LG K40 Language Settings / LG K30 Change Language

Have you accidentally changed the Language on your K40 and now you’re struggling to get back to your Main Language? Don’t worry, no matter which language you’ve turned on we can get back to the English language quite easily.

Let’s check out the LG K40 Language Settings –

How to Change Language on LG K40 & K30

The language settings are slightly different for Tab View & List View. Alter the phone language based on the Settings View on your phone as follows –

LG K30 / K40 Language Settings – Tab View

lg k40 language settings

To access the Language settings, open Settings > General (Tab View) > Language & Keyboard.

lg k40 change language

Select the first option on the “Language & keyboard” page, i.e. “Language”.

We are now on the Language page. The Main Language is English. You can slide the “3 bar icon” up and down to change the order.

The Main Language (1st Position) will be used as the System Language.



LG K30 / K40 Language Settings – List View

lg k30 language settings

If your Settings app view is set to “List View”, you have to follow a different path to reach the “Language” page.

Open “Settings” and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the last option i.e. “System”.



lg k30 change language

Hit the 2nd option on the System page i.e. “Language & Keyboard”.

Now tap “Language” to access the language settings.


how to change language on lg k40

Move the “3 bar icon” up and down to change the order of the language. The “Main language” (First Position) will be used as the system language.

You can follow the below video as well to change LG K40 language –


LG K40 / K30 Change Language – Korean to English – Tab View


lg k40 change language

Now, the real test comes when you have accidentally changed the language and you don’t know how to follow the right path to Langauge Settings.

As we don’t know the current language, we are going to follow the icon and order/placement of an option.

First of all open “Settings” as shown above. Identify it with the “Settings icon”.

Now as the phone is in Tab view, we are going that the “General” tab is the last tab. So open the last tab.

The “Language & Keyboard” option has an “A” symbol. So look for the “A” icon and select this option.


lg k40 language and keyboard

Now, we have reached the “Language & Keyboard” Page.

Select the first option (Language) on this page.

Finally, we have landed on the “Language” page.

We’ve to change the “Main Language” to English.


lg k30 language and keyboard

Slide the “3 bar icon” in front of English(United States) to move it to the first position.

Now English is set as the Main Language.


LG K30 / K40 Change Language – Arabic to English – List View

lg k30 how to change language

If the Settings View is List view then follow these steps –

This time the language is Arabic and it is written in the opposite direction (Right to Left).

Tap the “Settings” icon to open it.

In ListView, we have to scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page & select the last option “System”.  Identify it with the icon. It’s similar to the “Settings icon”.

language settings lg k40

On the System Page, we have to select the “Language & Keyboard” option. This can be identified with the “A” symbol as marked in the above screenshot.

On the Langauge & Keyboard page, the first option is “Language”. So, choose the first option.

change language lg k40

Finally, when on the Language page, slide the English language to the topmost position.

Now, English is set as the Main Language.


For any query or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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