LG K51 Android 10 11 update boost mobile software version lmk500

There are 7 variants of LG K51 based on different carrier/service providers. Out of these, boost K51 was the first to launch. It was happy news was Boost Mobile users but it came with Android Pie instead of Android 10.

A few months down the line, many more variants of K51 surfaced with Android 10 out of the box.  As of today, we have K51 MetroPCS lmk500mm, Boost Mobile lmk500um3, Factory Unlocked lmk500qm7, T-Mobile lmk500umt3, Verizon lmk500umt, Spectrum lmk500qm6, Xfinity lmk500qm5.

Apart from Boost K51, the rest of the variants were sold with Android 10 pre-installed.

In this post, we are going to update our K51 to the latest android software & check the Android 11 update status –

lg k51 android 11

LG Velvet is the first LG device to get an Android 11 update with LG UX 10.

LG K51 Android Version

lg k51 android version

To check the current android version, we need to open the settings app located on the LG K51 home screen.

On the Settings app select the 2nd last option i.e. “System”.

lg k51 software update

Now, go to “About phone” > “Software info”.



lg k51 software update boost mobile

My LG K51 Metro is running on Android 10 with the software version K500mm10k.


lg k51 android 10 boost mobile

Tap the “Android Version” multiple times.

lg k51 android 10 easter egg

This brings us to the LG K51 easter eggs page.

LG K51 Software Update Boost Mobile/Will LG K51 get Android 11?

will lg k51 get android 11?

As of today, the only LG Android 11 device is LG Velvet, and that also with an Android 11 beta update. The LG user interface skin is also updated to UX 10 in Android 11.

Looking at LG’s software update history, every Android device receives at least one major update during its lifecycle.

As K51 came with Android 10 out of the box, it should surely get an Android 11 update in the near future maybe 6 months down the line.

lg k51 android 10 boost mobile

The long wait for Boost Mobile K51 users has come to an end. A K51 user has reportedly shared news about K51 Android 10 update on the Boost Mobile forums.

Follow the below procedure to update your K51 android firmware and share your K51 software version in the comment section.

lg lmk500um android 10

To update your K51 software, open the setting app, and Go to Settings > System.


lg k51 system update

Select the first option on the System page i.e. “Update center” and hit “System update” as shown above.

lg k51 software download

If you’re using the mobile data, the download will remain in the Pause state. Hit “Resume” to download the system update.

In my case, it’s a minor security update of 50MB.

The system update is downloaded. Now it says “Installing security update”.


lg k51 system update boost mobile

To finish the installation, we need to restart the device. Hit “Restart now” and wait for a while.

The LG K51 software is updated. Let’s check once again if newer firmware is available.

lg lmk500mm software update

Once again we will follow the same path.

Open the Settings app and select “System”.

lg lmk500mm system update

Now, go to Update Center > System Update.

lg k51 metro software update

It says, “Your system is up to date” with the Android security patch level December 1,  2020.

lg k51 software update metro k500mm10l

So the latest LG K51 Metro firmware version is K500mm10l.

We have updated the software from k500mm10k to k500mm10l.


LG K51 Automatic System Updates

lg k51 update center

To receive automatic system updates, you can keep this setting ON in the developer options.

Once again open Settings and select “System”.

lg k51 automatic system updates

Open “Developer Options” and look for “Automatic system updates”.

This setting will install a downloaded update whenever you restart your LG K51.

LG K51 Developer Mode

LG K51 Firmware Download & Update lmk500

lg k51 download mode

One more way to install the firmware on your K51 is via the Download Mode.

lg k51 firmware update

The above is the LG K51 download mode/firmware update screen.

lg k51 firmware download

We need to download the K51 firmware and flash it using the LGUP flash tool. You should only use this option to restore your bricked/dead LG K51.

LG K51 Firmware Download & Update


How was your Andriod 10 experience on LG K51? Share your views in the comment section below.




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  1. My dad boost mobile k51 updated and didn’t update correctly, where can I get the latest ROM for it? I have searched and found the TMobile and metro ROMS but can’t find the boost one. Any help would be appreciated

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