Root LG K20 Plus MP260 / LGMP260 Metro PCS & T Mobile TP260 – Magisk

Click on Magisk file to flash it.

Swipe the bar towards the right to install the zip file.

Once done, tap on “Reboot System”

You can see the latest version of Magisk Manager is installed.

Step 4: Test the Root Status and explore Magisk Manager

I’ve installed Root Checker Basic from play store to test the root status.

It shows that Root access is properly installed on this device LGMP260.

Now let’s open Magisk Manager and check out the features.

The first option is “Superuser”.

It shows the history of apps which were granted or denied superuser access.

You can see “Root Checker Basic” has been granted superuser rights.

The next option in the list is, Magisk Hide

It shows a complete list of apps including system apps.

Here we can hide root from an app if it doesn’t support a rooted device. For example, Banking apps.

The next option is “Modules”.

It’ll show all the installed modules. Modules are small hacks or mods which work on a rooted device.

We can download and install modules from the “Downloads” section as shown below.

The “Downloads” section has a huge list of useful modules.

You can download and install a module from here. Make sure you check the device compatibility before installing a module to avoid bricking.

In “Settings” we can change the theme, language, and auto-check updates.


There are many more Settings in Magisk as shown above. You can change them as the need arises.


If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Root LG K20 Plus MP260 / LGMP260 Metro PCS & T Mobile TP260 – Magisk

  1. same problem as guy above. install of twrp, verify file, and magisk all installs fine. phone reboots, and magisk isnt’ there…I notice that the guide says that we are installing magisk 16.1, but the download link downloads 18.0. could that be the problem? if not I dont know…like I said installation seems to go fine. Does anything need to be wiped when installing magisk?

  2. update: got mine working and magisk to show up after reboot. i did two things different…i searched online and downloaded magisk 16.0 like the guide says (link in guide downloads magisk 18.0) and, after magisk 16.0 was done installing, I selected whipe dalvik/cache. then i rebooted. and now phone is rooted with magisk.

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