LG K51 Fortnite/Is LG K51 compatible with Fortnite?

While shopping for an Android smartphone, the first question in a gamer’s mind is about Fortnite compatibility. Fortnite is getting even more popular than PUBG & Pokemon go on Android.

LG K51 offers a Meditek P22 Octa-Core Processor along with 3 GB RAM. This is not very capable hardware for smooth gaming performance. Let’s see how does it fare for gaming.

In this post, we are going to install and run Fortnite on LG K51 –

Is LG K51 Good for Gaming/Fortnite Compatible?

LG K51 Fortnite
LG K51 Fortnite

First of all, we need to download & install the Epic Games app.


Let’s install Fortnite on K51 using the chrome browser.

I’ve typed in the search query “Fortnite download”.

Let’s open the first link on the Google search results page.

This is the Epic Games official website. The “DOWNLOAD” option is in the top-right corner.


First of all, we need to download and install the Epic Games app.


The EpicGamesApp.apk file is downloaded. Let’s “Open” the apk file for installation.

We need to enable a setting in Chrome to install apps from Unknown sources.

The Epics games app is installed. Let’s open it.

The first game on the list is “Fortnite”. Let’s download it right away.

Bad News. It throws a “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED” error.

The page reads, Fortnite requires at least Android 8.0 and 4GB RAM.

We’ve fulfilled one criterion, but the RAM is insufficient to play Fortnite on K51.

So, along with K51 even the Stylo 6 would be incompatible with Fortnite due to the limited amount of RAM.


LG K51 Fortnite Modded apk

I’ve downloaded the modded Fortnite apk from xda forums. Let’s try to install in on our K51 –

lg k51 gaming

To get access to the downloaded file, we need to open the LG K51 file manager.

The pre-installed file manager app on K51 is “Files” from Google.

Let’s open the Google folder on the K51 home screen.

We need to “swipe-right” to view the “Files” app.

lg k51 file manager

Let’s open the “Internal storage” app on the “Files” app.

lg k51 fortnite apk download

The downloaded Fortnite game filename is “Fortnite_Latest-signed.apk”.

Let’s try to install this file.

how to install fortnite on lg k51

It says “You can’t install the app on your device. Even the modded Fortnite apk failed to install on LG K51.

You need to go for the LG V or G series smartphone to play Fortnite.


How was your gaming experience on LG K51? Please share it in the comment section below.


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