LG K51 Developer Options, USB Debugging & OEM Unlock

The “developer options” on the LG K51 is useful in more ways than one. It’s a hidden menu with a huge list of useful options. To unlock the K51 Bootloader (to root the phone) we need to turn on “OEM Unlock” which is found in “developer options”.

Likewise, USB Debugging can aid in moving the apps to SD Card. Using the LG K51 adoptable storage feature we can format the SD card as internal storage and make it the default storage for apps and games.

To turn on OEM Unlock & USB Debugging we need to turn on “Developer options”. Let’s see how to do that –

How to turn on Developer Options & USB Debugging on LG K51 lmk500

Open the Settings app on your K51 and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Select the 2nd last option i.e. “System”.

Now, tap “About Phone”.

Look for “Software Info” on the about phone page and open it.

Now, we have to tap the “Build number” 7 times to turn on the Developer options.

I’ve tapped it 7 times. It says “You are now a developer!”.

Now, go 2 steps back from the software info page.


On the “System page,” you would notice a new option at the bottom i.e. “Developer options”.

Tap “Developer Options” and accept the Warning.


At first, Let’s turn on “Enable OEM unlock” option.

As long as “OEM Unlock” remains enabled, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is turned off.

Now, scroll down on the page and open “USB debugging”.

Hit “OK” to allow USB debugging.


Now we are ready to connect our K51 to the computer via the USB C Cable.

It shows “USB debugging connected”.

The next step is to install the LG K51 ADB Driver.

Also, learn how to move apps to SD Card on LG K51.


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