LG K51 Firmware Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10 for FRP bypass

The LG K51 from MetroPCS & T-Mobile is now updated to Android 11. After this new update, the old FRP bypass method no longer works.

There is a new Google bypass method for LG K51 Android 11. However, even after bypassing the Google verification screen, it reset the device automatically at the last stage, after reaching the home screen.

After completing the device setup wizard, an error appears on the screen for a moment – “Factory Reset is proceeded by server policy” & the phone resets on its own. After the reset, it again brings you to the “Welcome” page of the setup wizard.

So, as of now the only way to bypass the LG K51 Android 11 Google lock is firmware downgrade. We need to downgrade the K51 software from Android 11 to Android 10 & use the old method to bypass the Google account.

NOTE: If your LG K51 is running on Android 10, please follow the below link to bypass the Google account –

LG K51 FRP Bypass 2022 Android 10


First of all, download the necessary files to downgrade LG K51 from Android 11 to 10 –

1. LG K51 Mobile Driver v4.5


2. LGUP Lab Frame Ver 1.16


3. LG K51 DLL File v2.3


4. LG K51 Android 10 Stock Firmware ROM

LG K51 Android 10 MetroPCS ROM


LG K51 Android 10 T-Mobile ROM



Download the above files and save them on your computer.

LG K51 Firmware Download & Software Update – Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10 Stock ROM MetroPCS T-Mobile LMK500


First of all, we need to install the LG Mobile Driver on the PC.


If you’ve not yet installed the LG Driver on your PC, install it now.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the driver installation.



We need to put our LG K51 into Download Mode to flash the stock firmware.

Power off your LG K51 as shown above.



To put your K51 into download mode –

  • Power off the phone.
  • Get a USB C data cable.
  • Insert one end of the cable into your PC’s USB port.
  • Press & hold the K51 volume up button.
  • Keep the key pressed & connect the other end of the cable to the phone.
  • Your phone must be now on the “Firmware Update” screen. This is known as Download Mode.


The download mode is used to flash the stock firmware.

Open the Device Manager on your PC and check the driver installation status.

LGE Mobile USB Modem & Serial Port drivers are required.

In the next step, we are going to install the LGUP software.

Double-click the file “LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_16” to install this program.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.


Now, we need to replace a DLL file in the LGUP folder.

Copy the downloaded DLL file – “LGUP_Common.dll” as shown above.


Now, open the folder where you’ve installed the LGUP software. I’ve installed it in the C drive on my PC.

In Local Disc (C:) we need to open the “Program Files (x86)” folder.


Now, select “LG Electronics”.


Then click on the “LGUP” folder.


Now, open the “model” folder.


Now, double-click the “Common” folder.

In the Common folder, paste the copied LGUP_Common.dll file.

When prompted, choose “Replace the file in the destination”.

Click “Continue” to provide administrator access to paste this file.

In the next step, we are going to launch the LGUP flash tool as shown above.


In LGUP the connected phone is visible as LM-K500MM which is the model number of LG K51 MetroPCS.

The current software version is K500M20f. This is the Android 11 firmware.


Tap below “File Path” and hit the “3 dots icon” to browse for the Android 10 firmware file.


Choose the correct firmware file for downgrading.

Mine is LG K51 MetroPCS. The firmware file will be different for the K51 T-Mobile variant.


We are going to downgrade the K51 firmware from K500MM20f to K500MM10r

Tap “Start” to begin the process.


Do not disturb the phone on PC until the process is complete.


The phone reboots at around 80%.




The process is now complete. We have successfully downgraded the LG K51 firmware from Android 11 to Android 10.

After downgrading, you can follow the below method to bypass the Google account on LG K51 –

LG K51 FRP Bypass 2021 Android 10 without PC


12 thoughts on “LG K51 Firmware Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10 for FRP bypass

  1. When I try to install the first file it keeps telling me that its violating the terms of service I don’t know why its happening but I would like some assistant with my problem with your outmost help.

  2. file path -Program Files (x86) >LG Electronics >LGUP >model only had LGUP_LGNPST folder in it so I just pasted the LGUP_Common.dll file in the model folder. unable to launch the LGUP flash tool. error message stated
    LGUP cant load the model [C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\com. what do i need to do now?

  3. could not replace the LGUP_Common.dll in the Common folder. there was no common folder in the model folder. I deleted and downloaded everything again and it still is not there. this is the 3rd comment I have submitted regarding this issue. my 2 previous comments do not show anywhere. please help if you can

  4. There is no common file inside the model file, there is no common file to be found in the whole program, just pasting inside the model file doesn’t work either, why go through all of this if none of the directions are correct I wasted 4 hours on this and it doesn’t work period, just wanted you to know that you loose a lot of credibility when you’re YouTube video and your site doesn’t get it right I don’t believe you can downgrade to android 10 from 11, the file that we download doesn’t match your instruction video at all. Thanks for nothing

    • This has something to do with your computer. If you don’t have the common folder inside the model folder then create it. Now paste the downloaded LGUP_Common.dll file in the common folder.

      This works 100% on LG K51 MetroPCS. I’ve downgraded my phone multiple times.

  5. I don’t understand why some people are such Winnie Lil bitches when if you were going to have to pay damn near 100 to have a cell phone repair company fix this problem for you in the first place and that’s only after you can prove the phone is yours which the way your acting it’s not you stole it and have to get into it so it’s factory new and find a buyer before the real owner finds it gone reports to there phone company and that phone company gets around to black listing it and then all you got is a paper weight.
    So why don’t you quit being a dough bag and actually show the administrator, and in all rights you should call him your phone God because he’s the only one who has brought you this unlock, be fucking nice and ask for assistance with what is trou Ling you and then give him time to get back to you with a solution just like he did before you through your little school girl fit because it qasnt right and quick enough and you wasted, 4 hours. Boohoo motherfucker you wasted nothing.
    The guy bringing you this unlock wasted alot of time figuring this out,and he’s not getting paid or charging people for the info, trust me I’ve had to figure frp bypass when it first was implemented back in Android 5 and back then it was a whole lot easier then now for damn sure.
    So Mr. Moore why don’t you dry your eyes get a tissue and wipe your sniveling ass nose, get off the rag, change your panties to some big girl panties and man up. Show some appreciation and thank your God for what he has done for you by brining you this great video to help another thief ass bitch like yourself steal someone’s phone and then rip off an unexspecting person of there hard earned money.

    ***side note for the Admin my hat is off to you and this excellent fix. I have yet to try the computer part of this as I just lost everything I owned in a housefire *laptops included) but I am confident in the way you did it this will work. I am always amazed at the way you and others like your self escalate privileges to find a way into the back door per say.

    Another way in mygoofing off to get into settings and all that and maybe there might be another qay in using this method:
    If you turn on talk back in the very beginning a nifty Lil add on to talk back is the voice search in which you can say assistant and opens the Googke Assistant just as if you said OK Google. From there you can ask it to open Chrome or Open Settings or almost anything else you qant it to do. Not sure if you can maybe find out another qay around it all that way but figured I’d throw it out there. I’ll continue to search for any other fixes I can in my search for the great and untouchable FRP Bypass and I’ll let you know. Once again great work. And ignor all the lakes and idiots.

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