LG K51 Android 11 Update Version K500mm20f Firmware Download

LG K51 was released in November 2020 with Android 10 out of the box. In less than a year, in October 2021 it’s updated to Android 11.

It’s quite surprising as only a few top-of-the-line LG devices have received the Android 11 update as of now. The Stylo 6 is still running on Android 10, even though it’s more popular and belongs to a segment higher than K51.

Follow the below tutorial to download and install the Android 11 OTA update on your LG K51 MetroPCS/T-Mobile –

To download the K51 OTA software update we need to open the Settings app.

Scroll down and select “System”.


Now, click on “Update Center” > “System Update”.



The Android 11 update file size is 1.42 GB.

It allows you to pause & resume the update at your convenience.

After downloading the update, it takes some more time for optimizing apps.




Once the System update is ready, tap “Restart now” to begin the installation.

The installation process will take a few minutes. Do not disturb the phone until the phone is rebooted to the home screen.

After a few minutes, my K51 is rebooted. Now, it’s finishing the System update.



Let’s check the current LG K51 Android version.

Open the Settings app and choose “System”.


Now, go to “About Phone” > System Information”.


The current LG K51 android version is 11. The software version is K500MM20f.

Tap on “Android Version” multiple times.

The Android 11 easter egg appears on the screen.



I checked for an available software update. My phone is running the latest software.

You can also download & install the LG K51 firmware file using the LGUP flash tool. This tool can be used to upgrade or downgrade the K51 software.

If you don’t like the Android 11 firmware. You can downgrade it back to Android 10 as follows –

LG K51 Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10


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