Is the LG K51 waterproof, 5G, NFC, Wireless Charging, MHL compatible?

is the Lg k51 water resistant?

IP rating on an Android smartphone shows the device’s durability against dust & water damage. The Ingress Protection rating of  67 offers water resistance up to 1m depth for 30 minutes. An IP68 rating makes your phone waterproof when drowned up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Now, let’s talk about the water-resistance of LG K51 –

Is the LG K51 waterproof/water resistant?


The budget Android smartphones are usually not IP certified. The IP67/68 rating is usually found on the LG flagship devices. Even the LG Stylo series lacks IP certification, except for the Stylo 4 Plus.

is the lg k51 water proof?

As K51 is a mid-range it doesn’t offer any kind of protection against dust & water. It’s neither waterproof nor water-resistant. You should better use it with a waterproof case.

Is the LG K51 5G Compatible?

is the lg k51 5g compatible?

Sorry, LG K51 is a 4G phone. It is not compatible with 5G technology.

As of now, the only LG K Series phone that is 5G compatible, is K92. In the near future, we should see more budget phones with the 5G support.

Is the LG K51 wireless charging compatible/Qi-enabled?


is the lg k51 qi enabled?

Wireless charging is a feature found on high-end smartphones. It would unnecessarily raise the cost of a budget phone like K51.

is the lg k51 wirless charging compatible?

K51 doesn’t offer wireless charging out of the box. However, we can easily make it Qi-enabled.

We only need a good quality wireless charger receiver and a charging pad. To learn more about LG K51 wireless charging, please head over to the following link –

LG K51 Wireless Charging – How to enable

Is the LG K51 NFC compatible?

LG K51 NFC compatible

The predecessor to K51 was K40. It is a very capable phone. It offers Selfie Flash, Face Recognition & NFC. All these 3 features are missing from its successor K51. Very disappointing. Isn’t it?

Is LG K51 NFC compatible?

I searched for NFC all over my K51, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Contactless payments are on the rise. We can use NFC to make payments via Google Pay, Visa Paywave, Paypal, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.


Is the LG K51 MHL / HDMI Alt Mode Compatible?

is lg k51 mhl compatible?

A few years ago, there were multiple phones that offered wired screen mirroring without the need for an internet connection. Even the budget phones such as LG Volt 2 offered Slimport support. Gone are those days.

Nowadays wireless screen mirroring is on the rise. It needs a Wi-Fi internet connection to work.

LG K51 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast 

is lg k51 hdmi alt mode compatible

As LG K51 comes with a USB Type-C port, I was expecting HDMI Alt Mode support. However, the USB-C to DisplayPort support is offered on LG V & G Series smartphones.

Wired Screen mirroring without Wi-Fi is not possible on K51. It doesn’t offer MHL, Slimport, or HDMI Alt mode support.

Is LG K51 Compatible with Fortnite/Good for Gaming?

Is lg k51 compatible with fortnite?

I tried to download & install Fortnite on LG K51. I installed the Epic games Fortnite installer app.

It shows a “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED” error.

To run Fortnite, at least 4GB RAM is required. K51 is equipped with 3GB RAM.

K51 is not a very capable phone for gaming. Along with a limited amount of RAM, it also uses an entry-level Mediatek P22 Processor. It can fare well for casual gaming, but hardcore gaming is not its cup of tea.

Is LG K51 Unlocked?

There are 7 different variants of the LG K51. Out of these, only one comes in a factory unlocked state with the Model number lmk500qm7.

The rest of the LG K51 models are carrier locked and needs to be unlocked if you wish to use it on some other GSM network.

The K51 variants are MetroPCS lmk500mm, T-mobile lmk500umt3, Boost Mobile lmk500um3, Spectrum Mobile lmk500qm6, Xfinity Mobile lmk500qm5, & Verizon lmk500umt.

Do you want to unlock your K51? If yes, please check out the below post –

How to unlock LG K51 for free

Is LG K51 a Good Phone?

LG K40 vs LG K51
LG K40 (Left) & LG K51 (Right)

This is a subjective question. You’ll get the answer to this question only after going through the Pros & Cons of LG K51.

If it fulfills your needs for the asking price, it may prove good for you. Please go through the LG K51 Pros & Cons, & decide for yourself whether it’s a good or bad phone  –

LG K51 Pros & Cons – Is LG K51 a Good Phone?


Are you happy with LG K51? Please share your experience in the comment section below.





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