LG K40 Screen Mirroring to TV, Roku, FireStick, without chromecast

There are 2 ways to mirror an Android Smartphone to the big TV screen. The older and the easiest method is using an HDMI / MHL adapter. This is a wired screen mirroring & it doesn’t require an internet connection. It also offers a better frame rate as compared to wireless mirroring.

The second method is the wireless screen mirroring over a Wifi connection. For this to work the Android smartphone should be Miracast enabled.

In this post, we are going to find out the different ways to mirror an LG K40 screen to the TV. So, start experimenting –

LG K40 Screen Mirroring without Wifi / MHL Compatibility

The last MHL / Slimport compatible LG Budget smartphone I used was LG Volt 2. At that time, in 2015 there were quite a few LG phones which were Slimport compatible. However, at present wireless mirroring is getting more and more popular.

LG K40 lacks MHL or Slimport compatibility. We cannot mirror our K40 screen to TV over a wired connection.


LG K40 Screen Mirroring / Does LG K40 have Screen Mirroring / Miracast?

To mirror the K40 screen to TV we need a wireless mirroring device such as Roku, Mircosoft Wireless Adapter, Amazon Firestick, or an Android Smart TV without built-in Display Mirroring feature.

However, along with this our K40 should also have the Cast option.

I searched for it in the Settings, but couldn’t find it.

So what are our options now?

We can still mirror our K40 screen to the TV via Chromecast. It uses the Google Home app for Screen Mirroring. So, Let’s give it a try –

As the first step, we have to connect our LG K40 to Wifi Internet.

I’ve connected my K40 to the Home Wifi as shown above.

Now attach the Chromecast Adapter to your TV

It says we need to install the Google Home app on our phone for setup.

Let’s Download & install the Google Home App on K40 via Play Store.

Open the Google Home app and tap “Get Started”.

Add a Google Account and tap “OK”.

Accept the Location Access request by hitting “ALLOW”.

Now the K40 is scanning for a Chromecast device.

Let’s select “Yes” to set up Chromecast 3668.

The TV screen now shows this code S3N4

Confirm this code visibility on the TV screen by clicking “Yes”.

Select a Home location and hit NEXT. I’m setting up as Office TV.

Chromecast is now connected.

The TV screen says “Almost done!”.

Skip the Google Assistant sign up and proceed further.

The Office TV is ready for Mirroring.

I’ve selected Office TV and get the Screen Mirroring option as “Cast my Screen”.

We can adjust the TV volume from this screen. I’ve reduced it to 63%.

The Volume bar shows up on the TV screen.

Let’s mirror our K40 to the TV screen.

Select “Cast screen” as shown above.

My K40 screen is visible on the TV Screen.


This is the K40 MetroPCS Home Screen.

This is the About Phone page. Let’s check the Software info.

My MetroPCS K40 is running on Android 9 with Software Version X420MM10p.

Let’s play video using the Video Player.

This is still from the National Geographic Documentary.

We have to control the Video Playback via our Phone.

This is another still from the video.

Here is my LG K Series Youtube Video channel.

This is the LG K40 Download Mode & Firmware Update Video, being played on the big TV screen.

Here is another still from the LG K40 firmware update video.

We can also mirror audio files to the TV screen.

To stop mirroring, open the Google Home app on your K40 & tap “Stop mirroring”.


Now, what if you don’t have Chromecast but some other Miracst device such as Roku, FireStick, Wireless Display Adapter, or any other Android Smart TV?

In such a case we have to use a 3rd party app from the Play Store for Screen Casting. Let’s see how to do this with the help fo the below video and screenshots –




LG K40 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast

First of all, we have to connect our K40 as we as the Miracast Device to the same Wifi network.

I’ve connected my K40 to my “Home Wifi” network.

Now I’m going to connect my Amazon Firestick to the same Wifi network.

My Firestick is also connected to the Home Wifi network.

There are various Screen Casting apps on the Google Play Store.

I tried a huge number of Screen Mirroring apps and zeroed down to these 2 apps –

Cast to TV & Web Video Caster

Let’s try both the apps one by one, starting with Cast to TV –

CAST to TV – 

Download and Install “Cast to TV – XCast” from the Play Store and launch it.

As soon as you’ll run this app, it will start scanning for available devices.

My device “Philips’s Fire TV Stick” is detected.  Tap on it to establish the connection.


It says “Device is connected”.

Now hit the “3 bar” icon on the top left corner.

We can cast Photos, Videos & Audio store on the device.

It can also cast online video from Youtube & other streaming apps.

Let’s try to play an offline video as shown above.

It buffers for a second and the video starts playing on the TV Screen.

The video control is on the phone screen as visible in the above screenshot.

The video is being loaded. It hardly takes a second to load the video on the TV screen.

The video is being played on the TV screen. It says “Cast from XCast”.

We can pause the video using control options on the app.

This is Screen Casting. It’s different from Screen Mirroring. In casting, you can use your phone for other work while the video is being played on the TV screen.

The next option below Video is “Photo”.

We can view the Camera & other Gallery Photos on the big TV screen.

Here is another photo being mirrored on the TV screen.

We can also play audio on the TV screen.

MP3 audio being played on the TV screen via K40.

The next option is the dropdown is “Web”.

We can stream video over the web on the TV screen.

Let’s try Youtube.

On the Youtube video page, we have to tap on the “Red Button” as marked in the above screenshot.

Select the desired resolution and enjoy the video on the TV screen.

The Youtube video is being played on the TV screen.

Web Video Caster – 

The 2nd app worth trying is Web Video Caster.

Download & Install Web Video Caster via the Play Store.

Run this app and hit the “Cast icon” as shown above.

Now select the “Settings” icon.


We can choose the devices we wish to scan for Screen Mirroring. Tick the devices and tap “DONE”.

My “Philips Fire TV Stick” is visible.

Tap on the device to connect.

Like, Cast to TV we get the “Browser” option for Video Streaming over the Web and “Phone files” to mirror local media files store on the device.

Let’s try the first option i.e. “Browser”.

Let’s open youtube and search for LG K40 Review.

On the Video Page, we’ve to tap the small “Play Button” located on the top as marked in the screenshot.

Select the streaming quality and wait for the video to load on the TV screen.

The video control options are visible on the phone screen.

The video being played on the TV screen.

Let’s try the “Phone files” option.

I’ve chosen a documentary to play on the TV screen.

The still of the video can be seen in the above screenshot.


I’ve also made videos on LG K40 Screen Mirroring with & without Chromecast.

Check out the below videos –


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