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There are a few very useful dialer codes for LG K51. Each code reveals a hidden secret menu. There are 6 secret codes in total. These codes provide useful information such as IMEI, Calendar Info, Usage Statistics, Phone Info, etc.

There is also a hidden menu with an extensive list of K51 troubleshooting/device testing options including Key Press Test, Motion Sensor Test, Ring Test, Vibrator test, Display, Camera Test, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS Test, etc.

LG K51 Boost Mobile has got 10 secret codes.

Let’s deal with all of them using the below video and screenshots –


LG K51 Secret Codes – MetroPCS lmk500mm / T-Mobile lmk500tm

lg k51 secret codes

We have to use the dialer to launch a secret menu.

Tap the phone dialer icon on your K51 home screen.

1. LG K51 IMEI Code

lg k51 imei number

The universal code for phone IMEI  is *#06#

This same code works on K51 as well.

2. LG K51 Calendar Info Secret Code

lg k51 dialer codes

The next secret code on our list reveals your personal Calendar Info.

Dial the code *#*#225#*#* to get access to the Calendar Info page.

It stores your Calendar Events data.

3. LG K51 FCM Diagnostics Menu


lg k51 secret menu

The next secret code on our list reveals Google Play Services FCM Diagnostics data.

There’s also an advanced view.


secret codes lg k51

Tap “EVENTS” to switch to the “STATUS” page.

4. LG K51 Testing Code

lg k51 metropcs secret codes

The next code on our list works on most of the GSM phones including K51.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* to open the K51 Testing page.

The 2 options on this page are – Phone Information & Usage Statistics.

Let’s check the first option i.e. Phone Information.


lg k51 t-mobile secret codes

This page contains LG K51 network-related information.


lg k51 lmk500mm secret codes

The next option on the Testing page is the “Usage Statistics”.

This stores the launch time and usage duration stats of recent apps.

By default, it’s sorted as per the app usage time.


lg k51 lmk500tm secret codes

We can also sort apps by launch count.


lg k51 dial codes

The apps can also be sorted alphabetically as shown above.

5. LG K51 Hidden Menu 1

lg k51 hidden menu code

There are 2 hidden menus on K51 Metro/T-Mobile. The dialer code for the 1st hidden menu is 277634#*#


lg k51 operaor hidden menu

The above list shows the options found on the  K51 Operator HiddenMenu page.


6. LG K51 Hidden Menu 2

hidden menu lg k51

The 2nd and the most useful K51 Hidden Menu code *#546368#*500#

This secret menu offers a huge list of device testing options.

To explore the LG K51 Hidden Menu in great detail, check out the below link –

LG K51 Hidden Menu





LG K51 Secret Codes – Boost Mobile/Sprint/Virgin Mobile lmk500um

The secret codes for Boost Mobile are different from MetroPCS/T-Mobile.

1. LG K51 Hidden Menu Code Boost Mobile

The most useful secret code on K51 Boost Mobile is the Hidden Menu code.

The dialer code for the same is 5689#*500#

To check out the Hidden Menu in detail, please go through the below post –

LG K51 Hidden Menu Boost Mobile

2. LG K51 Data Menu (##DATA#)

lg k51 boost mobile codes

The 2nd secret code on K51 shows the information related to Mobile Data such as EVDO, LTE, APN Settings, Browser, etc.

Dial the code  ##3282# to open the Data Menu.


3. LG K51 Debug Code (##DEBUG#)

lg k51 boost secret codes

The next Secret Menu on our list is the Debug Menu.


lg k51 sprint secret codes

This menu can be used for K51 network debugging.

The dialer code for the debug menu is ##33284#

4. LG K51 Diag Mode (##DIAG#)

lg k51 lmk500um secret codes

The diagnostic menu is used for CDMA programming.

Dial ##3424# to get access to the diag mode.

secret codes lg k51 boost mobile

Tap enable and connect your phone to the computer for CDMA programming.



5. LG K51 Forced Activation Code (##UPDATE)

lg k51 boost mobile dialer codes

If your K51 Boost Mobile is not yet activated on the network, try forced activation.

Dial ##873283# to activate your device forcefully.

6. LG K51 IMEI Code (*#06#)

lg k51 boost mobile imei number

K51 Boost Mobile is a CDMA + GSM device.

Being a GSM phone, the IMEI code works on it.

Open the phone dialer and dial *#06# to know your phone’s IMEI as well as MEID.


7. LG K51 Reset Brand Provisioning Parameters (##BRAND#)


lg k51 secret dialer codes

The dialer code ##27263# can be used to reset the device provisioning parameters and brand customization to factory default on K51 Boost Mobile.

8. LG K51 Sprint OMADM Menu (##OMADM#)

lg k51 boost mobile secret menu

The Sprint OMADM menu can be accessed with the code ##66232#

However, it asks for the MSL/Service code to proceed further. The 6-digit MSL code can be obtained from Boost Mobile customer care.


9. LG K51 Reset the Network (##786#)

boost mobile k51 secret codes

To reset the network settings on your K51, dial ##786#



lg k51 dialer codes 2020

You can view or reset the network settings on the RTN menu page.


10. LG K51 Special Code to Reset the Netowork (##SCRTN)

codes for lg k51

There is one more Special code to reset the network on Sprint K51.

The dialer code for this SCRTN menu is ##72786#

11. LG K51 Error Log (##564#)

lg k51 codes

The System error log is stored somewhere on the phone. To view this error log data dial ##564# 


lg k51 secrets

The error log page is visible in the above screenshot.


If I’ve missed a K51 secret code, please mention it in the below comment section. Thanks for reading.

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