Top 35 LG K51 Hidden Features, Hacks & Secrets

LG K51 is running on Android 10 with the LG UI version UX 9.0. It comes loaded with lots of hidden features, secrets, and hacks.

In this post, I’ve shortlisted the top 35 LG K51 features that you may not be aware of. Let’s explore them in great detail with the help of the below videos and screenshots –

LG K51 Hidden Features, Secrets & Hacks – lmk500 Metro, Boost, T-Mobile, Verizon

1. How to hide apps & photos on LG K51

lg k51 hide apps photos and videos

We can hide apps, photos & videos on LG K51 from prying eyes and kids. Check out the below video to learn how to do it.

lg k51 file manager and downloads folder

You can also secure other important files in a Safe folder.  We need to use the Google files app to do the same.

LG K51 Files app – Safe Folder 

2. LG K51 OTG Support

lg k51 otg support

LG K51 offers USB OTG support.

I’ve connected a Pen Drive to K51 via an OTG adapter.


lg k51 otg compatible

The 32 GB Pen drive is visible as “USB Drive” in the file manager.


lg k51 usb otg

Now, I’ve connected a mouse to the K51. You’ll be able to operate your K51 with a mouse if the touchscreen fails to respond.

otg support lg k51

The mouse pointer size can be controlled in the accessibility settings.

3. LG K51 Gyroscope/VR Headset support

lg k51 gyroscope sensor

LG K51 comes with a Gyroscope sensor.

lg k51 vr headset support compatible


You can enjoy 360-degree videos and other media files using a VR headset.

4. LG K51 Dual Screen / Split Screen/pop-up window

lg k51 dual screen multi window

LG K51 offers multitasking in the form of a Split Screen & Pop-up window.

Learn how to do a dual-screen on K51 using the below link –

How to split screen on LG K51


5. How to force restart LG K51

lg k51 force restart

If your K51 becomes unresponsive, don’t try to remove the battery. We need to force restart the phone.

lg k51 force power off

Press and hold the volume down & power button for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

6. LG K51 create a new folder

lg k51 make new folder

To make a new folder on LG K51, hold and drag an app icon and place it over another app. Both the apps would be added to the newly created folder.

Go through the below video for better understanding –


7. How to screen record on LG K51

lg k51 screen record

There is no pre-installed screen recorder app on LG K51. However, we can easily enable this feature and screen record with a single click anytime. Let’s see how to do that –

How to screen record on LG K51

8. LG K51 Easter Egg

lg k51 android 10 easter egg

Apart from Boost K51, the rest of the variants come with Android 10 out of the box. Boost K51 can be upgraded to Android 10 via an OTA update.

The K51 android 10 easter egg can be accessed by multiple taps on the Android Version as shown in the below video –



9. Double-tap the status bar to turn off the screen

double tap status bar to turn off screen


LG K51 comes with the knock-on feature. When enabled, we can turn on/off the screen with a double-tap.

When on the K51 home screen you can double-tap an empty space to turn off the screen. However, what to do while using an app or when on the Settings page. In that case, we can double-tap the status bar to put the screen to sleep.

Learn how to do it as per the below video –

10. Hidden Personal content search bar on the home screen

search personal content on lg k51 home screen

There is a personal content search bar on the K51 home screen. It shows up by swiping down the home screen.


11. LG K51 Shortcuts

Apart from the notification panel quick access icons, we can also use hard keys as a shortcut to launch the camera or memo screen.

lg k51 shortcuts

Open the Settings app and go to “Extensions”.

Notification Panel Pull Down/Up via Fingerprint sensor

lg k51 notification panel shortcut

Now, go to the “Shortcuts” page.

The first shortcut uses the fingerprint sensor to swipe up/down the notification panel. Enable this option and swipe your finger on the fingerprint sensor located on the back of the phone.

Launch camera with the Power or Volume down button

lg k51 camera shortcut

There are times when we need to quickly launch the camera to capture a moment. A shortcut button can save a lot of time.

When the screen is off, double-tap the volume down button to launch the camera.

If the phone screen is on, press the power button twice to get access to the camera viewfinder.

Enable these options on the “Shortcuts” page as shown above and give it a try.

Launch the screen off memo using the volume up button

lg k51 screen off memo

What to do when you need to note down something immediately. You don’t need a pen and paper.

Just double-tap the volume up button when the screen is locked/off to launch the screen off memo.

Turn off the Google Assistant button

lg k51 turn off google assistant

If you turn off the “Open Google Assistant” option on the shortcuts page, it disables the Google assistant key.

12. LG K51 Home, Back & Recent Apps button

lg k51 home back and recent apps button

The default mode of navigation on K51 is using gestures. To do the old stylo navigation, we can enable the home, back, and recent apps buttons. Check out the below post for the detailed instructions –

LG K51 Home, Back & Recent Apps button


13. LG K51 App Drawer

lg k51 app drawer

The default launcher on K51 is without the app drawer. We can easily get back the app drawer button. The below video shows the same thing –

14. Auto answer an incoming call

When your K51 is connected to Bluetooth or earphones, you can answer the call automatically after a set duration of 1, 3, or 5 seconds.

lg k51 auto answer call


Open the Settings app and select “Network & Internet”.

lg k51 call settings

Now, go to “Call” > “Answer and end calls” as shown above.


lg k51 auto answer

Tap Auto-answer and select the time duration.

If you’re not comfortable with auto-answer, you can also use the volume up & power button to answer & end a call respectively.

Enable these options on the “Answer and end calls” page.



15. Hide number in outgoing call

lg k51 hide number in outgoing call

If you wish, you can hide your number when calling someone.

This option can be enabled using the settings app.

Open settings and Go to Network & internet > Call.

lg k51 call settings

Select the last option on the Call page i.e. “Additional settings”.

Now hit “Other settings” and choose “Caller ID”.

lg k51 caller id hide number

Select “Hide number”, when the “Caller ID” pop-up shows up on the screen.


16. LG K51 voice notification for calls & texts


lg k51 voice notifications

Your K51 can read the caller’s name and even a text message for you.

To enable the text/call voice notifications, open “Settings” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Select the last option i.e. “Accessibility”.


lg k51 text notifications

Now, choose “Vision” and tap “Message/call voice notifications”.

lg k51 call notifications

Enable the voice notification options as per your requirement.


17. How to screen mirror LG K51

lg k51 screen mirroring without chromecast

There is no Cast, Screen sharing, or Smart view option on the LG K51.

However, we can still mirror our K51 screen to the TV. Let’s see how to do that –

LG K51 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast


18. LG K51 Hidden Menu

lg k51 hidden menu boost mobile

The Hidden Menu on K51 offers a huge list of device test options for troubleshooting.

5689#*500# is the hidden menu code for Boost K51.

lg k51 hidden menu codes

The hidden menu code for the rest of the K51 variants is *#546368#*500#

Explore the K51 hidden menu in great detail using the below link –

LG K51 Hidden Menu

19. LG K51 Secret Dialer Codes

lg k51 secret codes

Apart from the hidden menu, there are lots of other secret dialer codes for K51.

Check them out using the below post –

LG K51 Secret Codes 

20. How to bypass google verification on LG K51

lg k51 frp bypass 2021

Have you done a hard reset on your K51 and now stuck on the Google verification screen? Don’t worry you’ll be able to use your phone once again in a few minutes. Check out the latest and easiest hack to bypass FRP on LG K51 –

How to bypass Google verification on LG K51 2021

21. How to bypass the lock screen on LG K51

lg k51 lock screen bypass

Have you forgotten the lock screen PIN, Pattern, or password on your K51? If yes, it won’t let your power off or restart the phone without unlocking the screen. Don’t worry just follow the below troubleshooting guide to bypass the LG K51 lock screen –

How to bypass LG K51 lock screen 

22. LG K51 Parental Controls

You can have a check on your kid using the Parental control feature on K51. Go through the below video to set up the same –


23. LG K51 Developer Mode – How to turn on

lg k51 developer mode

The developer mode remains hidden and needs to be enabled. We need to tap the build number 7 times to turn on Developer Options.

How to enable developer options on LG K51

24. Lifetime calls

If you bought your K51 second hand, check the lifetime calls duration to identify if the phone is really new.

lg k51 lifetime calls


Open the Settings app and open the “Network & Internet” page.

lg k51 call duration

Now go to “Call” > “Additional settings”.

lg k51 lifetime calls

On the “Call duration” page, check the Lifetime calls duration.

A factory reset cannot wipe the “Lifetime calls” data.


25. How to boot LG K51 into Safe Mode

lg k51 safe mode

The safe mode can be used to detect and remove an abnormal app. Learn, how to use the safe mode as per the below post –

LG K51 Safe Mode


26. How to put LG K51 into recovery mode

lg k51 recovery mode

The recovery mode comes to the rescue when locked out due to a forgotten screen lock PIN, pattern, or password.

Learn how to boot your K51 into recovery mode when locked out –

LG K51 locked out – Recovery Mode 

27. How to put LG K51 into Download Mode

lg k51 download mode

The download mode can be used to restore your bricked/dead K51. We can flash a stock firmware via Download Mode.

LG K51 Firmware Download & Update 

28. How to Move apps to SD card on LG K51

lg k51 move apps to sd card

K51 comes with 32GB of internal storage space. Almost half the space is occupied by system memory.
It does have a memory card slot but apps and games cannot be installed on the SD card.

The solution to this problem is Adoptable storage. We can partition the SD card and use it as the default storage for apps and games. Learn how to do this –

How to move apps to SD card on LG K51 

29. LG K51 File Manager & Downloads Folder

LG K40 File Manager App

The native old File manager app is missing from K51. The above screenshot is taken on LG K40.




lg k51 file manager and downloads

We either need to use the pre-installed Android 10 file manager app as shown above or the Google files app.

lg k51 downloads folder

To learn how to access the File manager on K51, please check out the below post –

LG K51 File Manager & Downloads folder


30. LG K51 Clock Widget – How to get back

lg k51 clock widget


The home screen clock widget is gone from K51. You won’t find it even in the Widgets section. So, how to get back the Clock widget.

Please watch the below video to enable the clock widget on K51 –


31. LG K51 Dark Mode / Night Mode

lg k51 dark mode

The dark mode works very well in low light conditions. It can even help you in saving battery life.

There are 4 ways to enable the night mode on K51 –

LG K51 Dark Mode

32. LG K51 screenshot button

lg k51 screenshot button

Along with the home, back, and recent button, we can also add a screenshot and notification button to the navigation bar.

Capture a screenshot in a single click using the home touch button shortcut.

lg k51 notification panel shortcut

The notification home touch button can be used to pull up/down the notification panel.

LG K51 Home Touch Buttons 

33. LG K51 Wireless Charging

lg k51 qi charging

Wireless charging is a feature found on high-end smartphones. Nowadays it’s possible to enable Qi charging via 3rd party wireless charger.

We just need a good quality Qi receiver and wireless charging pad. Learn how to make LG K51 Qi-enabled/compatible –

LG K51 Wireless Charging 

34. LG K51 Hide Notch

lg k51 hide notch

LG K51 comes with a notch to offer more screen estate.

If you find the notch annoying, you can hide it. Learn how to hide the K51 notch –

35. Wipe Cache Partition

lg k51 wipe cache partition

In the earlier days of Android, the option to wipe the cache partition for found in the Recovery Mode. Gone are those days.

Now, we need to use the Settings app to wipe the cache partition. Let’s see how to do that in the below video –



If you know a K51 hidden feature that I’ve missed, please share it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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