Does LG K51 have screen mirroring, wireless charging, nfc, face unlock?

While shopping for an Android smartphone, we should first list our priorities. There is no point in paying for a feature we are not going to use.  A flagship device offers almost every available feature but costs a fortune.

When considering an LG K series smartphone, we are in the mid-range territory. It offers common smartphone features at a budget price.

In this post, we are going to check out the LG K51 feature list. Let’s see how does it fare against its predecessor K40 –

Does LG K51 have Wireless Charging?

Are you used to wireless charging? It’s not a deal-breaker, but difficult to part with once you get used to it. The Qi charging is not even truly wireless, as the charging pad remains connected to a wall charger. However, the charging becomes wire-free as you only need to place the phone on the charging pad.

Wireless Charging is a premium feature and is only offered by the flagship devices such as LG G & V Series smartphones.

LG K51 lacks wireless charging. However, we can enable this feature using a wireless charger receiver. The Qi receiver’s PIN goes into the K51’s  USB-C charging port.

lg k51 qi charging

The Qi receiver’s flap rests at the back of the phone. We can secure it with a thin charging case.

For the detailed instructions & to shop for the best K51 Qi receiver & charging pad, please visit the below post –

LG K51 Wireless Charging / Qi-Enabled


Does LG K51 have Screen Mirroring/Miracast?

Screen Mirroring on Android is a useful and fun feature. With mirroring we get to project everything on the big TV screen. You can Cast your smartphone games, apps media content, etc on TV using Miracast or HDMI technology.

lg k51 hdmi alt mode

An HDMI Alt Mode / MHL / Slimport adapter offers wired screen mirroring without the need for an internet/Wi-Fi connection.

Even though the LG K51 a USB-C port, it doesn’t offer DisplayPort support. The LG flagship devices belonging to G & V series support HDMI Alt Mode.

If not for wired screen mirroring, let’s check out for K51 wireless screen mirroring. For this to work, the phone should have Miracast support.

does lg k51 have miracast

Let’s search for the “Cast” option on our K51. It couldn’t find it anywhere on the phone.

does lg k51 have screen mirroring

In such a case, we need to use Chromecast for Screen Mirroring.

does lg k51 have smart view

If you have some other Miracast device such as Roku, Firestick, or a Smart TV without built-in Miracast, you can do screencasting using a 3rd party app from the Play store.  You can see I’m casting my K51 screen on the TV using the Cast to TV-XCast app.

Check out the detailed instructions on LG K51 screen mirroring with & without Chromecast –

LG K51 Screen Mirroring


Does the LG K51 have NFC/Does LG K51 have Google Pay?

does lg k51 support nfc

K40 was the first LG K series smartphone with NFC support. You can refer to the above K40 NFC screenshots.

does lg k51 have nfc

As K51 is the successor to K40, you would simply assume K51 is NFC compatible. However, we are in for a surprise. K51 lacks NFC support.

I searched for it all over the phone, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

doe lg k51 have google pay

NFC is a must-have feature in today’s busy life for hassle-free contactless payments via Google Pay, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Visa PayWave, etc. It’s a bad move by LG to omit this feature from K51.


Does LG K51 have Face Recognition?

does lg k51 have face recognition
LG Aristo 2 Smart Lock

LG is offering face recognition for a long time in the form of the “Smart Unlock” feature. The “trusted face” option under smart lock offers face unlocking.

I used this face recognition feature even on the cheap budget smartphone LG Aristo 2. However, the much pricier K51 lacks face recognition. This is quite surprising.

does lg k51 have face unlock
LG K40 (Left) vs LG K51 (Right) – Face Recognition

K51’s predecessor K40 also had face recognition. Can we call K51 an upgrade to K40? It misses out on 2 of the significant K40 features – NFC & Face recognition.

You can refer to the above screenshots. The Left one belongs to K40 & the right is from K51.

To check out the rest of the LG K51 features, head over to the following post –

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Are you happy with LG K51? Please share your experience in the comment section below.






11 thoughts on “Does LG K51 have screen mirroring, wireless charging, nfc, face unlock?

  1. I am very disappointed with the K51. If anger wasn’t such a strong words and then I would use that. This phone goes through frequent freezes during internet browsing. it seems to be stuck in the past instead of moving forward in the future with the NFC capability. For one who doesn’t take pictures, this phone seem to be of no use for me. Okay, let me at least credit the phone with the screen size, durability and battery life. Back to the negative, fingerprint sensor must be reset almost daily. Doesn’t cast to Smart TV.

  2. This k51 phone is a real disappointment to me have a nfc ring that doesn’t work because it has no NFC control. I think this phone is a waste of my money and time.

  3. Extremely disappointed in my LG k51 and I feel LG should refund individuals money that went out and bought this phone because they had the LG K40 and this being the upgrade should have had everything the LG K40 had so I didn’t even ask any questions I just bought it to find out it doesn’t have any of the support I need it’s a joke if I don’t receive a full refund from the store I will never buy another LG product

  4. Hate this phone. My A20 was dropped and screen went black. For a new screen they wanted just as much money as a new one costs. In a bind I got this junk thinking LG was quality. This thing ought to have a rotary dial. One step up from two cans and a string.?????❌❗?

  5. MetroPCS hustlers sold my boyfriend an LGk51 phone.
    They also took advantage of his “that’s fine, sounds great, let’s get this done” impatience, by urging him to get the “$60 unlimited data, 15g hotspot, Amazon Prime” plan.
    He doesn’t know what a hotspot is, and he does not have a Smart TV, or streaming device, or any other internet device that is necessary for him to be able to utilize the 15g Hotspot. Does not use the Amazon Prime, but what if he wanted to watch the movies that come with that? He has to watch on his phone? Awesomeness, sleazebags at Metro PCS.

  6. I’ve been a MetroPCS customer for 10 11 years now and I did like the LG phones before this k51 which was an upgrade and it lacks the capability of face recognition NFC which is supposed to been the upgrade to the previous LG k40 I had I like the phone and this has nothing of the accessibility for any of that I’m very disappointed and I wish I could get a refund it’s time for another upgrade and I doubt very seriously I will buy another LG upgrade from the k51 it’s garbage don’t waste your money

  7. I also bought this k51 junk from metro.never again will i buy anything from them. I am going to another. Carrier i have to phones with metro k51 and a samsung .irs their loss. My be they will stop hiring these looser pressing how good these phones are.

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