LG K51 dual screen/split screen/multi & pop-up window

LG K51 offers multitasking in more ways than one. You can run several apps at once just like a computer.

In the first method, we can split the screen into 2. The dual-screen can be used to run 2 apps at once. The 2nd way of multi-tasking is via a pop-up window. An app can be run in the foreground in a mini-window format.

Let’s see how to do dual screen and pop-up window on LG K51 with the help of the below video & screenshots –

LG K51 Dual Screen / Split Screen – How to Enable

lg k51 dual screen

To use the Multi-Window feature on LG K51 –

Swipe up the screen from the bottom to the middle, and keep touching the screen until you see the recent apps tile.

The recent app on my screen is Google Play Store.

Long-press the app icon to view more options. In my case, I’ll press the Google Play Store icon as marked in the above screenshot.


lg k51 multi window

The various options we get for the Google Play Store app are App info, Multi-window, Pop-up window & Pin app.

Let’s use the multi-window option to split the screen into 2.


lg k51 split screen

By doing this, the play store will occupy the upper half of the screen.

Swipe up the screen from the bottom to reach the home screen (This is the home button gesture).

dual screen lg k51

Now, we are going to select a second app for the lower screen.

I’ve selected the Quick Memo app for the lower window.

lg k51 multi tasking

We can change the window position as per our liking. There can be 3 different border positions as shown above.


lg k51 how to close muti window

To exit the dual-screen mode, you can either swipe all the way towards the upward or downward direction.

lg k51 split screen landscape mode

This is how the split-screen looks in the landscape mode.

You can also check out the below video for better understanding –

LG K51 Split Screen using the Recent Apps/Overview Button (Square home touch button)

lg k51 recent apps button

If you’re not comfortable with the gestures mode, you can enable the navigation bar to get back the home touch buttons.

Follow the below link to learn how to enable the navigation bar on K51  –

LG K51 Home, Back & Recent Apps Button – How to get back

Once you enable the navigation bar, tap the square overview button to view the running apps.

The Google play store is the recently used app on my phone.

Long-press the play store app icon for more options.

The recent app can be different in your case. Long-Press the respective app icon to see more options.

multi window lg k51

Select “Multi-window” to turn on the dual-screen mode.

The phone is now in split-screen mode. The recent app square icon is changed to multi window icon.

LG K51 Pop-Up Window/QSlide

lg k51 pop-up window

One more way of multitasking on K51 is via a pop-up window.

If using the navigation bar, tap the square recent apps button.

While in Gestures mode, swipe up from the bottom to the middle of the screen and keep touching the screen until the recent app tile shows up.

Again the recent app is Google Play Store. Long-Click the app icon to get more options.

Hit “Pop-Up window” to launch the play store app in the mini window format.

lg k51 qslide

The Play store pop-up window shows up on the screen. We can minimize this window and launch another pop-up window.

The minimized app takes the form of a circle with play store icon as marked in the above screenshot.

lg k51 mini window

I’ve launched so many apps using the pop-up window feature. You can see the app icons of Facebook, Gaming center, Gmail, Gallery, Contacts & Messaging.

To close a pop-up window, long-press the app icon and drag it towards the top. You can also close all the pop-up windows at once as per the above screenshot.

How was your multitasking experience on LG K51, share your views in the comment section below.


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