LG K30 USB Drivers ADB Driver Windows 10 / Mac – LM-X410(FG)

In this post, we’re going to install the Latest Windows 10 LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2 for LG K30 lm-x410(ft).

For different modes of USB connection, different drivers need to be installed. The various modes of USB connection are MTP Mode, ADB / Fastboot Mode, and Download Mode.

MTP mode is nothing but the File Transfer mode, which facilitates the transfer of files between phone and PC.

To enter Fastboot Mode and to unlock LG K30 bootloader, we need to install the ADB Interface Driver

LG K30 Download Mode helps in restoring a bricked phone or to simply update the phone firmware. To flash firmware in Download mode, USB Modem and USB Serial Port driver need to be installed.

Let’s proceed with the installation of LG K30 Driver for different modes of USB Connection –


LG K30 LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2 Installation  –

Download the setup file from respective download links below

LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2  – For Windows


LG Mobile Driver v 5.6 For MAC –




LG K30 Drivers

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LG K30 FRP Bypass Google Account Verification 2019

Google’s Factory Reset Protection comes into effect when we try to Hard Reset our Android phone with the combination of volume down and power button. If you perform a factory reset within the phone settings, there is no need to verify your last synced Google account.

However, unlike iPhone’s iCloud lock, Google’s FRP has been bypassed from time to time with a certain hack. A similar hack is present for LG K30 as well. We are going to implement this latest 2019 hack in the form of this step by step tutorial with screenshots.

Let’s proceed with the Google FRP Bypass Tutorial for LG K30

NOTE: There is an updated and easier method to bypass google account on LG K30 at present. Refer to the below link.

LG K40 FRP Bypass 2020  – This tutorial is for LG K40 but will work on K30 as well.


How to Bypass Google Verification on LG K30 2019

UPDATE: In the recent LG K30 Android System Update (April 2020), the Switch Access option is removed from the Accessibility Settings. 

If you don’t find Switch Access in Accessibility on your LG K30, then please follow the below updated FRP Bypass Tutorial  –

LG K30 FRP Bypass 2020 



Google’s FRP bypass for LG K30 is quite easy. There is no need to install any app and the process is quite simple. Just follow the tutorial to restore your phone back to the normal working state.



LG K30 setup wizard


I’ve done a factory reset on my LG K30 via hardware keys (volume down + power key),  which took me to the welcome screen of the Setup Wizard

Let’s move further and connect to a Wifi network

LG K30 stuck at google verification

You can see I’m stuck at the Google Verification Screen.

To bypass this, Go back to the very first page of the Setup wizard.

The FRP bypass process can be divided into 3 steps for the ease of understanding –

STEP 1. Getting access to Google Maps app via “Accessibility”

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LG K30 Hidden Menu & Other Secret Dialer Codes

LG K30 has got a few very useful secret codes. The “Hidden Menu” is the most useful dialer code with an extensive list of troubleshooting options. These codes work for both MetroPCS & T-Mobile LG K30. For LG K30, there are 6 Secret codes in total.

Let’s start with the most popular dialer code for finding the phone IMEI which is common for almost every GSM phone globally.

1. LG K30 IMEI Dialer Code

LG K30 Secret Code IMEI

The IMEI of LG K30 can be found in Settings < System < About Phone < Status.

The quicker method is to dial *#06# on the phone dialer.

A pop-up would appear showing the IMEI number of your LG K30.

IMEI is mostly needed while unlocking the phone for other GSM networks.


With the next dialer code, we can open the LG K30 “Testing” Menu –


2. LG K30 Dialer Code to open “Testing Menu”

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