LG K31 Gestures – how to go back/get to home screen/close apps

Navigation using gestures is not bad. It’s the default mode of navigation on LG K31. Once learned, you will find it easier than using the home touch buttons.

In this post, we are going to learn how to go back, get to the home screen, close apps, and switch between the running apps using gestures. So, without wasting any time let’s proceed with the tutorial –

How to go back, get to home screen & close apps on LG K31 using Gestures

Let’s begin with the Back button Gesture –

LG K31 Gestures – How to Go Back

lg k31 go back

To go back to the previous screen on your K31, swipe from the right or left edge of the screen.

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LG K31 Home button & back button/how to close apps – navigation bar

LG K31 is available in 3 different variants based on the respective carriers. The factory unlocked K31 is compatible with all the major US service providers. The other 2 are locked to Spectrum Mobile & Tracfone. The Tracfone variant is named K31 Rebel.

Apart from K31 rebel, the rest of the variants use Gestures as the default mode of navigation. There is no Home, Back, or Recent Apps button. The good thing is we can easily restore the navigation bar along with triangle, circle, and square home touch buttons.

Let’s see how to do this –

LG K31 Home, Back and Recent Apps Buttons – How to Enable

lg k31 back button


Pull down the notification panel on your LG K31 as shown above.

Now, hit the Settings icon at the top-right corner.

lg k31 home button

We are now in the Settings app.

Go to Display > Navigation bar as marked in the above screenshot.

lg k31 navigation bar

The default navigation style is set to “Gestures”. Change the mode of navigation to “Buttons only”.

We have successfully restored the Back, Home, and App Overview Buttons.


LG K31 Home Touch Buttons

lg k31 recent apps button

The last option on the Navigation page is “Button combination”.

Let’s explore this option.

On this page, we can add 2 more home touch buttons and rearrange the button position.


lg k31 screenshot button

Let’s drag the screenshot button shortcut and place it at the extreme right position.

lg k31 screenshot shortcut

Now there are 4 home touch buttons.  Tap the screenshot button to capture the current screen. The screenshot preview is visible in the above screenshot.

lg k31 notification panel shortcut

The 5th home touch button acts as a shortcut to pull down/up the notification panel.

lg k31 how to get to home screen

I’ve pulled down the notification panel using this home touch button shortcut.

lg k31 how to go back

We can also rearrange the navigation bar icons are per our convenience. Please refer to the above screenshot.

I hold the phone in my right hand. The back button on the right feels more convenient as it’s closer to the thumb.

How to Close Apps on LG K31


lg k31 how to close apps

Now, that we have restored the home touch buttons, we can use the square button to view the running apps.


Tap the Square button to view the recent apps.

Throw and app tile in the upward direction to close a respective app.

Hit “Clear all” to close all apps at once.

how to close apps on lg k31

We can also close apps while using the Gestures mode.

lg k31 overview screen

Swipe up and hold the screen to view the running apps.

lg k31 gestures

Throw an app tile in the upward direction or hit “Clear all” to close apps.

Once you learn gestures, they feel more convenient than the home touch buttons. Learn how to go back, close apps, and get to the home screen using gestures as per the below video –


Which mode of navigation do you prefer on your LG K31, with or without the Navigation bar?

Share your views in the comment section below.

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