LG K40 Block number / calls – LG K30 unblock number

In this post, we are going to learn how to block & unblock a number on LG K30 / K40. We can block all the spam / unwanted calls using the blocking feature on K40. We can even auto-block texts using a word or digit filter.


Let’s explore all the options in great detail with the help of the below video and screenshots –

How to Block / Unblock a Number on LG K30 / K40


1. LG K30 / K40 Call Blocking

On LG K40, we can directly block a number from the call log.

If you receive a spam call and you wish to block this contact, blacklist it as follows –

lg k40 block number

Tap the phone dialer located on the K40 home screen.

Open the “Calls logs” tab as shown above.


lg k40 block calls


In the Call logs list, long-press the contact which you wish to block.

Among the listed options, tap “Block number” to reject calls & messages from this contact.


2. LG K40 Unblock Number

lg k40 unblock number

The contact “411 & More” is blocked but it’s still present in the call log.

To unblock it, long-press “411 & More” and hit “Unblock number”.

how to block a number on lg k40

This contact is now unblocked.

To access the call blocking settings, tap the “3 dots icon” on the right-hand top and select “Call settings”.

I’ve made a video on this as well. You may check it out –

3. LG K40 Call Blocking Settings

lg k40 call blocking

We are now on the “Call” page.

Tap the 2nd option i.e. “Call blocking & decline with message”

lg k30 block number

The first option on the call blocking page is “Decline with message”.

If you wish to reject a call with an excuse, choose from the decline messages listed above or add your own message using the + button.

lg k30 call blocking

The next option on this page shows the blocked numbers.

You can block or unblock any contact using this page.

how to block a number on lg k30

Block a number from call logs, contacts, or block a new number.

lg k40 digit filter

The next option on this list is “Digit filter”.

lg k30 digit filter

If you know the starting/ending digit of a spam call you can add these digits to the digit filter.

lg k40 block private numbers

The last option on the call blocking page is Private numbers.

When turned on, all private calls will be rejected automatically.

4. LG K30 / K40 Message Blocking

A Text message sender can be blocked in the same manner as we blocked a caller.

lg k40 block message

In place of the call log, here we need to open the text message we wish to block.

Go to the “Messaging app” on your K40 using the home screen shortcut.

Open the spam / unwanted text message.



lg k40 block text

Right-click the “3 dots” icon on the top-right corner and tap “Block number” as shown above.


lg k40 message blocking active

We get an option to delete all the messages from this sender. By default, this option is enabled. You should uncheck it if you want to retain the messages.

Tap “BLOCK” to block the calls and messages from this number.

Now hit the “3 dots” icon and select “Settings”.

5. LG K40 Message Blocking Settings

lg k40 text blocking

On the “Settings” page, we need to open “Message blocking”.

lg k40 blocked numbers

The options, here are similar to Call Blocking.

The first option shows the blocked number.

We can delete a blocked number and it’ll be unblocked.

lg k40 blocked numbers

We can also block a new number using the + icon.

lg k40 digit filter message blocking

The second option is the Digit Filter. We can filter and block spam numbers by adding their starting or ending digits.

lg k40 word filter

The next one is the Word filter. It allows us to block messages based on specific words. You can add the spam/explicit word to this filter.

The blocked message will be stored in the “Blocked box”, which is the last option on the “Message blocking” page.

lg k40 block unknown number

The next option on the message blocking page is “Block unknown number”. By turning this on you’ll receive calls from saved contacts only.

lg k40 blocked box

As discussed before, the last option on the message blocking page is “Blocked box”. It stores blocked text messages.


Were you able to successfully block calls & messages on K30 /K40? Please share your experience.

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