LG K40 frozen screen / LG K30 keeps freezing

Is your LG K40 / K30 screen frozen? Does it freeze occasionally? There can be a multitude of reasons for this behavior.

Let’s find the root cause and fix this issue once and for all –

Basic Troubleshooting – Force Restart

If your K30 / K40 is frozen and none of the buttons are responding, as a basic troubleshooting step we should force restart the phone. As K40 & K30 comes with a non-removable battery force power off by removing the battery is not an option.

lg k40 frozen force restart




The alternate way is to press the Volume Down and Power Button together for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

If the soft reset/force restart has fixed your issue, but the phone keeps on freezing every now and then, we need to look for the root cause of this issue.

It may be due to a bad app, insufficient storage space, other software issues, water damage/physical damage, etc.

Why does my LG K40/K30 keep freezing?

1. Insufficient Storage Space

If your K30/K40 phone memory is almost full & you’re getting “storage space running out” error, its a matter of concern. The low internal storage can freeze out your phone.

To free up space, you should clear the cached data, app trash, trash bin, etc.

Let’s see how to do this –

lg k40 frozen screen

Open the gallery app located on your LG K30/K40 home screen.

Tap the “3 dots icon” on the top-right corner.

lg k30 frozen screen

Select “Trash” among the listed options.

The trash folder is similar to the recycle bin on the PC. It stores the deleted photos and videos.

You can clear the app trash to free up the internal storage space.

why does my lg k40 keep freezing

I’ve selected all the albums for deletion.

Tap “DELETE ALBUM” to empty trash.

lg k40 keeps freezing

After clearing the gallery trash can, let’s clear the cached data using the Smart Cleaning tool on K30/K40.

Go to Settings > General > Smart Cleaning

lg k40 freezing up

Now tap, “Optimize phone” as shown above.

This process deletes the unnecessary files & stops unused running apps thus increasing the usable storage space & RAM.

lg k40 freezes


The phone is now optimized. Please check if your issue is resolved or not.


Like gallery trash, you should clear the app trash folder as well.

lg k30 keeps freezing

Long-press an empty space on your home screen and click “App trash”.

lg k30 frozen screen


If any app is present in the app trash folder, delete it to make more space.


2. Bad App – Safe Mode

lg k30 freezing up

We can use the safe mode to detect abnormal app behavior. If the phone is working fine in safe mode some downloaded app is the cause of this frozen screen issue.

In such a case, we can detect the malicious app by trial and error. Keep deleting apps in the safe mode and check the regular mode to identify the culprit app.

To know how to use safe mode please follow the below link –

LG K30 Safe Mode

LG K40 Safe Mode

3. Make sure your K30/K40 is running the Latest Android Update

To update the Android firmware please check out the LG K30/K40 update center.

You can learn the process using below post –

LG K30 Software Update

LG K40 Software Update 


why does my lg k30 keep freezing

Is your K30/K40 frozen on the firmware update screen? This black screen is also known as Download Mode.

Follow the below troubleshooting guide get back to the regular home screen –

LG K30 Firmare Update Stuck 

LG K40 Firmware Update Stuck


5. Other Software Issues – Factory Reset / Hard Reset

To make sure the issue is software or hardware related, we need to factory reset our phone. Please backup your phone data before doing the reset. All the data stored on the internal storage space will be erased during this process.

We can either do it via Phone Settings or using the Volume Down and Power Button.


lg k30 freezes

On your K30/K40, open Settings > General > Restart and Reset.

lg k30 freezing

Now tap the last option on this page i.e. Factory data reset & then “RESET PHONE” as shown above.

lg k30 freezing up

Now hit “Delete All” and finally “RESET”.

This step will erase all the data stored in the internal storage space.


lg k30 hard factory reset

The other way to reset your K40 is via volume down and power button.

Check out the detailed process using the below guide –

LG K30 Factory Data Reset

LG K40 Factory Data Reset

Is your phone still freezing after the factory data reset?

If the answer is yes, most probably the issue is related to hardware.

6. Hardware Issue caused by Water Damage or Physical Damage

If none of the above troubleshooting steps were able to fix your freezing problem, the issue must be hardware related.

If your phone is within warranty, please send it for repair or replacement.
Were you able to fix this frozen screen problem on your K30/K40? Please share your experience in the comment section below.





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