LG K51 move apps to SD Card & set as default storage

LG K51 comes with 32GB Internal storage space out of which almost half the space is occupied by system storage. Around 16GB is left as the free usable storage space. From today’s standard 16GB space is quite insufficient considering the huge size of games.

You can increase the media storage with an SD Card but the apps and games will still occupy the internal storage space. The solution to this problem is the adoptable storage feature. This feature is disabled on K51 and can be turned on by writing certain ADB commands.

Let’s see how to move apps to SD card on K51 and set it as the default storage space –


How to move apps to SD Card on LG K51


First of all, we need to get hold of the SD Card we are going to format as internal storage. You should get a high-speed Micro SD card for this purpose. At least a Class 10 Micro SD is preferred.

Remove the LG K51 SIM tray using the SIM ejector tool as shown above.

Insert the Micro SD card in its respective slot and push back the SIM tray with your finger.

Now, that you have installed the SD card we need to enable USB Debugging.

Open Settings & click “System”.

Tap “Developer Options” on the “System” page.


If you’ve not yet enabled the developer options on your K51, learn how to do that using the below link –

LG K51 Developer Options – How to turn on

Look for USB Debugging on the Developer Options page and toggle it on.


Tap “OK” to allow USB debugging.

Now, we are ready to connect our K51 to the computer.

For USB Debugging, we need to install the LG K51 ADB Driver.

You can see the “LGE Mobile ADB Interface” driver is installed successfully.


Keep a check on your LG K51 screen. You’ll be prompted to allow USB  debugging from this computer. We need to approve this request.

Now install and run the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” tool on your computer.

You can Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot from below link –


“Minimal ADB & Fastboot” launches the  cmd command prompt window as shown above.

We need to write the ADB commands on this black screen.

Type adb devices and hit enter on your computer keyboard.

Keep a check on your screen, if you were not prompted before, this time you may get the “Allow USB debugging” pop-up on your K51.

Tap “Allow” as shown above.


After approving the “Allow USB Debugging” request, again type adb devices and hit Enter.

The connected device is visible as LMK500 which is the model number of LG K51.

Now type this ADB command using your computer keyboard adb shell sm list-disks and click enter.

Note the disk name. In my case, it’s disk:179,128 

It can be 179,64 in your case. It can vary depending upon the memory card used.

Make note of this, we have to use it in the future command lines accordingly.

The next command line is adb shell sm list-volumes all 

type the above command and press enter.

To enable adoptable storage, write this command line adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true

The next step is a crucial step  –

Based on the disk name we have to write this command.

In my case, the disk name is 179,128 

I”m partitioning 60% of the SD Card space as internal storage and the remaining 40% as External storage.

So the command line would be –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 mixed 60

If you wish to use the whole of the SD card space as internal storage, change the command line to –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 private

The partitioning process will take a minute or 2. Wait for it to complete.

The SD card is partitioned. One final step is to migrate the old internal storage data to this newly created partition on the SD card.

Type this command line using your PC keyboard adb shell sm list-volumes and tap Enter.

From the command output, we need to copy the UUID code as marked in the above screenshot.

This code will be different in your case.


Using the above UUID code we have to write the next command line as follows –

adb shell pm move-primary-storage 2900f5c0-0c4c-4799-a237-3a690779403b


The UUID code will be different in your case, make sure you copy-paste the right code.

We have successfully set the SD Card as default storage on K51.


Pull down the notification bar on your K51 and check the notification. It reads “Content transfer is done”.

Now, tap the Settings icon on the top-right to open the Settings app.

Tap “Storage” a shown above.


You can see the SD Card is partitioned into 2 parts  – Device & External.

The SD Card under Device is the new default internal storage space for Apps & Games.

How to format the SD card as Portable / External Storage

To revert the changes & to use the SD Card as Portable storage we can format it.

Tap “SD card” under the Device Storage.

Hit the “3 dots” icon at the top-right corner.

Tap “Format as portable” and finally “Format” to remove the partition on the SD card.

Now, the whole of the SD card space is available as external storage.

Have you moved the apps to SD card on your K51? How was your day to day experience? Please share in the comment section below.


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