How to Speed up LG K20? / LG K20 Plus running slow – Fix

LG K20 is a budget phone with an entry-level processor. With the installation of apps and games, the phone can get slow over a period of time. To speed up your K20 the best solution is a factory data reset but that’s a time-consuming process as we need to backup and restore everything with a reset.

In this post, I’m going to discuss those methods which are going to speed up your K20 & K20 Plus without erasing your precious internal storage data.

How to Speed up LG K20 / LG K20 Plus running Slow – How to Fix it?

To get a boost in speed on your K20 Plus, try out these steps –


1. Reduce the Animation Scale in Developer Options

To enable developer options on your K20 Plus, please check out this post.


Once you’ve enabled “Developer Options”

Go to Settings < Developer Options and open it.

In Developer Options, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the “Window animation scale” under “Drawing”.

Tap the ” Window Animation Scale” and either turn it off or reduce it to “.5x” from “1x” as shown below.

The next option is the “Transition animation scale”. Reduce it as well to “.5x”.

The last one is the “Animator duration scale”. In the same manner, reduce it to “.5x” from “1x”.

Now check the speed. You would notice a boost in speed while browsing through the menus on you K20 / K20 Plus.


2. Enable “Force GPU rendering” to reduce the CPU load

In Developer options, below the Animation scale, you would find an option “Force GPU rendering” under “HARDWARE ACCELERATED RENDERING” as shown above.

Turn it on to reduce CPU load which in turn can help in speeding up your K20 / K20 Plus.


3. Clear the cached data

The cached data keeps on accumulating with the usage of apps, web browsing, and video streaming. This fills up your internal storage space which in turn slows down your phone.

To clear the Cached data Go to Settings < Storage < Internal Storage and tap it to open.

Select “Cached Data” and confirm your action to “clear caches” by tapping “OK” as shown above.

Clearing the cached data helps you to free up your storage space which in turn gives you a boost in speed.

4. Clear Trash Bin (Gallery as well as App Trash)

Deleted Photos, Videos, Apps & Games are stored in the Trash folder for a certain period of time before permanent deletion.

Clearing the trash bin can help you in increasing your internal storage space thus speeding up your K20 / K20 Plus.


How to Empty Gallery Trash Bin –


Open the Gallery App on your K20 / K20 Plus.

Tap the “3 bar” icon located at the top-left corner and select “Trash”.

Hit the “Bin icon” located at the top-right corner and Finally tap “EMPTY” to clear the Trash Bin.


How to Clear the App Trash –


To clear app trash on K20 & K20 Plus, Go to Settings < Apps and tap the “3 dots” icon located at the top-right corner.



Select “Recently uninstalled apps” from the dropdown list.

Hit the “Delete icon” and tap “Select all” to remove all apps from app trash.

Finally, click “UNINSTALL” to clear App Trash.

5. Delete Rarely Used Apps & Games

As most of the K20 variants have only 16GB Storage space (up to 9 GB usable) it gets filled in no time with the installation of apps and games.

So, it’s better to keep only those apps and games which are useful and the rest should be uninstalled. You can always re-install the deleted app from the Play Store when needed.

To delete an app, long-press the app icon and drag it towards the top of the screen where you can see the “Uninstall” option & drop it there.


Tap “UNINSTALL” to confirm your action.

Make sure to delete it from the app trash folder as well for permanent deletion as done before.


6. Perform a Soft Reset

A Soft reset can be a quick fix if some app or game is causing a temporary slowdown. A soft reset is nothing but a reboot that clears the RAM memory and fixes most of the problems.

Long-Press the Power button and tap “Power off and restart” to perform a Soft Reset.



7. Use Safe Mode to remove an app which is slowing down your K20

At times, due to improper coding, a 3rd party app or game can slow down your K20 / K20 Plus. In this case, it’s necessary to find out and delete the app which is causing trouble.

If your phone is performing normally in the Safe Mode, then surely it’s a 3rd Party app that is slowing down your K20 Plus and we need to delete it at the earliest.


While your K20 Plus is on, Long-Press the power button to get the various options.

The first listed option is “Power off”

Long-Press “Power off” and you will get an option to turn on safe mode. Tap “TURN ON” and the phone will reboot into safe mode.

Check out this post to learn how to use safe mode on K20 & K20 Plus for troubleshooting.


Please share what worked for you. Feedback and Suggestions are welcome.






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