LG K40 Antutu Benchmark Test – vs K30, Aristo 4 Plus & Stylo 4

LG K40 has quite powerful hardware considering its price range. It uses the same Processor / CPU as found in the latest LG Stylo 5. K40 has a 1.8 GHz Octa-Core Processor coupled with 2GB RAM.

In this, post we are going to put it against the close rivals in Antutu & Geekbench Benchmark Test.

In the LG MetroPCS / T-Mobile Prepaid lineup, the Aristo series belongs to low-end, K Series is mid-range and Stylo series is one level higher than the K Series. We are picking one phone from each category for this test.  As K30 is the predecessor to K40 let’s include it as well.

LG K40 Antutu & Geekbench Benchmark Tests

LG K40 vs LG K30 Antutu Test Result


LG K40 Antutu Test Result

The left screenshot belongs to K40 LM-X420 and the right screenshot is of LG K30 LM-X410

You can see there is a huge difference between the Antutu Benchmark scores of K30 and K40. K40 wins by a huge margin with its 1.8 GHz Octa-Core Processor. K30 has an older and weaker 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor.

LG K40 vs Aristo 4 Plus vs Stylo 4 Antutu Test Result

LG K40 LM-X420 Antutu Benchmark Test

The left screenshot is of K40 LM-X420. The middle one belongs to Aristo 4 Plus LM-X320 & on the right is Stylo 4 LM-Q710(FGN) Antutu score result.

As K40 and Stylo 4 share the same processor, their Antutu scores are almost identical. LG Aristo 4 Plus is left behind in this race.

Now Let’s check out the Geekbench Test Scores –

LG K40 vs LG K30 Geekbench Test Result

LG K40 Geekbench Benchmark Test

The left screenshot belongs to LG K40 LM-X420 & the right one is of K30 LM-X410


Similar to Antutu results, Geekbench scores vary by a huge margin as well. Especially the Multi-Core Score.


LG K40 vs Aristo 4 Plus vs Stylo 4 Geekbench Test Result

LG K40 LM-X420 Geekbench Test

Above are Geekbench Scores of LG K40 LM-X420, Aristo 4 Plus LM-X320 & Stylo 4 LM-Q710(FGN) respectively.  (From Left to Right)


The Geekbench Scores of K40 and Stylo 4 are almost identical. Aristo 4 Plus is lagging behind. Especially in the Multi-Core Test Score.

Let’s summarize the above benchmark scores between the 4 phones in tabular form for easy reference –

Benchmark Test LG K40LG K30LG Aristo 4 PlusLG Stylo 4
Single-Core Score720571661714
Multi-Core Score3676143718843693


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