LG V60 FRP Bypass Android 11 Thinq 5g Google lock LM-V600

LG V60 Thinq 5G was launched with Android 10 in March 2020. It is one of the few LG devices to receive the Android 11 update.

After this new update, the old FRP bypass method doesn’t work anymore. Now, we need to use a new hack to get past the Google lock on V60 Thinq.

Let’s see how to bypass the FRP lock on V60 as follows –


After doing a hard reset using the volume down + power button, via recovery mode, I’ve landed on the “Welcome” screen.

This is the first page of the setup wizard.

Let’s click the forward button to move ahead.

Hit “Next” on the “New Second Screen” to proceed further.


In the next step, connect your LG V60 Thinq to a Wifi network & click “Next”.

Now, it’s checking for updates. Let’s wait for a few minutes.


The following screen is “Copy apps & data”. Hit “Don’t copy” to proceed further.

Now, it brings me to the screen lock verification page. I don’t remember the correct password. I picked the alternate option – “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.




The next screen is the Google account verification screen. It’s asking to sign in using the previously synced Google account.

Let’s try to get past this FRP lock as follows –

How to bypass FRP lock on LG V60 Thinq 5G Android 11 Google Account Verification – LM-V600

The below video shows the LG K51 Android 11 FRP bypass. This method works on LG V60 Android 11 as well

However, on every LG device running on Android 11, after bypassing the Google account and reaching the home screen, it automatically resets with an error – Factory Reset is proceeded by Server Policy. After the reset, the phone once again reaches the “Welcome” screen. So, we are back to square one.


The solution to this problem is Firmware downgrade. You need to downgrade the LG V60 Thinq Software version from Android 11 to Android 10 using the LGUP flash tool. After downgrading you can use the Android 10 LG V60 FRP bypass method to restore your phone.

LG V60 Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10/LM-V600 Stock Firmware ROM Download

NOTE: The below screenshots belong to LG K51, but you need to use the same method to downgrade the LG V60 firmware. 

First of all, let’s download the necessary files as follows –

1. LG V60 Thinq Mobile Driver v4.5


2. LGUP Lab Frame Ver 1.16


3. LG V60 Thinq DLL File v2.3


4. LG V60 Thinq T-Mobile LMV600TM Android 10 Stock Firmware ROM 


Warning: The above firmware/ROM belongs to LG V60 T-Mobile. Do not flash is on other V60 variants or you may brick your device.


Download & save all the necessary files on your computer.

If you’ve not yet installed the LG Mobile driver on your PC, then install it now.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the LG Mobile driver installation.


Now, we need to put our V60 into Download Mode.

To enter the download mode on LG V60 –

  • Power off your phone as shown above.
  • Get a USB-C cable.

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Connect one end of the cable to your PC.
  • Press the volume UP key on V60. Keep it pressed and connect the other end of the cable to the phone.


Now, your phone must be on the “Firmware Update” screen. This mode is used to flash the stock firmware.

Check the driver installation status using the Device Manager on your PC.

We need to install the LGE Mobile USB Serial Port & Modem Drivers as shown above.


Now, double-click the downloaded LGUP Lab v1.6 setup file to begin the installation.


Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the LGUP installation.


Now, copy the LGUP_Common.dll file as shown above.



We need to replace it with the DLL file in the LGUP folder.

Open the drive where you’ve installed the LGUP software. It’s the C drive in my case.

In the Local Disk (C:), we need to open the “Program Files (x86)” folder.

Now, click on LG Electronics.

On the next page, open “LGUP”.

Double-click the “model” folder on the following screen.

Now, open the “common” folder as shown above.

We need to paste the copied DLL file into this folder.

Right-click and paste the DLL file.

Choose “Replace the file in the destination” when prompted.

Hit “Continue” to provide the administrator permission to paste this file.


Now, launch the LGUP tool as shown above.


LGUP will show the connected device as LM-V600TM


Now, tap below “File path” and hit the “3 dots icon” to browse for the downloaded LG V60 firmware.

Browse and open the downloaded LG V60 firmware file – “LG V60 T-Mobile Android 10 Stock Firmware ROM V600TM10x_00_TMO_US_OP_1103.kdz”


Double-check that you’ve loaded the correct firmware file for flashing. The downloaded file belongs to LG V60 T-Mobile. Do not use it for other V60 variants.

Now, click “Start” to begin flashing.


You can see the progress on the LGUP screen as well as your phone screen.

Do not disturb the phone or PC until the process is complete.


At around 79% progress on the LGUP screen, the phone reboots.


Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%.

After the reboot, your V60 will reach the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Now, your phone is running on the Android 10 firmware version V600TM10x.

Use the LG V60 Android 10 FRP Bypass method to restore your phone back to the working state –

LG V60 FRP Bypass 2021 Google Account Verification Android 10


For any query or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “LG V60 FRP Bypass Android 11 Thinq 5g Google lock LM-V600

  1. After tapping the “model” folder, the “common” folder is no where to be found. I only see the “LGUP_LGNPST” folder? Is there another way to bypass? Another way to downgrade?


  2. After 6 painstaking hours, I discovered a new exploit myself and was able to unlock my Android 11 FRP locked v60. This guide helped tremendously but they have already patched this method, even if you downgrade, so this method doesn’t work. It is still necessary to downgrade the phone with my method.

  3. I will tell you that I am in such gratitude to you. I am a very intelligent man and I bought my V60 from e-bay, it was a LG-V600TM and it was running android 11. I activated Boost mobile on the phone and it worked for an entire day until I let the T-mobile system run the update to Android 12. After that it said “New SIM detected. power off then back on and your network will install your necessary settings.” Well it DID NOT!!! It kept coming up saying New SIM detected. No matter what I did. I emailed the seller and he said NO NO It will never work with Boost.. HA He does not know me. I knew it had worked for an entire day so I was not deterred. Boost said it should be working and I knew that is had worked until that update. The seller would not send another for in replacement because they sere sure it would not work. Your links and software and detailed description of how to install stock ROM worked perfectly. Absolutely PERFECTLY! My advice to anyone that is looking to do what you say these steps will do, Follow EVERYTHING TO THE LETTER and it WILL WORK!!!
    Thank you so very much, I am well on my way to activating the V60 back with my Boost carrier. My reason for Boost? They are the only carrier that will work while sitting on my sofa. I live on top of a mountain 8 miles off pavement in the woods. Where the whole country is covered by everyone, I am in the white spot in Virginia that nothing covers.. LOL
    Again, Thank you so much

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