LG K51 not turning on / wont power on

If your LG K51 fails to turn on, there can be a number of reasons for this behavior.  The issue can be software or hardware-related. First of all, we are going to rule out the software issues before going through a hardware repair.

Let’s find out the root cause and fix our LG K51 as per the below troubleshooting steps –

1. Make sure the phone is not in Sleep Mode

lg k51 not turning on

First of all, we need to make sure the phone is on or off. Your phone may be ON but in sleep mode.

Try to wake the screen with a double-tap, maybe the power button is stuck due to dust, dirt, etc.


2. Try to Force Restart the Phone

lg k51 wont turn on

A soft reset can fix most of the common software issues. Let’s try to force restart our K51 using the volume down and power button.

Press & Hold the volume down & power button for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

If the phone reboots but is stuck on the boot screen or Metro/T-Mobile screen, you should try to get access to the recovery mode.




3. Try to puy your K51 into Recovery Mode

lg k51 wont power on

While pressing the volume down & power key, if the phone boots but fail to reach the home screen, we should try to enter the recovery mode.

To put LG K51 into recovery mode –

  • Press & hold the volume down and power button
  • When LG K51 appears on the screen, leave the power button for a moment, and hold it again. Don’t release the volume down key.
  • Keep holding both the keys until your phone is on the “Factory data reset” screen.


lg k51 recovery mode

If you’ve got access to the above “Recovery Mode” screen, try to hard reset the phone.


4. Make sure the phone is charging properly

lg k51 not charging

Make sure the connection between the USB-C cable and charging port is not loose. Clean the port with a brush or blow air to clean any dust particles.

Switch to a different charger and wall outlet to identify the root cause of the issue.


5. Try to boot the phone into Download Mode


lg k51 stuck on firmware update

If nothing works, try to boot the phone into Download mode. This mode is used to recover a bricked phone.

If your K51 system firmware is corrupt, it can be restored by flashing a stock K51 kdz firmware in Download Mode.

To put your K51 into download mode – 

  • Turn on your computer
  • Get a USB C data cable
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to the computer
  • Press the LG K51 volume up button & connect the other end of the cable to the phone.

lg k51 black screen firmware update

  • The phone must be now on the “Firmware Update” screen also known as the Download Mode.

Download & flash the LG K51 firmware as per the below tutorial –

LG K51 Firmware Download & Update 

6. Overheating

Your K51 may also die down due to overheating. To phone can withstand a certain temperature.  It shuts down to prevent any damage.

Try to turn on the phone once it cools down.

7. Check if the LCD has gone bad

lg k51 lcd replacement black screen

If none of the troubleshooting steps worked, we need to replace the K51 LCD.

You can get the replacement LCD with a frame for around $69 at Amazon. Follow the below video to fix the K51 screen.


8. Other Hardware Issues

If the phone is all dead, even an LCD replacement cannot fix the phone. In such a case, we need to send the phone for repair.

The battery, charging port, power button, or motherboard needs to checked and replaced.

9. If your K51 keeps turning off

lg k51 bad battery

Are you able to boot the phone but it turns off abruptly? A bad battery can be responsible for such behavior.

You can check the K51 Battery health using the Hidden Menu.

Open the K51 phone dialer and dial *#546368#*500#

We are on the Hidden Menu Page. Select the 3rd option i.e. SVC Menu.


lg k51 battery test

Look for “Battery Test” and open it.

On the battery test page, we get to check the “Battery information” & “Battery Condition”.

My K51’s battery is in GOOD condition.

Tap “Battery Information” for the detailed analysis.


lg k51 keeps turning off

Tick the check box  “Battery log Save on/off”.

The log data shows the battery current, voltage, temperature, health, charging status, etc.


If your K51 is within warranty you should get it replaced at the earliest.


Were you able to restore your LG K51 back to a working state? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “LG K51 not turning on / wont power on

  1. The power button to my phone doesn’t work and I can’t turn off my phone or turn it on it’s working properly but randomly when I was on my phone earlier it just stop working the power button just didn’t work so should I just bring it in and see if someone can fix it?

  2. I have a K51 bought july 2020 and recently while on charge works fine. When I unplug the phone it will shut off while showing between 78 and 85% battery but when it restarts it says only 3 or 4 % battery. If I plug in it charges from the 3 or 4% until full or if I manually turn it off then plug in the charger it shows the charge icon then it loads up to around 54 – 64 % charged. I proceed to turn it on this way and it runs fine as long as plugged in until full charge. Tried hidden menu test and it states good battery. No unusual apps installed on phone. Running AVG. Strange phone.

  3. My LG k51 just shut down while i was using it & havent came back on since..& when i plug it up to charge it ,the only activity i receive is a solid little white led light in the top right hand corner of its black screen

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