Easter Egg Cat Game on LG K30


Go to settings < System < About phone < Software info & tap multiple times on the “Android Version” to launch Android OREO easter egg.

Tap the OREO icon multiple times and Long Press it to launch an Octopus screen saver. The eight tentacles represent Android 8.

Now, pull down the notification bar to open the notification panel and tap “EDIT” at the bottom-right corner. A cat would appear with a question mark. Add it to the notification panel.

Now close and reopen the notification panel and tap on “Empty Dish”. A pop-up would appear with 4 options Bits, Fish, Chicken & Treat. Select one of them to place in the empty dish. After some time a cat would appear to eat the food. We can collect cats this way.


10. Get back the App Drawer by changing Home

Home & App Drawer 

The default home on LG K30 is without the app drawer. We can change it to one with an app drawer quite easily. Long press at an empty space on the home screen.

Select “Home screen settings”. Now tap “Select Home” and choose “Home & App Drawer” to set this as the default Home.

Easy Home 

Easy Home also comes with an app drawer and has an easier noob-friendly interface with large icons. The frequently used options are within reach on the home screen itself.

Use the same procedure to set Easy Home as the default Homescreen.

11. Hide Apps & Games from Kids

This works only when the Home is set as “Home & App Drawer”.

Open the app drawer and tap the “3 dots icon” at the top right corner.

Select “Hide Apps”. Checkbox those apps which you wish to hide and tap “DONE”. In the same manner, we can unhide an app by unchecking a box.

12. How to set the Clock as a Screen saver

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