LG V60 Thinq Back button & Home button / How to close apps

On most of the recent LG devices, you won’t find the navigation bar including the V60 Thinq. The age-old home, back, and recent apps buttons are replaced with gestures. This is the default mode of navigation similar to the iPhone.

The gestures can be annoying when you don’t know how to use them. The good thing is we can easily restore the navigation bar with the 3 home touch buttons.

Let’s see how to get back our beloved home, back, and recent apps buttons on LG V60 as follows –

How to close apps, get back, get to the home screen on LG V60 Thinq



To get back the LG V60 navigation bar we need to open the Settings app.

In Settings, click on “Display” as shown above.

Now, select “Navigation Bar”.

You can see the current navigation style is set as Gestures.

We need to change it to “Buttons Only”.



We have successfully restored the home, back, and overview buttons.

You can add 2 more buttons to the navigation bar. We can also change the button position.

Tap “Button combination” for more options.



The 2 additional home touch buttons are “Notification” and “Screenshot”.

Let’s add the screenshot button first. Drag the screenshot button and place it on the navigation bar as shown above.


Now, we have 4 home touch buttons.

Let’s tap the screenshot button to capture a screenshot.



Now, let’s add the notification button. Drag the notification button and place it on the navigation bar.

Now, we have 5 home touch buttons.

The notification button is used to pull down/up the notification panel in a single click without swiping.


Using this page, we can also change the order of the Home touch buttons.

I like the back key on the right as it’s closer to the thumb.

I’ve rearranged the button position. The back button is now on the extreme right.

How to close apps on LG V60 Thinq

Let’s see how to view & close the running apps when the navigation style is set as “Gestures”.

Swipe up and hold the screen until you see the recent app tile. You can follow the arrow in the above screenshot.

Now, throw an app tile in the upward direction to close an app.

Choose “Clear all” to close all the running apps at once.




If you don’t like to use gestures for closing apps, you can restore the square home touch button.

Open the Settings app and Go to “Display” > “Navigation Bar”.

Now, change the navigation style to “Buttons only”.

LG V60 Thinq Gestures –

1. How to view & close the running apps on LG V60

The above animation shows how to use the swipe-up gesture on V60 to view the running apps.

2. How to get to the Home Screen on LG V60


A single swipe from the bottom edge of your V60 will bring you to the home screen.

3. How to go back on LG V60 Thinq

You must be frustrated by now if you don’t know the “Go back” gesture on V60.

A swipe in from the left or right edge of the screen will take you to the previous page.

Once you get used to it, it feels easier than the home touch button.


The last gesture allows you to switch between the running apps.

Swipe right along the bottom edge of your V60 to switch between the running apps.

Which mode of navigation do you prefer on LG V60 – with or without the navigation bar?

Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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