LG V50 Secret Codes & Hidden Menu – 5G Thinq lm-v450 Sprint

There are 2 different variants of LG V50 Thinq 5G in the US. The model number of the Sprint V50 is lmv450pm & that of the Verizon V50 is lmv450vm.

In this post, we are going to check out the secret codes & hidden menu codes for the two V50 variants as follows –

LG V50 Thinq 5G Sprint Secret Codes

To enter a secret code, we need to launch the phone dialer as shown above.

1. LG V50 Sprint Hidden Menu Code

The first & the most useful V50 dialer code reveals the Hidden menu.

Open the phone dialer and dial the code 5689#*450# on your Sprint V50.

There are 4 options on the Hidden menu page.

The first option i.e. “Device Test” is the most useful option. It offers a huge list of V50 device tests in the form of Key Press Test, Display Check Test, Ring Test, Camera Test, Bluetooth/Wifi Test, NFC Test, etc.

The above screenshots cover the complete list of V50 Hidden Menu Device Tests. It can aid in Troubleshooting.

2. LG V50 Calendar Info Code

The next V50 secret code opens the Calendar Info page.

To get access to the Calendar Info, enter the code *#*#225#*#* as shown above.

3. LG V50 Testing Code

Now, comes the 3rd V50 dialer code. This code works on most GSM Android smartphones. V50 Sprint is a GSM + CDMA device.

To view the Testing page, type the dialer code *#*#4636#*#*

We get 2 options on the screen – “Phone Information” & “Usage Statistics”.

Let’s choose the first option.

Here we get to see the General Phone details & cellular network information.

The next option is “Usage Statistics”.

It stored data related to app usage duration and its launch time.

We can sort the apps on the basis of Usage time, launch count, or App name.

4. LG V50 Sprint FCM Diagnostics Page

The next secret code opens the “FCM Diagnostics” page.

We can switch between “EVENTS” & “STATUS”. There’s an advanced view as well.

5. LG V50 Sprint Data Menu Code

Now, comes the secret code to enter the Data Menu.

The code for the same is ##3282#


6. LG V50 Sprint Debug Menu Code

The next V50 Sprint code gives access to the Debug Menu.

Open the phone dialer & enter ##33284# as shown above.

The options found on the Debug page are listed above.

7. LG V50 Sprint Diagnostics Menu

The next dialer code is used for CDMA programming. Using this we can enable the Diag Mode.

To access the Diagnostics mode on V50, dial ##3424#

Tap “DIAG” to enable or disable this mode.

8. LG V50 Sprint Forced Activation Code

If you’re not able to activate your Sprint V50, you can try forced activate using a dialer code.

The secret code for the same is ##873283#

9. LG V50 Sprint IMEI & MEID Code

The next code is the universal IMEI code for all GSM smartphones.

As V50 is a GSM + CDMA device, the code *#06# reveals the phone IMEI as well as MEID.

10. Code to reset the brand customization to factory default on LG V50 Sprint

The next dialer code can be used to reset the device provisioning parameters & brand customization to factory default.

To access this page, dial the code ##27263#

11. LG V50 Sprint OMADM Menu Code

The dialer code ##66236# brings us to the Sprint OMADM menu.

After dialing this code, it asks for the 6 digit service code also known as MSL. You can get this code from Sprint customer care.

12. Code to reset the network on V50 Sprint

Now, comes the code to reset the network (device provisioning parameters).

We can view or reset the network using this menu.


13. Special code to Reset the network

There is one more special code to reset the network (device provisioning parameters are reset).

The code for the same is ##72786#

14. LG V50 Sprint System Error Log Code

The last Sprint dialer code on our list reveals the System Error log.

Open your V50 dialer and enter ##564# to view the System Error log.

We can view, copy & clear the error log via this page.

After Sprint, let’s check out the Verizon V50 secret dialer codes –

LG V50 Thinq 5G Verizon Secret Codes

1. Hidden Menu Code

In the case of Verizon smartphones, we need to type the dialer code and hit the call button afterward.

The LG V50 Verizon Hidden Menu code is ##7764726450  Enter this code and hit the call button.

Now, it asks for the Service Code. The default Verizon service code is 000000

Enter the service code to view the Hidden Menu page as shown above.

2. IMEI Code

A very few codes work on Verizon smartphones.

The next code is the IMEI code. Open the V50 dialer and enter the code *#06# to view your V50 IMEI number.

If have missed any secret code, please mention it in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, I have used this code ##873283# trying to wave Sprint footprint on my phone but my operation failed and from now on and then I get can Activate Your Device message appeared on the screen as if asking me to call for emergency, I tried to revert or rest my phone to avoid getting this message in the middle of no where but I failed.
    Any clue how to stop it from coming on my screen ?

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