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There are 4 ways to reset an LG K40. Based on the severity of the problem we have to make use of the reset function. The 4 kinds of reset are Soft Reset, Factory Reset, Hard Reset & Network Settings Reset. They all are quite useful in troubleshooting.

Soft Reset & Network Settings Reset does not affect the data stored in the internal memory or SD card. However, the internal memory including apps & games, etc. are wiped during a factory reset / hard reset.

Let’s check them out in great detail with the help of the below screenshots & video –

1. LG K40 Soft Reset / Force Restart – lmx420

  • First Method


lg k40 soft reset

A soft reset is nothing but a normal restart. If your K40 is acting abnormally your first troubleshooting step should be a Soft Reset.

To perform a Soft Reset, long-press the power button as shown above.



how to soft reset lg k40


You’ll see various options on the screen. Select “Power off and restart”.

Now tap “RESTART” and wait for the phone to boot again.


  • Second Method

LG K40 Force Restart

In case your K40 is frozen then the Power button won’t work. As it comes with a non-removable battery, we cannot turn it off by pulling out the battery.

In such a case, we need to force restart the phone.

Press the Volume Down & Power button for 10 seconds. Keep it pressed until the phone reboots.

You can also use this method to exit the LG K40 Download Mode.

2. LG K40 Factory Reset via Settings

Before doing a Factory Data Reset, take a complete backup of your data stored in the Internal Storage.

A Factory Reset will restore your phone back to factory settings erasing apps, games & media stored in the internal memory.

LG K40 Factory Reset

On your K40, pull down the notification bar and hit the “Settings icon”.


lg lmx420mm factory reset


In Settings, select the “General” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Now tap “Restart & reset” as shown above.

Click the last option on this page i.e. “Factory data reset”.

lg k40 metropcs factory reset

Tap “RESET PHONE” located at the bottom-right corner.

Now hit, “Delete all”.

how to reset lg k40

Finally, tap “RESET” to initiate the factory data reset on your K40.

After the reset, the phone reboots and lands on the “Welcome” screen.

Use the “Forward Arrow” to proceed.

factory reset lg k40

We are on the “Connect to Wi-Fi” page. You can either connect to your Wifi network on skip this step.

Tap “SKIP” then “CONTINUE” to move ahead.


how to reset lg k40 phone

Now we are on the “Date & Time” page.

It will be automatically adjusted once you’re connected to the internet. Tap “NEXT” to move further.

On the Google Service Page, keep moving ahead by tapping “MORE”.

lg k40 manual reset

“ACCEPT” Google Services terms and conditions.

factory reset a lg k40

Now we are on the Screen Lock setup Page.

We can skip this step as of now by choosing “No, thanks” and hitting “NEXT”.

how to reset a lg k40

The final page of the Setup Wizard is the “Legal Documents” page.

We have to accept the terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox.


factory reset a lg k40

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and hit “DONE” to finish the Factory Reset Process.

We have landed on the LG K40 home screen.

3. LG K40 Hard Reset using Volume Down & Power Button

When you’re locked out on your K40 you cannot access “Settings”. You may be locked out due to a forgotten PIN, Pattern or Password.

In this case, we have to reset out K40 using the hard buttons.

LG K40 Hard Reset

First of all, you’ve to turn off your LG K40.

Long-Press the power button and select “Power off” to turn your phone off.

hard reset lg k40

When the phone is off we have to boot our phone into Recovery Mode to perform a hard reset.

To boot your K40 into recovery mode –

  • Press the Volume Down + Power Button on your K40.
  • The phone will turn on. As soon as the phone vibrates (or when the LG logo appears on the screen), leave the power button and hold it once again.
  • Keep holding the Volume Down key all the time
  • If done properly your K40 will now be in the Recovery Mode. It’s a white Factory Data Reset screen as shown below.

I’ve made a video on this as well. You can check out the LG K40 Hard Reset Video as follows –


lg k40 hard reset buttons

In the recovery mode, we can move up and down with the volume rocker and select an option using the power button.

Use Volume Down to move from “No (Exit)” to “Yes” as shown above.

Now tap the Power key once to select this option.

how to hard reset lg k40 phone

Its a 2 step process.

Again move down from “No (Exit)” to “Yes” and confirm your selection with the power button.

This will reboot your phone and take you to the Welcome Screen of the Setup Wizard.

The rest of the process is the same as done before while doing the Factory Data Reset.

NOTE: If you had a Google Account on your K40, you have to pass through the Google Verification process by signing into this account. If you don’t remember your Google Account Credentials you can follow the below tutorial –

How to Bypass Google Account Verification on LG K40

4. LG K40 Reset Network Settings

The network-related issues can be fixed by resetting the network settings on your LG K40. It can also fix Bluetooth & Wifi related problems.

LG K40 Network Reset

To reset network settings, pull down the notification bar and tap the settings icon.

Choose the “General Tab” and hit “Restart & reset”.


LG K40 reset netowork settings

Now click “Network settings reset” a shown above.

On the next page, look for “RESET SETTINGS” at the bottom-right corner and select it.

LG K40 Network Reset

Finally, tap “Reset Settings” to initiate the process.

After some time a confirmation message flashes at the bottom of the screen which says “Network settings have been reset”.


The next level of troubleshooting comes into rescue in case you have bricked your LG K40. In such a case you need to restore your K40 by flashing stock firmware using LGUP flash tool.


For any query related to an LG K Series smartphone, feel free to leave a comment below.

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