LG K31 Gestures – how to go back/get to home screen/close apps

Navigation using gestures is not bad. It’s the default mode of navigation on LG K31. Once learned, you will find it easier than using the home touch buttons.

In this post, we are going to learn how to go back, get to the home screen, close apps, and switch between the running apps using gestures. So, without wasting any time let’s proceed with the tutorial –

How to go back, get to home screen & close apps on LG K31 using Gestures

Let’s begin with the Back button Gesture –

LG K31 Gestures – How to Go Back

lg k31 go back

To go back to the previous screen on your K31, swipe from the right or left edge of the screen.

lg k31 no back button

On my K31, I’m on the System page in the Settings app.

I swiped in from the right edge and it takes me to the previous page i.e. the first page of the Settings app.

lg k31 how to go back

Likewise, I swiped in from the left edge on the Settings page and it brings me to the K31 home screen.




LG K31 Gestures – How to get to the Home Screen

lg k31 get to home screen

The home touch button with a circular icon brings us to the home screen from any page.

The swipe up gesture does the same thing. Swipe up from the bottom to reach the home screen.


lg k31 home button

I’m on the Settings page. I swiped up from the bottom and it’s taking me to the home screen.


lg k31 home button gesture

We’ve landed on the K31 home screen with the swipe up gesture.

LG K31 Gestures – How to Close apps

lg k31 recent apps

To view the running apps, swipe up and hold the screen as visible in the above animation.

lg k31 how to close apps

I’m on my LG K31 home screen.

By swiping up and holding the screen we get to see the recent apps.


how to close apps on lg k31

Swipe left to view all the open apps.

Throw an app tile in the upward direction to close that respective app.

Tap “Clear all” to close all the running apps in one go.

LG K31 Gestures – Switch between running apps

lg k31 switch between apps gesture

The last gesture allows us to switch between the running apps.

Swipe right or left along the bottom edge of the screen to switch between the recent apps.

lg k31 switch between running apps

Swipe along the bottom border, as marked in the above screenshot to switch from one app to another.

how to switch between running apps on lg k31

I’m running the Phone dialer app on my K31. I’ve swiped along the bottom border towards the left direction. This way we can switch from the Dialer to the Camera app.

lg k31 gesture to switch between apps

This time I’m using the camera app.

Swiping in the right direction along the bottom border brings me to the Dialer app.

Did you like the Gestures Mode on LG K31? If you wish to switch back to the old-style navigation with the home, back, and recent apps buttons then follow the below tutorial –

LG K31 Home, Back & Recent Apps Buttons


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  1. Thanks so much for this info. I could not figure out the navigation to save my life. I kept bumbling into switching and finding my way home, but couldn’t figure out how I accomplished it. I kept chasing the silly little quarter circle in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Sometimes, redesigning elements just to redesign them can make it difficult for users who have been trained by years of a previous interface to understand what ios going on.

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