LG K51 firmware download & software update lmk500

LG K51 is the successor to K40. It comes with Android 10 out of the box. LG K40 is still running on Android Pie 9.You may be wondering, whether the K51 will be updated to Android 11 or not.

As of today, Android 11 is only offered on the flagship devices such as One Plus 8, Oppo Find X2, Realme X50 Pro, Mi 10 & the Google Pixel devices.

At present, none of the LG devices are running on Android 11. LG G8 & V60 are the first on the list to get this update in a month or 2.

It’s very likely that K51 will get the Android 11 update in the near future, maybe in mid 2021.

For the time being, let’s download and install the latest available firmware for LG K51 lmk500 –

LG K51 Firmware Download


lg k500mm firmware

To flash a stock firmware on LG K51, we need to put the phone into Download Mode.

To enter the Download Mode, we need to turn off the phone.

Let’s turn off the phone as per the above screenshot.

lg k51 firmware update

Now, grab a USB Type-C data cable and connect in to the phone.

Turn on your PC.

Press the volume up button on your K51 and connect the other end of the USB cable to the computer as shown above.

lg k51 download mode

Your phone must be now on the Firmware Update screen. This is known as the Download Mode.


lg k51 download mode drivers

To flash a stock ROM, we need to install the necessary drivers on the computer.

The download mode drivers are LGE Mobile USB Modem & LGE Mobile USB Serial Port.

I’ve installed the necessary drivers on my PC. To download the LG K51 mobile driver, please check out the below post –

LG K51 Drivers


lg k51 firmware update

Now, our phone is ready for flashing.

I’ve launched the LGUP flash tool.

My connected device is visible as LM-K500MM. This is the model number of LG K51 MetroPCS.

The current firmware version is K500mm10d.

You can download the LG K51 stock firmware file from the below link –

LG K51 MetroPCS Stock ROM Firmware K500mm10j.kdz


LG K51 T-Mobile Stock Firmware ROM K500um10f.kdz



Download and save the kdz file on your computer.

lg k51 software update

To load the firmware file, tap the “3 dots” icon, located under the “File Path”.



lg k51 lmk500mm software update

Browse and open/load the downloaded kdz file in LGUP.

lg k51 metropcs software update

The firmware file is loaded for flashing.


lg k51 t-mobile firmware update

We need to change the process from “REFURBISH” to “UPGRADE” and “Start” the flashing process.

NOTE: Flash a file using LGUP only if your K51 is bricked/dead. The easier method to upgrade your software is over the air via the Settings app. 

Learn how to download and install OTA update on LG K51 –

LG K51 Software Update

lg k51 stock firmware download

Ope the “Settings” app on your K51.

Scroll down and select the 2nd last option i.e. “System”.

lg k51 software update lmk500

We are now on the System page.

Select “Update center” and then “System update”.

lg k51 firmware download metropcs

If a system update is available it’ll start downloading over Wifi.

You can pause and resume the download as well.

lg k51 t-mobile firmware download

Once the system update is downloaded, hit restart now to install the update.

Wait for the system update to install. The phone will restart during the process.

My K51 firmware is upgraded. Once again I’m checking for a new update.

lg k51 stock rom download

It says, “Your system is up to date”. The latest LG K51 MetroPCS software version is K500mm10j as of today.


For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.





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  1. I followed your directions and my LG k51 still won’t come on what do I do next how do I get all of my backed up information off of this phone if it won’t come on

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