Samsung Galaxy A01 Secret Codes & Hidden Menu SM-A015 2021

There are more than 10 variants of Samsung Galaxy A01 in the USA based on different carriers.

The Samsung A01 models in the US are AT&T SM-A015A, Cricket Wireless SM-A015AZ. MetroPCS SM-A015T1, Spectrum Mobile SM-A015U, Verizon SM-A015V, Tracfone/Straight Talk/Simple Mobile/Total Wireless SM-S111DL, Samsung A01 Consumer Cellular, Samsung A01 Walmart Family Mobile, etc.

In this post, we are going to find out the working Samsung A01 secret codes including the Hidden Menu code. These codes should work on all the A01 models. Please check & report which codes are working for you –

To enter a secret dialer code on Samsung A01 we need to launch the phone dialer located on the home screen.

Let’s start dialing the secret codes –

1. Samsung A01 Debug Info Code

The first dialer code on our list shows the Debug Info. The code for the same is *#0011#

We are on the “Service Mode” page. To go back to the previous page we need to tap the “3 dots icon” and select “Back”.

2. Samsung A01 SysDump code for Debugging

The next secret code is used for Debugging. Open your A01 phone dialer and enter the code *#9900#

The options found on this hidden menu page are listed above.

3. Another SysDump Debugging Code

One more code gives access to the SysDump menu with a different set of Debugging options.

To enter the SysDump Menu we need to dial the code *#0514# as shown above.

You can use the “Exit” button to close this page.

4. Samsung A01 Cellular Network Band Preference

The next secret code allows us to choose the preferred Cellular Band.

The first option on this page is “GSM Band Preference”. Let’s go to this page.

To go back to the previous page, tap the “3 dots icon” and select “Back” as shown above.



The 2nd option on this page is WCDMA Band Preference. WCDMA stands for the 3G network.

The 3rd option is “TDSCDMA Preference”

The 4th option allows us to change the LTE Band Preference.

As mine is the MetroPCS device, it doesn’t support the CDMA network.

The CDMA Band preference page shows “Not Supported”.

5. Samsung A01 IMEI/MEID/Serial Number Code

The next code is the universal code for all GSM smartphones.

It shows us the device’s IMEI/MEID/Serial Number. The code for the same is *#06#

6. Samsung A01 Battery Status Code


The 6th secret code on our list shows the Battery Status. To view this page enter the code *#0228#

When I selected the “Quick Start” option at the bottom of the page, it shows a Warning.


7. Samsung A01 USB Settings Code

The 7th A01 secret code on our list allows us to change the USB connection mode.

By default, it’s set to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). To flash a stock firmware we need to use the “MODEM” mode.

8. Samsung A01 Diag Time Config Code


The 8th dialer code on our list gives access to the DIAG time Config page.  To enter this page, dial the code *#9090#

9. Samsung A01 Hardware Version Code

The next code reveals the hardware version of your Samsung device. The code for the same is *#8888#

10. Samsung A01 Debug Screen Code


The 10th code on our list brings us to the DEBUG SCREEN.  Open your A01 dialer and type the code *#197328640#

6 options are listed on the DEBUG SCREEN page.

Let’s select the 1st option, it shows the “BASIC INFORMATION”.

To go back to the previous page, click the “3 dots icon” and select “Back”.

The 2nd option on the Debug Screen is “NAS INFORMATION”. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

The 3rd option on this page is “AS Information”.

The next option shows the “SIM INFORMATION”. Let’s go to this page.


There are 2 options on the SIM INFO page – General Info & QMI UIM Status.

The basic SIM info is shown on the General Info page.

The next page shows the QMI UIM Status.

The 5th option on the Debug Screen shows the CDMA Debug Infomation. As mine is the GSM-only variant, the CDMA Debug menu is not available.

The last option on the DEBUG SCREEN is WB-AMR. Adaptive Multirate Wideband is an audio coding standard.  We get to control the AMR Settings on this page.

12. Code to Reset the Total Call Time

The last Samsung A01 secret code allows us to  Reset the Total Call Time.

The dialer code for the same is *#22558463#



If I’ve missed any Samsung A01 secret code, please mention it in the comment section below.



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