LG K51 lock screen bypass – forgot password, pin, pattern /locked out

There are 4 kinds of screen lock on LG K51. The primary locks are Password, PIN & Pattern. Fingerprint can be set as a secondary lock. K51 lacks face unlock/face recognition.

If you’ve forgotten the primary screen lock, it won’t let you power off or restart the phone without unlocking the screen. So, what are your options if you’ve forgotten the password, PIN, or pattern on your K51? Can we bypass the lock screen without reset/losing the internal storage data?

Let’s check out our options –

How to bypass LG K51 lock screen without reset

lg k51 forgot password

I’m locked out on my LG K51. I’ve forgotten the lock screen password.

LG K51 lock screen bypass

After 5 failed attempts, it allows me to try again after a wait time of 30 seconds.


how to bypass lg k51 lock screen without reset

Even after 20 wrong attempts, I didn’t get any kind of recovery option such as “Forgot Password” or “Google Account Recovery”.

lg k51 password bypass

I kept on trying but only the wait time increased after every few failed attempts.

So, one thing is clear. We cannot bypass the LG K51 lock screen without reset.

Now, let’s try to reset our K51.

lg k51 pin bypass

To Reset the phone using hard keys (Volume Down & Power Button), we have to Power off the phone.


lock screen bypass lg k51

It’s not letting me power off the phone. It says “Unlock the phone to power off”.


lg k51 locked out

Let’s try to restart the phone.


lg k51 lmk500 lock screen bypass

It’s not allowing me to even restart the phone.  Again it shows a similar error “Unlock the phone to restart”.

Now the only option left is to wait for the battery to die down or to Force Restart the phone.


Without wasting time, let’s force restart our LG K51 –



lg k51 force restart


This is a crucial step. Follow it closely.

To Force restart your K51, Long-Press, and hold the Volume Down & Power button until the phone restarts.

A countdown window pops up at the bottom of the screen – “To restart, press and hold both keys for 4 seconds”.


lg k51 force power off

As soon as “LG K51” appears on the screen (or when the phone vibrates), release the power button and hold it again until it takes you to the Factory data reset screen. 

Keep holding the volume down button during the whole process.


lg k51 recovery mode

The above factory data reset screen is also known as the recovery mode. The touchscreen is disabled in recovery mode.

We have to use the volume rocker to move up /down. You can select an option with the Power button.

Use the Volume down button to move from “No (Exit)” to “Yes” and press the Power key to select this option.

lg k51 hard reset buttons

It’s a 2 step confirmation process.

Again move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” and press the Power button to initiate the factory reset process.

lg k51 hard factory reset

The internal storage data is being erased now. Wait for the phone to reboot.

You may also follow the below video for better understanding –


lg k51 forgot pin

We are now at the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to proceed further.

Hit “Next” on the “New Second Screen” page.

lg k51 reset pin

Connect to the internet using Wifi or Mobile Data to proceed further.

lg k51 remove pin

Once you’re connected to the internet, it’ll check for updates. This can take a while.

lg k51 hard reset forgot password

Now, we are on the “Copy apps & data” page. Hit “Don’t copy” to move ahead.

Once again it’s asking for the lock screen password. This time we get one more option to recover our phone using the last-synced Google account on this device.

Tap “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD” to recover our K51.

lg k51 factory reset forgot password

We are now on the Google Verification Screen. We’ve to sign-in to the last synced Google account on this device.

If you don’t remember the Google account credentials as well, you need to use a hack to get past this screen.

Follow the below procedure to Bypass the Google Verification screen on LG K51.

LG K51 FRP Bypass / Google Account Bypass

lg k51 google verification bypass

Tap the “Email or phone” field to bring out the keyboard.

Look for the “Keyboard icon” on the bottom-right corner and tap on it.

lg k51 default password

A “Default keyboard” window shows up on the screen. Tap “Settings” to manage keyboards.

Select “Gboard” on the “Manage keyboards” page.


lg k51 pattern bypass

We are now on the Gboard settings page.

Click the “3 dots” icon on the top-right and open “Help & feedback”.

lg k51 forgot pattern

On the Support page, tap the search field “Describe your issue”.

Type delete and select the first option among the search results dropdown i.e. “Delete or disable apps on Android”.

lg k51 pattern unlock

Now look for “Tap to go to Application Settings” and click on it.

This brings us to the “App Info” Page on the Settings app.

Scroll down and open the “Google” app.

lg k51 google lock bypass

Hit “Open” on this “Google App info” page.

This takes us to the Google App.

Hit “No Thanks” to get access to the Google search bar.

lg k51 screen lock bypass

Type settings in the search bar and hit the “Settings icon” to launch the Settings app.

bypass lg k51 lock screen without reset

Select the 2nd option on the “Settings” page i.e. “Fingerprints”.

Hit “Next”.

lg k51 forgot screen lock password

We get the option to add a secure screen lock.

This new lock will replace the older lock screen password.

Set an easy to remember PIN, Pattern, or Password lock and note it down somewhere.

lg k51 screen pin bypass

I’ve added 1234 as the screen lock PIN.  It says “Screen lock has been changed”.

Now we can easily bypass the Google verification screen.

Use the back button to keep going back.

lg k51 bypass pattern lock

Keep going back until you’re on the “Welcome” page.

lg k51 bypass google account without computer

Once again we are on the first page of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

Choose your preferred Second screen layout and hit “Next”.

lg k51 bypass screen

Click “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data page”.


frp bypass lg k51

Now it’s asking to verify the PIN. This PIN lock has replaced the earlier lock screen password.

Enter the PIN we lock we just added, i.e. 1234, and hit “OK”.

We are again on the Google Sign-in page but we get a “Skip” option on the left.

You can also sign-in to a Google account. The last-synced account is not needed anymore.


lg k51 metropcs lock screen bypass

After skipping the sign-in process, we are on the Google Services page.

lg k51 boost lock screen bypass

Accept Google services terms and conditions.

Now, we are on the “Review additional apps” page.

lg k51 t-mobile lock screen bypass

Scroll down and hit “OK”.

lg reflect lock screen bypass

At last, we are on the final page of the setup wizard i.e. the “Legal Documents” page.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and tap “DONE”. This takes us to the LG K51 home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the LG K51 screen lock.


If stuck at any point, feel free to leave a comment below.

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    I was able to bypass the screen lock and the Google account FRP lock as well! Took like 5 minutes altogether! AMAZING! THANKS SO MUCH!

    Works as of 10/01/2020

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