LG K40 Wireless Charging / Qi Enabled or Compatible?

Qi or wireless charging is getting more and more popular nowadays. This technology is quite old but still not so common among the budget smartphones. For the first time, I used the wireless charging feature on my Palm Pre 2. The wireless charger was bundled in the sales package.

Wireless / Qi charging is not wireless in true sense. You still have to connect the charging pad to the wall charger. You’re only saved from inserting the charging pin in the LG K40 charging port.

You just have to place the phone on the charging pad for a hassle-free charging experience. Once you get used to this feature it’s difficult to do away with it.

Now in the case of K40, we have to find out if it’s Qi-enabled & if not then how to make it charge wirelessly –

Does LG K40 have/support Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is a feature found in high-end smartphones such as LG V & G Series phones. LG K40 is a budget phone and it lacks Qi Charging.

If even the newly launched LG Stylo 6 lacks Wireless Charging, how we expect K40 to offer this feature.  However, the good thing is we can quite easily make K40 Qi-compatible. Let’s see how to do this.

LG K40 Wireless Charging

The above picture shows a Qi wireless charger receiver for LG K40.

Does LG K40 have wireless charging

While shopping for it you’ve to make sure it’s a Micro USB Type-A receiver.

Does LG K40 support wireless charging

It has a male Micro USB Connector PIN and a flap.

wireless charger for lg k40

We’ve to insert this Micro USB Pin into the LG K40 Charging Port which is Type-A (narrow side up)

lg k40 qi charging

I’ve connected the Qi wireless charger receiver to K40.

lg k40 qi compatible

The flap goes to the back.

lg k40 qi enabled

We are now ready to place our phone on the Wireless Charging Pad.

can the lg k40 wireless charging

The above picture shows the Charging Pad.

wireless charging on lg k40

It’s a cheap wireless charging pad. Get yourself a better one.

how to enable wireless charging on lg k40

It comes with a Micro USB Port.

lg k40 qi receiver

We have to connect the charging pad to a Wall Charger.



lg k40 wireless charger

The orange light indicates that the charging pad is connected to a wall charger. We can now place our K40 on this charging pad to charge it wirelessly.

lg k40 wireless charging

I’ve placed my K40 on the pad. The charging pad light changes from Orange to Blue when charging.

lg k40 qi charger

We can use the phone with a thin case. However, it would affect the charging speed.

qi charging lg k40

You can see my K40 is charging wirelessly.


I’ve made a video on this as well. You can check out the below video –

Mine is a very cheap Wireless Charger which I bought just to experiment. It offers quite slow charging. I would suggest a better Wireless charger.

I’ve shortlisted the highest-rated budget Wireless Chargers for LG K40. You can check them out –


The Highest-Rated & Best Selling Wireless Chargers for LG K40

1. Wireless Charger Receiver

Nillkin wireless charger for lg k40

Nillkin offers the highest quality wireless charger receiver. The high-rating speaks for itself. You can get it for around $14.99 at amazon.

Make sure you choose the right variant for Micro USB Type-A devices.

wireless charger for lg k40

If you’re short on budget you can go for this YX&SH Qi receiver. It gets the job done at an affordable price. You can grab it for $9.99.

2. Wireless Charging Pad

lg k40 yootech charging pad

Yootech is the highest-selling wireless charger on Amazon with more than 36000 ratings. It’s Amazon’s choice product. You cannot go wrong with it. It sells for around $11.95.


LG K40 Anker Charging Pad

After Yootech, Anker secures the 2nd spot in the wireless charger category. It’s also an Amazon’s Choice product. You can have it for around $9.49. You get a 4ft Micro USB Cable in the Sales Package.

LG K40 Letscom Charging Pad

Another popular charging pad in budget price comes from Letscom. It’s price starts at $8.99. It’s super slim with a 0.3 inches thickness.

It comes with a USB-C Cable. The one end of the USB-C goes into the charging pad and the other end to the AC adapter.


LG K40 Tozo charging pad

The 4th charging pad on our list is the Tozo wireless charging pad. Its made up of aluminum and offers a premium look with its unibody design.

It comes for around $11.99 and doesn’t include an AC adapter.


lg k40 yootech charging stand

If you prefer the charger in the form of a Cellphone stand, you can have the Yootech Wireless Charging Stand. This way there is no need to match the right spot on the charging pad.

The Yootech Charging Stand sells for around $13.99

How was your LG K40 Wireless Charging experience? Please share it in the comment section below.

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