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If you’ve used an LG android smartphone before, you must be aware of the pre-installed file manager app made by LG itself. We are quite used to the native LG file manager app. It’s very easy to use and even a novice would find it easy to view, copy, paste, or move files.

lg k51 file manager
LG K40 File Manager

However, the bad news is the old File Manager app is not more present on LG K51. If you’ll search for it, you won’t find it anywhere on the phone.

The old file manager is replaced with the “Files” app by Google. Even this file manager is somewhat hidden in the Google folder. Let’s explore the Files app and the Downloads Folder on LG K51 with the help of the below video & screenshots –

LG K51 File Manager & Downloads Folder

lg k51 file manager

The Files app is located inside the Google Folder on the LG K51 home screen.

Open the Google folder. Swipe right to view more apps stored in this folder.

file manager lg k51

Open the “Files” app as shown above.

lg k51 download folder

In the Files app, the folders are sorted for easy access. They are divided into categories such as Downloads, Images, Videos, Audio, Apps, etc.



To view all the files in one place, open the Internal Storage or SD Card folder as shown above.


lg k51 downloads

Let’s explore the “Downloads” folder on LG K51.

It stores all the files downloaded via the web browser & other apps.


I’ve also made a video on this. Please check out the below video –

LG K51 File Manager Settings

lg k51 files app

Let’s check out the “Settings” option on the “Files” app.

Tap the “3 bar icon” on the top-right and select “Settings”.

lg k51 hidden files

One new and useful option is “Safe folder”. We can use it to hide and preserve useful files.

You need to add a PIN to use the Safe folder.

lg k51 hidden apps

After adding a Safe Folder PIN, select a file to move to this folder.

Long-Press the files you wish to move to the Safe Folder.

Now tap the “3 dots icon” on the top-right corner


lg k51 safe folder

and select “Move to Safe folder”.

You can also use the “Copy to” or “Move to” option to copy-paste or cut-paste this file to some other location.

Now, open the “Safe folder” and use the PIN to access this hidden file “EpicGamesApp.apk”.

LG K51 Google Chrome Downloads Folder

lg k51 downloads folder

The Downloads folder can also be accessed via the Chrome Browser.

Open Google Chrome browser located on the K51 home screen.

Click the “3 dots” icon on the top.

lg k51 downloads

Select “Downloads” to view the downloaded files.

LG K51 Native File Manager app

Apart from the Google files app, there’s a native file manager app in the Storage folder.

Open the Settings app and select “Storage”.


Now, go to “Internal Storage” > “Files” as shown above.

Hit the “3 bar” icon on the top-right corner and select “Downloads” to view the downloaded files.

So, here is the Downloads folder. All the downloaded files are saved to this folder.


Did you like the old LG file manager or the new Google Files app? Share your views in the comment section below.


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  1. As a user of previous lg phones, interface was easy to use and file navigation was basic yet efficient. As a user of K51…file management and navigation is virtually nonexistent. Very frustrating. Spent too much time investigating every settings option only to find out that the native file management app got the axe. Bruh. Users are forced to direct every physical file on the phone straight to google in a pre-installed “Files” app that probably data-mines for bidders. Don’t buy that phone. Even if you got it for a good price $60 total in this case, cause it sucks. Fix it.

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