LG K51 Home & Back Button / How to close apps on K51

The default mode of navigation on LG K51 is using Gestures. It offers more screen estate but is quite annoying to use.

Removing the K51 app drawer is justified, but doing away with the home, back and overview button is a bad move in my opinion. The good thing is we can easily get back our beloved home touch buttons in a few steps.

Let’s see how to reacquire the Home, Back, and recent apps button with the help of the below video and screenshots –

LG K40 Buttons – Home, Back & Overview Button

In the Gestures mode home, back, and recent apps buttons are hidden. We need to change the navigation bar settings from the “Gestures” mode to the “Buttons only” mode.


lg k51 home button

On your K51, Open the Settings app and select “Display”.

lg k51 back button

Look for the “Navigation bar” on the “Display” page and open it.

We’ve to change the navigation bar setting from “Gestures” to “Buttons only” as shown above.


lg k51 navigation bar

The gesture mode is off. We’ve successfully restored the Back, Home & Overview buttons.

We can have up to 5 home touch buttons on LG K51. We can even change their positions. Let’s see how to do that –


lg k51 home and back button

Tap “Button combination” on the “Navigation bar” page.

Two additional home touch buttons are “Notification” and “Screenshot”.


lg k51 buttons

Drag and place the “notification” and “screenshot” buttons on the navigation bar as per the above screenshot.

lg k51 home touch buttons

Now we’ve 5 home touch buttons on the navigation bar.


lg k51 screenshot button

The screenshot button can be used as a screenshot shortcut. Tap on it to capture the current screen.



lg k51 notification panel shortcut

The navigation button can be used as a shortcut to pull up/down the navigation panel.

back button lg k51


We can also change the position of the home touch buttons. Rearrange icons in the navigation bar by dragging.

The default position of the back button is extreme left. I’m moving it towards the right.

So now the overview button is on the left and the back button on the right.

As I hold my K51 in the right hand, the back button on the right feels more convenient.

How to Close Apps on LG K51

To close a running app on LG K51, we have to use the square overview button.

lg k51 close apps

Tap the recent apps button located at the bottom-right corner.

Throw an app window in the upward direction to close a running app.



how to close apps on lg k51

You can browse through the running apps by swiping left/right.

You can selectively close a running app or close all in one go by tapping “Clear all”.


close apps lg k51

In the default “Gestures” mode, the navigation bar is missing. So, we don’t have the Square button (app overview button).

To view the recent apps, we have to use a swipe up gesture as marked in the above screenshot.

Swipe up from the bottom towards the middle of the screen to view the running apps. Throw an app tile in the upward direction to close that app.


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  1. Thank you so much for the info. How to restore back, clear apps page and icons, for my LGK 51. I was going through a mission trying to figure out how to. I am so happy now it is much easier for me to these things on my phone.?

  2. Would like to know how to move apps to a new location. Everytime I do, it creates a duplicate app. I’d also like a real demo video, not just moving arrows with no audio!

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