LG K51 keyboard issues & settings – dissappeared, vibration, small in size

Are you happy with the default LG Keyboard on your K51? Does it feel small in size? Do you wish to turn off the keyboard vibration? Does it keep disappearing every now and then?

Let’s check out the K51 keyboard settings in great detail and fix the common K51 keyboard issues.

We are also going to learn how to enable Gif & Floating keyboard on K51. So, let’s move ahead without wasting any time –

LG K51 Keyboard Issues / How to fix keyboard on LG K51

LG K51 Keyboard disappeared/no keyboard/ not working/ not showing up / won’t pop up

Troubleshooting Step 1: Soft Reset

If the keyboard has disappeared on your K51, the basic troubleshooting step is to restart the phone.

Long-Press the power button on the right and select “Power off and restart” as shown above.

Check if the keyboard shows up after the soft reset.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Clear the LG Keyboard App Data

If the soft rested failed to restore your K51 keyboard, let’s clear the app data.

To clear the app data, we need to open the Settings app.

In Settings, select “Apps”.

Choose the first option i.e. “App Info”.

We are now on the App Info page.

Hit the “3 dots icon” at the top-right and select “Show system” as visible in the below screenshot.

Now, scroll down and select “LG Keyboard”.

Go to “Storage” and tap “Clear data”.

Tap “OK” to confirm.

Now, once again open the Browser or Notes app to check if the keyboard has started working.

Troubleshooting Step 3: Change the Keyboard


If the keyboard is still not accessible, let’s change the default keyboard.

Open the Settings app and select “System”.

Now Go to “Language & keyboard” > “Manage keyboards”.

On the “Manage keyboards” page, turn on “Gboard”.

Now, hit the “Default Keyboard” option.

Change the default keyboard from “LG Keyboard” to “Gboard”.

Open the Chrome browser and use the new Google Keyboard i.e. Gboard.

LG K51 Keyboard Vibration – How to turn off/on


The keyboard vibration can be annoying for some users. We can turn it off quite easily.

Open the chrome browser and tap the search bar to pull out the keyboard.

Hit the “Settings icon” located at the top row of the keyboard.

We are now on the LG Keyboard page.

Select “Additional settings” on the LG Keyboard page.

The “Vibrate on keypress” option is turned on. Toggle it off to turn off the keyboard vibration.


We have successfully turned off the keyboard vibration on LG K51.


LG K51 Keyboard Small – How to change keyboard size


If you feel the default K51 keyboard size is small, you can increase the keyboard size.

Open the Browser or a notes app to bring out the keyboard.

Choose the “Settings icon” on the Keyboard, as marked in the above screenshot.


This brings us to the LG Keyboard settings page.

Go to “Keyboard height and layout” > “Keyboard height”.

Drag the bar in an upward direction to increase the keyboard size.

Drag down the bar to reduce the keyboard size.

Tap the reset button on the top-right corner to restore the default keyboard size.

LG K51 Keyboard Settings

How to Change Keyboard on LG K51

To change the keyboard, we need to open it first.

Use a notes app or browser to bring out the keyboard.

Tap the “keyboard icon” at the bottom-right of the screen.

A “Default keyboard” page shows up on the screen. Select “Settings” to reach the “Manage keyboard” page.

Toggle on “Gboard” as shown above.

Now, that you’ve turned on Gboard, select “Default keyboard”.

Change the Default keyboard from “LG Keyboard” to “Gboard”.

Once again open the chrome browser and check out the new keyboard. We have successfully changed the keyboard from LG to Gboard.

LG K51 Gif Keyboard / Does LG K51 have Gif Keyboard?

The default LG keyboard doesn’t offer the GIF feature. To use Gifs we need to change the keyboard.

Open the keyboard via Browser or notes app.

Now that the keyboard is open, hit the “keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner.


A Default keyboard pop-up is visible on the screen. Select “Settings”.

We are now on the “Manage keyboards” page.

Turn on “Gboard” as shown above.

Choose “Default keyboard” and change it from “LG Keyboard” to “Gboard”.

Now Gboard is the default keyboard.

Open the chrome browser and hit the search bar to bring out the keyboard.

Tap the “Emoji icon” as marked in the above screenshot.


Select the “GIF” tab and choose the desired animation as per your need.



LG K51 Floating Keyboard

Both LG keyboard and Gboard offer floating keyboards.

Hit the “Floating keyboard” icon on your default K51 keyboard as marked in the above screenshot.

As the name suggests, we can float this keyboard and change its position as per convenience.

Again hit the floating keyboard icon to restore the fixed keyboard.

If you’re using Gboard then tap the “3 dots icon” and then select “Floating”. You can refer to the above screenshots.

Use the button at the bottom of the keyboard to change its position. I’ve marked it in the above screenshot.

To turn off the Floating keyboard, hit the 3 dots menu icon and tap “Floating”.


LG K51 Autocorrect Settings



By default, the autocorrection is turned off on LG K51.

We can change the autocorrect settings quite easily.

Pull out the K51 keyboard and click the “Settings icon” on the top row of the keyboard.


We have landed on the LG Keyboard page.

Select “Auto-correction” as visible in the above screenshot.

Right now it’s turned off.

We have got 3 options – Off, Mild & Aggressive. You may opt for the Mild setting.

LG K51 Keyboard Theme


By default, the K51 keyboard uses a light theme.

A Dark theme feels good in low light conditions.

We have to follow the same path as before.

Bring out the keyboard and tap the “Settings icon”.


Select the 2nd last option on the LG Keyboard page i.e. “Additional Settings”

The first option on this page is “Keyboard theme”.  Click on it.

Change the Keyboard Theme from “Light” to Dark”.

We have successfully changed the K51 keyboard theme to dark.


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