LG K51 wireless charging /Is LG K51 Qi enabled-compatible?

While shopping for an android smartphone, wireless charging is not a deal-breaker. However, if you’ve used it before, it’s difficult to part with.

In the real sense, qi charging is not truly wireless as the charging pad is still connected to the wall charger. It only saves you from inserting the USB cable into the phone’s charging port. Still, it feels much convenient once you get used to it.

LG K51 being a budget phone lacks wireless charging. This feature is usually found on flagship devices such as LG V60, G8x, etc. The good news is we can quite easily make K51 wireless charging capable. Let’s see how to do that –

LG K51 Wireless Charging – How to Enable

lg k51 wireless charging

The first thing we need to enable wireless charging on K51 is the Wireless charger receiver or Qi receiver. The wireless charger adapter makes it Qi-compatible.

You can refer to the above screenshot. This is a Nillkin wireless receiver.

lg k51 qi charging

The adapter goes into the phone’s USB C port and the flap rests at the back.

does lg k51 support wireless charging

I’ve inserted the Qi receiver’s Male USB-C pin into the K51 charging port as shown above.

Now, our LG K51 is Qi-enabled. It’s ready for wireless charging.

Let’s get a wireless charging pad to enjoy hassle-free charging.


lg k51 wireless charger

Here is the wireless charging pad with fast charging capability.

lg k51 wireless charging pad

It offers fast charging up to 10W.

lg k51 qi charger

We need to connect the charging pad to the wall charger via a micro USB cable.

how to enable wireless charging on lg k51

The yellow light indicates the charging pad is powered on. When a phone is placed on the pad, the light turns blue. The blue light indicates the phone is charging.


lg k51 qi enabled

We can hold the back flap using a thin case. However, the case would affect the charging speed.

I’ve placed my K51 on the charging pad.


lg k51 qi compatible

The LG K51 charging light indicator is on. The phone is charging fine.

I’m made a video on this as well. You can refer to the below video –



  • Hassle-free charging.
  • A premium feature at an affordable price. The combined cost of a qi receiver and charging pad is around $20.


  • The charging speed is less than wired charging.
  • The USB-C port remains occupied by the Qi receiver.

For effective wireless charging, you should pick a good quality Qi receiver and charging pad. I’ve shortlisted the best wireless receiver and charging pad as follows –

LG K51 Wireless Charging Adapter/Qi Receiver

lg k51 wireless charger receiver


The most popular Qi receiver is the Nillkin wireless adapter. It uses a durable USB C pin that offers a secure fit. You can get it from Amazon for around $13.99.

lg k51 qi receiver

One more good rated Qi receiver is the IVY charging adapter as shown in the above screenshot. It retails for around $12.99 at amazon. Make sure to select the PIN type as Type-C.

After getting the receiver, let’s hunt for a good wireless charging pad –

Top 6 bestselling LG K51 Wireless Charging Pad


lg k51 anker wireless charging pad

The number 1 bestseller wireless charging pad on Amazon is Anker Wireless Charger. It’s a 10W charger without an AC adapter.

The current price of an Anker Qi wireless charger on Amazon is around $11.95.

lg k51 letscom wireless charger

The next wireless charger on our list is the Letscom charging pad. It’s the cheapest wireless charger on our list. With the discount coupon, it comes down to just $7.99.

It offers fast-charging up to 15W. Its average customer rating on Amazon is around 4.5 stars.

lg k51 letscom leather wireless charging pad

One more wireless charger from Letscom is with a leather surface. The leather surface offers a better grip. Currently, It’s offered at around $8.5 with the discount coupon on Amazon.


lg k51 tozo metal wirless charger

The next wireless charger is the beautiful unibody wireless charger made up of Aluminum. It comes in 8 different colors. It is priced at around $11.99.

lg k51 yootech qi charging pad

The next highly-rated wireless charger on our list is the Yootech pad. It’s an ultra-slim charging pad with a ventilation hole for heat dissipation.

The price of the Yootech charger on Amazon is $9.99


lg k51 yootech wireless charging stand

Once more Yootech wireless charger comes in the form of a phone stand. Using this, there is no need to search for the sweet charging spot. It’s priced a little higher than the regular Yootech charging pad.

It comes without an AC adapter. The Yootech wireless charging stand is priced at around $12.99 at Amazon as of now.


How was your wireless charging experience on K51? Please share it in the below comment section.


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  1. I purchased an LG K 51 cell phone from Samsung with a wireless charger it will not charge the company said they will not give back money on charger it was at a cost of $59.98 now they say the phone is not wireless charging compatible i have been around the horn with them after looking at your sight i found my solution and this matter will be salved tomorrow if they will send me a QI receiver that will work it’s my charger

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