LG K51 Problems/Known Issues & Troubleshooting/Fix

On LG K51, over a period of time, you may face various software and hardware issues. The common K51 software problems are – no back button, black screen, calling issues, text message problems, data not working, storage problems, locked out due to forgotten PIN, Pattern, Password, etc.

The known K51 hardware issues are – not turning on, no sound, camera not working, Bluetooth & Wifi problems, battery issues, water damage, fingerprint sensor not working, etc.

Let’s fix the LG K51 software & hardware problems with the help of the below troubleshooting guide –

1. LG K51 No Back Button – How to go back/How to close apps


As soon as you hold the LG K51 for the first time, the most annoying thing is the missing navigation bar.

You find it difficult to go back, close the running apps, or reach the home screen without the home touch buttons.

The default mode of navigation on the K51 is Gestures. To restore the back, home, and recent apps buttons, we need to change the navigation style from “Gestures” to “Buttons Only”.

Check out the below post to do the same –

LG K51 Back & Home Button – How to restore

2. LG K51 Stuck on Google Account Verification/Google Lock

The above Google verification screen shows up when you’re locked out on your K51 and you reset the phone using the Volume Down & Power button.  You need to sign in with the previously synced Google account on this particular device.

If you’re the rightful owner of this device, you’ll most probably remember the last-synced Google account credentials.

However, in case you don’t remember the correct Google account, then use the below hack to bypass the google lock in a few minutes –


How to bypass Google verification on LG K51 2021


3. LG K51 Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern/Locked Out

Many K51 users tend to forget the Screen Lock, PIN, Pattern, or Password.

When locked out, you don’t get a recovery option in the form of “Forgot Password” or “Google account sign-in”. So, how to bypass the lock screen?

You’re not allowed to even “Power off” the phone.

Likewise, it fails to restart until you unlock the screen.

Check out the below troubleshooting guide to bypass the LG K51 lock screen –

LG K51 Lock Screen Bypass

4. LG K51 Keyboard Issues

Keyboard Disappeared

If all of a sudden, the keyboard has disappeared on your K51, there are 2 ways to fix it.

Clear the Keyboard App Data

The default keyboard on K51 is the “LG Keyboard”. If the keyboard doesn’t show up, we should clear the app data as shown above.



Change the Default Keyboard

The alternate option is to switch to a different keyboard. I’ve made “Gboard” the new default keyboard.

For the detailed explanation, please go through the below post –

LG K51 Keyboard Issues & Settings


Small Keyboard

If you feel the default K51 keyboard size is small, you can increase the keyboard height as per convenience.

Keyboard Vibration

The keyboard vibration can be annoying for some users. Moreover, we can save some battery life by disabling the Keyboard vibration.

Autocorrect Settings

By default, the auto-correction is disabled on LG K51.  You can enable it to speed up your typing speed.

5. LG K51 Storage Problems/Move Apps to SD Card

K51 offers only 32 GB of internal storage space. The System memory consumes more than 50% of space. Less than 16 GB is available as the actual usable storage.

The very common Internal storage error on Android is “Storage space running out”.

We can expand the storage space with a memory card, but the apps and games still occupy the phone memory.

To fix this issue, we need to move apps to the SD card.

I’ve partitioned the SD card as internal storage. It’s the new default storage space for Apps & Games.

Learn how to move apps to SD card on LG K51 using the below tutorial –

LG K51 Move apps to SD Card

6. LG K51 Screen Problems – Black Screen/LCD Screen Replacement

If you’re facing the Black screen issue on your K51, first of all, you need to make sure it’s a software or hardware problem.

Go through the below troubleshooting steps to fix the Black Screen issue on your K51 –

How to fix LG K51 Black Screen

7. LG K51 Not turning on / Power button not working

Is your LG K51 completely dead? The issue can be related to the power button, charging port, battery, or motherboard.

Try out the below troubleshooting steps, before sending your K51 for a repair –

LG K51 not turning on – How to Fix

8. LG K51 Running Slow/Lagging

LG K51 uses an underpowered entry-level Mediatek Helio P22 processor. After a period of time, the phone becomes unbearably slow.

The below video shows how to make your LG K51 faster –


9. LG K51 Block Number – Calls / Message Blocking is active

On your K51, you can block a number directly from the call logs page.


The below video shows how to block/unblock a number on your K51 –


10. LG K51 No App Drawer

The default Home on K51 is without an App drawer. We can easily restore our beloved app drawer in a few steps.

Learn how to restore the K51 app drawer as follows –

LG K51 App Drawer – How to get back 

11. LG K51 No Clock Widget

The Clock widget is missing on the LG K51. The below video shows how to get back the clock widget in a few steps –

12. How to Split Screen on LG K51


In the Gestures mode of navigation, the recent apps button is missing. To view the running apps we need to use the swipe up gesture.

No matter, which style of navigation you’re using you can split the screen and use 2 apps at the same time.

Learn how to do multitasking on LG K51 using Multi Window & Pop-up Window as follows –

LG K51 Dual Screen/Split Screen

13. LG K51 Battery Drains Fast / Battery Issues

The maximum battery saver mode on K51 uses a dark theme. It claims to almost double the battery life.

Check out the below video to learn how to activate the Maximum Battery Saver mode on K51 –

14. LG K51 Disable Google Assistant Button / Turn off Google Assistant

Accidental press on the Google Assistant button can be quite annoying. If you don’t use Google Assistant on K51, you can disable this extra button.


Feel free to share the K51 problems you are facing via the comment section below. Are you happy with your LG K51?



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  1. This is that same phone but like it wouldn’t let me touch anything it said something about the commission control not working I can get into it for click anything.

  2. I have LG K51 and after the last version update I mean from 10 to 11 my camera doesn’t work .
    I need help as soon as possible.

    • This happened with me on my LG Tribute 5. It didn’t allow me to change the USB mode from charging to file transfer. I was able to fix it only with a factory reset. Before the reset, you can also try a different USB-C cable.

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