LG K40 Developer Options & USB Debugging- How to Turn on LMX420

“Developer Options” is found in “Settings” on LG K40 but its kept hidden by default. The options in this menu are useful for developers. It has got an extensive list of options that can do some harm if misused. That’s why its kept hidden.

However, it’s very easy to enable. Without the Developer Options, we cannot turn on USB Debugging to connect out K40 in ADB / Fastboot Mode. For writing, ADB commands the phone should be connected to the PC with USB Debugging in the enabled state.

In this post, we are going to learn, How to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging with the help of the below video and screenshots –

How to turn on Developer Options & USB Debugging on LG K40

lg k40 developer options

On your LG K40 Home Screen, swipe right and you would see the “Settings” icon. Tap on it to open.

In Settings, select the “General” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Choose the 2nd last option i.e. “About Phone”.

On the About Phone page, tap “Software Info” as shown above.

lg k40 turn on developer options

The 2nd last option on this page is “Build number”. We’ve to tap “Build Number” seven times to enable the “Developer Options”.

Once done, a text would flash at the bottom of the screen “You are now a developer!”

To access “Developer Options” we need to go 2 steps back.

developer options lg k40

You would notice there is a new option above “About Phone”  which is “Developer Options”

Tap on it to open. Accept the warning.

Now to enable USB Debugging, scroll down and look for this option.

lg k40 usb debugging

Turn on USB Debugging and connect your K40 to a computer via USB data Cable.

Once connected, you will see a prompt on your screen to allow USB Debugging. Accept this request by tapping “OK”.

Now install the LG K40 ADB Driver & you’re ready to connect your phone in ADB mode.


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