LG K51 App Drawer & Easy Mode – How to use

The app drawer is not a necessity but it’s difficult to part with as we are so used to it. On the footsteps of the iPhone, LG has done away with the App drawer as well as the navigation bar on K51. It’s nothing but a blatant copy of iOS.

The good thing is we can easily restore the home touch buttons as well as the app drawer. To restore the Home, Back and Recent apps buttons, check out the below post –

LG K51 Back Button & Home Button – How to restore

In this post, we are going to restore our beloved App drawer. We can have the app drawer with or without the drawer icon. There is also an Easy Home with the app drawer. Let’s explore all of them in great detail –


LG K51 Home with App Drawer

Long-Press and empty space on your K51 home screen.

Now, select “Home Screen Settings” as shown above.


We need to select the first option on the “Home Screen” page i.e. “Select Home”.

Change the home screen from “Home” to “Home & app drawer”.


Hit “OK” to confirm your action.

A confirmation text flashes on the home screen – “Home & app drawer is set as default home”.


There are 2 ways to get access to the app menu –

You can use the app drawer icon or just swipe up on the home screen.

All the apps are available in one place.

Hit the “3 dots” icon on the top-right corner for more options.

It allows us to sort, hide and rearrange apps.

We can sort the apps alphabetically or as per the download date.

The apps have been sorted by name.

Apps have been sorted by the date downloaded.

Let’s use the 2nd option to hide apps.

All the apps are listed. Tick the apps you wish to hide.

Let’s try to hide the first row of apps. Select the apps and tap “Done” to confirm your action.

Now, 5 apps are hidden.

To unhide the apps, once again hit the 3 dots icon and select “Hide apps”.


Untick the hidden apps and click “Done”.


The last option allows us to change the position of app icons.

Select this option and drag an app icon to change its position.

I’m moving the “Play Store” app to the first row.

Once you’ve rearranged the apps, hit the tick icon at the top-right corner.

We also get a search bar to find an app instantly.


LG K51 App Drawer without Icon

You can have the app drawer without the icon. To get rid of the app drawer icon, long-press and empty space and select “Home screen settings”.

Go to “Select Home” and toggle off the “App drawer icon” as marked in the above screenshot.

Now, just swipe up on the home screen to get access to the app menu. We are done away with the app drawer icon.


LG K51 Easy Mode with App Drawer

There is one more Home with an App drawer. It’s the Easy Home with a simple layout and large fonts. It is suitable for elderly people and first-time Android users.

Once again we need to get access to the home screen settings. Long-Press an empty space on the home screen and select “Home screen settings”.

Go to the “Select Home” page.

Change the default home from “Home & App drawer” to “EasyHome”.

Select “EasyHome” and hit “OK”.

The Easy Mode offers Home with an app drawer.



We have 4 direct-dial widgets on the home screen.

Tap “Add” to assign a contact from your contacts list.

I’ve only one contact in my contact list “Best Buy”. Let’s select this contact.

Use this shortcut button to call or text this number.

The last option allows us to remove this shortcut from the home screen.

Use the app drawer icon to view all the installed apps in one place.

The increased font-size of the Settings page.

This is how the notification panel looks like in easy mode.


Do you like the Home with or without an app drawer? Please share your views in the comment section below.


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  1. If by chance you started off using the first home option and have created many groups of similar apps. Yes I can go to the home option and choose the home and app drawer, but it doesn’t have any of the many groups of apps that I created in the first version of home. It seems to me there should be a way to move all those groups into the second version of home and app. Or simply add the app drawer icon to the first home option. I don’t understand why the app drawer icon has to be so mysterious and difficult when it should be added be able to be added to any home screen even the first one just like you add any widget.

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