LG K51 stuck on Metro/T-Mobile/Startup/boot logo screen- how to fix

What to do when your LG K51 is soft-bricked and stuck on the startup screen such as Metro, T-mobile, Android is starting, or the boot logo screen? This usually happens due to a failed system update or after a restart due to some software glitch.

If the issue is minor we can fix it with a force restart/factory reset. However, if the phone is bricked and unable to reach the Recovery mode, we need to flash a stock firmware using the LGUP flash tool.

Let’s fix the LG K51 to reach the home screen using the below troubleshooting guide –

1. LG K51 Force Power Off /Restart / Shut Down – How to Soft Reset LG K51

If your K51 is stuck on the boot screen, you can try to force restart the phone using the volume down & power key combination.

Press & hold the volume down + power button until the phone restarts.

After the restart, if the phone reaches the home screen, well & good otherwise head over to the next troubleshooting step –


2. LG K51 Hard Factory Reset using Recovery Mode

After a soft reset, let’s try to hard reset the LG K51 to reach the home screen.

We are once again going to force restart the phone using the volume down + power keys. Press and hold the volume down + power buttons until the phone restarts.

During the restart, as soon as the “LG K51” logo appears, release only the power button for a moment and hold it again. Do not release the volume down button.

Keep holding both the keys until you enter the Recovery mode.


If you’ve successfully landed on the “Factory Data Reset” screen, use it to hard reset your phone.

Press the volume key to move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes”. Now, select “Yes” with the power button.


Again move down from “No” to “Yes” and initiate the factory reset with the power key.

After the reset, you’ll reach the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup wizard and reach the home screen.

3. LG K51 Stock Firmware ROM Download & Update using LGUP flash tool

If both the above methods failed to restore your phone, then it’s soft bricked. We need to flash a stock firmware via Download Mode using LGUP software.

To begin the process, let’s download the necessary files for flashing –


1. LG K51 Mobile Driver v4.5


2. LGUP Lab Frame Ver 1.16


3. LG K51 DLL File v2.3


4. LG K51 Android 10 Stock Firmware ROM

LG K51 Android 10 MetroPCS ROM K500MM10r_00_MPCS_US_OP_0902.kdz


LG K51 Android 11 MetroPCS ROM K500MM20f_00_MPCS_US_OP_1030.kdz


LG K51 Android 10 T-Mobile ROM K500UM10r_00_TMO_US_OP_0902.kdz


Download & save the files on your computer.

NOTE: Make sure to download the correct firmware file based on your carrier i.e. MetroPCS or T-Mobile. 


To flash the stock firmware we need to install the LG Mobile driver on our PC. If you’ve not yet installed the K51 driver, please install it now –

LG K51 Drivers


Once you’ve installed the driver, we need to put our LG K51 into download mode.

To enter download mode, you need to power off your phone.

Now that your phone is stuck on the startup screen, you may find it difficult to turn off the phone.

In such as case, wait for the battery to drain completely. Charge the phone but do not turn it on. After charging it to a sufficient level follow the below steps to put into Download Mode –


To put your K51 into download mode –

  • Make sure your phone is off.
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Get a USB C data cable.
  • Connect one end of the USB C cable to the PC.
  • Now, press and hold the volume up button on your K51.
  • Keep the volume up key pressed and connect the other end of the USB cable.
  • This will boot your K51 into the Download Mode.


Our phone is now in the Download Mode. Wait for the drivers to install.



Check the driver installation status using the Device Manager on your PC.



Now, we need to install the LGUP setup file. Double-click the “LGUP_LAB_Ver_1.16” file to begin the installation.


Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the InstallShield wizard as shown above.


Now, copy the downloaded “LGUP_Common.dll” file as shown above.


We are going to replace the copied DLL file with the DLL file in the LGUP folder.

Open the Drive where you’ve installed the LGUP flash tool. I’ve installed it in “Local Disk (C:)”

Now, we need to open the “Program Files (x86)” folder.

Look for the “LG Electronics” folder and click on it.

Now, we can see the LGUP folder. Let’s open it.


In LGUP, double-click the “model” folder.

Now, there are 2 folders. Open the “common” folder as shown above.


Paste the copied DLL file into the common folder.

Choose “Replace the file in the destination” when prompted.

Hit “Continue” to provide administrator access to replace this file.

Now, open the LGUP software as shown above.


In LGUP, the connected phone is visible as LM-K500MM. This is the model number of LG K51 MetroPCS.

The current firmware version is K500MM20f. This is the Android 11 firmware. You can flash the same Android 11 firmware or downgrade it to Android 10.




Tap under “File Path” and hit the “3 dots” icon.


Now, browse for the downloaded stock firmware file. I’ve picked the LG K51 Android 10 MetroPCS kdz firmware.


The firmware file is loaded in LGUP for flashing.

Make sure you’ve loaded the correct firmware file based on your service provider. The model number of MetroPCS K51 is k500mm and that of T-Mobile is k500um

Now, hit “Start” to begin flashing.


Do not disconnect the phone, until the process is 100% complete. You can check the progress in the LGUP tool as well as your phone screen.


The phone restarted when the progress bar reached 80%.


The progress bar now shows 100%. Your K51 must be now on the home screen.

We have successfully flashed the kdz firmware to restore our bricked LG K51 back to the working state.

For any queries or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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