Root LG K20 Plus MP260 / LGMP260 Metro PCS & T Mobile TP260 – Magisk

Over the yesteryears, SuperUser was the most popular root manager. It is still awesome but limited in functionality.

Nowadays, Magisk is getting more popular.  Thanks to topjohnwu@xda who made this awesome systemless root application with great features. Being systemless, you can hide root from an app using Magisk Hide feature.

To root LG K20 Plus with Magisk follow the below step by step tutorial

How to Root LG K20 Plus MetroPCS & T Mobile with Magisk

Before rooting you have to –


Step 1: Unlock the LG K20 Plus Bootloader

Step 2: Install Custom Recovery (TWRP) on your K20 Plus

Now that you’ve installed TWRP, follow the steps below to get your device rooted –


Step 3: Download and transfer file to Phone’s Internal Storage or SD Card


Before booting our phone into TWRP, we’ve to copy the file to the phone’s internal storage or SD Card.

Connect your K20 plus to PC via USB Data Cable in file transfer mode as shown above.

Download the latest version of Magisk from here –




Right-Click on the downloaded Magisk file and hover to “Send to”, then select “LG K20 PLUS” to transfer the file.

By default, the zip file will get copied to the internal storage. Now we’ve to boot into TWRP to flash this file.

Step 4: Flash Magisk file in TWRP


To boot your K20 Plus into recovery mode –

Turn OFF the phone.

Press the Volume Down + Power Button. As soon as the LG logo appears on screen, temporarily release the power button and hold it again.

Keep holding the Power and Volume UP keys until you’re on the “Factory Data Reset” screen as shown above. This is the recovery mode.

In recovery mode, touch doesn’t work, we’ve to move up and down with volume keys and confirm our selection with the power button.

Press the volume down key once to move from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” and confirm with Power button

Again Press the volume down key to “Yes” and hit the power button to confirm your action.

At this stage, if TWRP is not pre-installed instead of booting into TWRP, the factory data reset process will initiate and erase your phone. So make sure you’ve already installed TWRP on your K20 Plus.


Press the power key to bypass Bootloader warning screen.

Now we’re in TWRP

Click on Install, this will take us to Internal Storage folder i.e “sdcard”

If you’ve copied the Magisk to internal storage, scroll down and click on the zip file to install.

If you’ve copied the zip file to SD card, we’ve to first mount MicroSD, as shown above.

Tap on Mount and “check” MicroSD to mount external storage.

Now click on Install. We’re in the sdcard folder which is the internal storage

To open the micro-SD folder, select “(Up A Level) and then “sdcard1”

sdcard1 is the external storage (micro SD) folder.

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12 thoughts on “Root LG K20 Plus MP260 / LGMP260 Metro PCS & T Mobile TP260 – Magisk

  1. same problem as guy above. install of twrp, verify file, and magisk all installs fine. phone reboots, and magisk isnt’ there…I notice that the guide says that we are installing magisk 16.1, but the download link downloads 18.0. could that be the problem? if not I dont know…like I said installation seems to go fine. Does anything need to be wiped when installing magisk?

  2. update: got mine working and magisk to show up after reboot. i did two things different…i searched online and downloaded magisk 16.0 like the guide says (link in guide downloads magisk 18.0) and, after magisk 16.0 was done installing, I selected whipe dalvik/cache. then i rebooted. and now phone is rooted with magisk.

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