LG V40 Secret Dialer Codes & Hidden Menu – Thinq V405

There are 6 variants on LG V40 in the USA based on different carriers. The secret codes vary from carrier to carrier.

The LG V40 models in the US are AT&T LM-V405UA1, Sprint LMV405UA3, T-Mobile V405TA, Verizon V405UAB, U.S Cellular V405UA0 & Factory Unlocked lm-v405qa

Let’s check out the dialer codes for all the V40 variants starting with the AT&T version –


LG V40 Secret Codes AT&T V405UA1

There are 5 working dialer codes for the V40 AT&T –

To enter a secret code, we need to launch the phone dialer located on the LG V40 Home screen.

1. IMEI Code

The first & the most common dialer code reveals the IMEI number.

To view your V40 IMEI number, dial the code *#06# as shown above.

2. Testing Code


The 2nd V40 secret code opens the “Testing” page.

To get access to this secret menu, we need to enter the code *#*#4636#*#*

This code works on most GSM smartphones.

Let’s select the first option i.e. “Phone Information”.

We can use this page to change the preferred network type. The default network mode is set as “LTE/UMTS auto(PRL)”.


The 2nd option on the Testing page is “Usage Statistics”. It keeps a tab on the app usage history.


The app launch date and time are displayed on the Usage Statistics page.

Apps can be sorted as per the app usage time, launch count, or app name.

3. Calendar Info Code

The next code on our list is the Calendar Info code.

Your personal calendar entries are shown on this page.

Open your V40 dialer and enter the code *#*#225#*#* to view the Calendar Info page.

4. Hidden Menu Code

The next and the most important V40 secret code unveils the Hidden Menu.

It offers a huge list of device tests such as LCD Test, Ring Test, Bluetooth, GPS & Wifi Test, Camera Test, Sensor Test, etc.

5. FCM Diagnostics Code


The 4th LG V40 secret code gives access to the FCM Diagnostics Menu.

The dialer code for the same is *#*#426#*#*

We can view the Google Play Services “Events” & “Status” using this page. There’s also an “Advanced View”.


LG V40 Secret Codes T-Mobile V405TA

After checking out the AT&T V40 secret codes, let’s find out the V40 T-Mobile dialer codes –

1. First Hidden Menu Code

LG V40 T-mobile version has 2 Hidden Menu codes.

The first Hidden Menu code is 277634#*#

Open the phone dialer and dial the above code to view the “Operator Hidden Menu”.

The above screenshots cover the whole list of options on the Operator Hidden Menu page.

2. Second Hidden Menu Code

The second hidden menu code is similar to AT&T V40 i.e. *#546368#*405#

3. IMEI Code

The 3rd code is the IMEI code. It’s a universal code for all GSM phones worldwide.

To view your V40 T-Mobile IMEI number dial the code *#06#

4. Testing Code


The 4th code is also found on most GSM android smartphones.

To view the Testing page, dial the code *#*#4636#*#* as shown above.

The 2 options on this page are “Phone Information” & “Usage Statistics”.


The Phone information page shows all the network-related information.

The usage statistics page stores the app usage data including the app usage date & time.

5. FCM Diagnostics Code


The 5th V40 T-Mobile dialer code brings up the FCM Diagnostics page.

To access this page you need to enter the secret code *#*#426#*#*

6. Calendar Info Code

The last code on our list is the Calendar info code.

This page will reveal your personal Calendar Information.

Dial the code *#*#225#*#* to visit this page.

LG V40 Secret Codes Sprint V405UA3

After dealing with the T-Mobile & AT&T V40 secret codes, let’s go through the Sprint secret codes –

1. Hidden Menu Code

The hidden menu code for the Sprint V40 is a little different. However, it opens the same Hidden Menu.

The V40 Sprint Hidden Menu code is 5689#*405#

Open the phone dialer and enter the above code.

2. Data Menu Code

The 2nd Sprint V40 code opens the “Data” Menu.

To view the Data page dial the code ##3282#

3. Diagnostics Menu Code

The 3rd Sprint secret code is ##3424#

This opens the Diagnostics Menu page. It’s used for CDMA programming.



4. Debug Menu Code

The next dialer code reveals the Debug Menu.

The code for the same is ##33284#

The options found on the Debug page are listed above.


5. Forced Activation Code

The 5th V40 Sprint code is used for forced activation.

To activate your device you can use the dial code ##873283#

6. Code to reset the Brand customization to Factory Default

The next Sprint dialer code is used to reset the device provisioning & brand customization to factory default.

To do the same, you can use the code ##27263#


7. Sprint OMADM Menu Code


The 7th dialer code opens the Sprint OMADM menu.

After dialing code ##66236# it asks for the Service code (MSL code). You can obtain the service code from Sprint customer care.

8. Code to Reset the Network

The next code is used to reset the network settings, including the device provisioning parameters.

We can view or reset the network settings using this page.

The code to reset the network is ##786#

9. Special Code to Reset the Network

There is one more special code to reset the network.

Using this page you can reset the provisioning parameters to factory default.

10. Error Log Code

The next Sprint V40 code shows the Error Log.

We need to enter code ##564# to view this page.

You can view or clear the System error log via this page.

11. IMEI Code

The 11th Sprint V40 code shows the IMEI & MEID number.

You need to dial the code *#06# to view this information.

12. Testing Code


The next secret code opens the Testing Menu.

Use the code *#*#4636#*#* to get access to “Testing”.


13. Calendar Info Code

The last V40 Sprint secret code shows the Calendar Information.

To access this page, use the code *#*#225#*#*


LG V40 Secret Codes Verizon V405UAB

The next V40 variant belongs to Verizon with the model number LM-V405UAB


There are very few working codes for the Verizon V40.

To view the IMEI number you can dial the code *#06#


Hidden Menu Code

The next secret code will reveal the V40 Verizon Hidden menu.

On Verizon smartphones, we need to tap the call button after dialing the code.

Enter the hidden menu code ##7764726405 and hit the call button as shown above.

Now, it asks for the Service code. The default service code on Verizon smartphones is 000000

LG V40 Secret Codes Factory Unlocked V405QA

Hidden Menu Code

On the Factory Unlocked version of V40, you should use the Hidden Menu code *#546368#*405#


The next secret code reveals the IMEI number. The dialer code for the same is *#06#

LG V40 Secret Codes U.S Cellular V405UA0

Hidden Menu Code

The above “hidden menu” code should work on the V40 U.S Cellular variant.

Open the phone dialer and enter the code *#546368#*405#


The common IMEI code should work on U.S Cellular V40 as well.

Use the dialer code *#06# to view the IMEI number.


If I’ve missed any LG V40 dialer code, please mention it in the comment section below.

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