LG K51 Alarm Clock / How to set alarm on LG K51

The alarm clock on the LG K51 is quite useful. The alarm volume is loud enough to wake you up from sleep with lots of customization options in the form of puzzle lock, animated weather, weekly schedule, snooze, etc.

Let’s see how to add an alarm on the LG K51  –

How to set alarm on LG K51


Swipe right on the home LG K51 home screen to reach the next page of the home screen.

Now, open the first folder i.e. the “Essentials” folder.

To set an alarm we need to launch the “Clock” located in this folder.


Hit the + sign to add a new alarm.

First of all, let’s choose between AM & PM. The current time is 3:15 PM.


In the next step, change the hour & minute as per your requirement.


For the testing purpose, let’s set an alarm for 3:20 PM as shown above. The alarm will ring 5 minutes later.

After setting the time, let’s set the weekly alarm schedule.

You can set it for once or for the whole week as per your requirement.

In the next step, we are going to set the alarm ringtone & volume.

Tap on “Alarm sound and volume” as shown above.

Adjust the volume by moving the slider towards the right or left.

Now, select an alarm sound from the listed tones or add a new soundtrack from your music library. Hit the + icon to add a new alarm tone.

The next option on our list is “Alarm with vibration”. It is kept on by default. You may turn it off.


Now, we need to set the “Snooze duration”. By default, it’s set to 5 minutes.

The Snooze option allows you to sleep for few more minutes. The alarm will ring again after the set time duration.

The next option on the Alarm setting page is “Animated weather”. It shows an animation of the current weather while the alarm rings.

Now, let’s add an alarm note. I’m doing a test so my alarm name is “Alarm Test”.


The last option on the alarm setting page is the “Puzzle lock”. When you enable this option, you need to solve a puzzle to stop the alarm.

Solving a puzzle will make you conscious when you’re in a deep sleep.

Now, review the alarm settings one more time, and hit the “Save” button as shown above.


A confirmation text appears on the screen – “The alarm will ring in 1 minute”.

At 3:20 PM the alarm started ringing. We get 2 options on the screen “DISMISS” & “SNOOZE”.

Let’s choose the “SNOOZE” option. My snooze duration is 15 minutes. The alarm will ring again after 15 minutes time.


This the Alarm Puzzle with animated weather. We need to tap the numbers in ascending order to turn off the alarm.


To delete an alarm, Go to the “Essentials folder” > “Clock App”.

Long-Press an alarm as shown above. Now, select the alarm you wish to delete. Hit the delete icon at the bottom of the screen.



Tap “Delete” one more time when prompted.

The 3:20 PM alarm is deleted.


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