Onn Tablet FRP Bypass New Method 2022 Android 11 Google unlock

A few Onn Tablet users have reported they do not have the accessibility menu to enable the shortcut button.

To cater to this issue, we are going to use a new method to bypass the Google account verification without suing the Accessibility Menu on Onn Tablet as follows –

I forgot the lock screen password. To bypass the Onn Tablet lock screen, I performed a factory reset via recovery mode.

Now, the reset is done and I reached the “Hi There” screen as shown above.

Click “START” to move ahead.


In the next step, we have to connect our device to the internet.

My Tab is connected to the Wifi network and is checking for updates. This process takes a few minutes.

Then comes the “Copy apps & data” screen. Click on “Don’t copy” to proceed.

Now, we are on the screen lock password verification screen.

I do not remember the lock screen password or the previously synced Google account.

We are going to use the latest 2022 method to bypass the FRP lock on Onn Tab without a PC as follows –

How to bypass Google account verification/FRP lock on Onn Tablet 2022 Android 11 without PC New Method – No Accessibility Menu


To bypass the FRP lock, tap the back button 2 times.

We need to move back from the “Verify your account” screen to the “Connect to Wifi” page.


Now, click on “+ See all Wifi networks” > “+ Add new network”.

The keyboard will appear on the screen. Hit the microphone on the keyboard as shown above.

A pop-up request appears – “Allow Gboard to record audio?”. Click “DENY”.

Again hit the mic and choose “DENY & DON’T ASK AGAIN”.


The 3rd time when you hit the mic you get a new option – “ALLOW”. Click on it.

It brings me to the “App Info” screen of the Gboard app.

Select “Permissions” to move ahead.

Now, we are on the “App Permissions” screen. Tap the search button on the top.

Type settings in the search box and scroll down to the bottom.

Look for the “Settings – App Info” and click on it.

Now, hit “OPEN” to reach the Settings app.

Click on “Apps & notifications”.


Then tap “SEE ALL 35 APPS”.

This will bring you to the “App Info” screen.

Open the “Android Setup” app.

Stop this app by hitting the “FORCE STOP” button.

Now, open “Google Play Services” and tap the “DISABLE” button.

After stopping the 2 apps go all the way back to the first page.

Hit the back key multiple times until you reach the “START” screen.

On the “Hi There” screen, click “START” to move ahead.


When you reach the “Copy apps & data” page, tap the back button once. 

This will bring you to the “Connect to Wifi” page.




Here click on “+ See all Wifi networks” > “+ Add new network”.

Now, tap the mic and click “ALLOW” as shown above.


This time we are on the “App Info” screen.

Go to “Permissions” and look for the “search button” when you reach the “App Permissions” screen.

Click the search button on the top.

Type settings in the search bar and wait for the results to appear.

Scroll down and click “Settings – App Info” as shown above.


Hit “OPEN” to launch the Settings app.

Now, go to “Apps & notifications”.

Click “SEE ALL 35 APPS” and then select the “Google Play Services” app located on the App Info screen.

Hit the “ENABLE” button to turn on the Google Play Services app.

Again go back to the “START” screen by tapping the back button multiple times.


We are again on the “Hi There” screen.

Click “START” to move ahead.



Tap the back button once when you reach the “Copy apps & data” screen. 

This will bring you to the “Connect to Wifi” page. 

Now, click on “Set up offline” then “CONTINUE”.

We have bypassed the Google account verification on Onn Tablet without using the Accessibility Menu.

Now, hit the “ACCEPT” button on the “Google Services” page.

Then “Skip” the screen lock setup as shown above.

Follow the on-screen prompts and keep moving ahead.


Finally, click “FINISH” to complete the setup wizard.

We have successfully landed on the On Tablet home screen thus bypassing the Google lock.

For any queries or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.



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    • To fix that issue you need to reach the “Google – Verify your account” screen. Tap the “Email or phone” field to bring out the keyboard. Then tap the mic once. Now again move back to the “Connect to Wifi” screen and try to hit the mic it’ll work.

  1. What should I do if once I click the permission tab and there is no search icon at the top? This is the problem I’m facing now

  2. Thanks your freakin genus!! I have been trying to unlock this tablet for hours.
    Your website graph version was much easier for me to folow than the Youtube ..

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