LG K30 Wireless Charging / Does LG K30 have Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging has become a premium feature and found in high-end phones only nowadays. Long back I used this feature in Palm Pre 2 which was a mid-range smartphone. It’s quite surprising that even the LG Stylo series is not Qi-Enabled.

In this post, we are going to learn how to enable wireless charging on LG K30. By now you must have understood that K30 lacks wireless charging as even LG Stylo 5 is missing this feature.

However, the good news is that its quite easy to enable wireless charging on LG K30. Let’s Learn how to do that –

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How to enable Wireless Charging on LG K30



1. Get an LG K30 Wireless Charger Receiver

lg k30 wireless charging


While shopping for a Wireless receiver for K30 make sure its charging port is Micro USB Type-A. LG K30 has a Type-A micro USB charging port with narrow-side up.

Nillkin Qi Wireless Charger Receiver

LG K30 wireless charger

does lg k30 have wireless charging

Ths receiver goes into the micro USB port of K30. It comes with a flap that goes to the back of the phone. To keep it in place you should use a case. The phones which are Qi-enabled have this receiver built-in.

lg lmx410ma wireless charging

For the best result, I would suggest Nillkin Wireless Charger Receiver for LG K30. It comes for around $12.99. It has got a very thin flap with a sticker. Once you paste the flap on the back, you can use the phone without a case.

Another Qi Wireless Charger Receiver

lg k30 wireless charger qi receiver

There is one more Qi receiver with a very good rating and a similar price. You can have this as well instead of Nillkin receiver.

Refer to the above screenshot.


2. Get an LG K30 Wireless Charging Pad

After getting the receiver, we need to buy the Charging Pad on which we are going to place the phone for wireless charging.

I’ve shortlisted the highest-rated and cost-efficient wireless charging pads for LG K30. For $8.99 you can get a decent wireless charging pad. So Let’s check them out.

Letscom Wireless Charging Pad – $8.99

lg k30 wireless charging pad

The lowest-priced yet highly rated wireless charging pad for LG K30 comes from Letscom. It’ll cost you around $8.99.

It offers anti-slip protection and comes with a USB C cable. This won’t matter as USB C goes into the charging port of the pad, not the phone.

It doesn’t come with an AC adapter.

Anker Wireless Charger – $10.99

wireless charger for lg k30

The next charging pad on the list is from Anker. It comes for around $10.99. It comes with a Micro USB cable and without an AC adapter.

Its a case-friendly charging pad. You can use cases up to 5 mm thickness provided its made up of rubber, plastic or TPU.

Yootech Wireless Charger – $11.95

best lg k30 wireless charger

The K30 charging Pad on our list is the Yootech charger. It’s the number 1 bestseller with more than 29k ratings.

It comes with the USB C cable but without an AC adapter. The cost of Yootech Charger is around $11.95

Seenda Wireless Charger with Dual USB Port – $13.98

lg lm-x410ma wireless charging

Seenda Wireless Charger offers more for less. It a combination of Wireless Charging Pad, Power Adapter & Dual USB Charger.

It a highly rated wireless charger with an average 4.8 Amazon rating. You can refer to the above screenshot.

Seenda Wireless charger will cost you around $13.98

Anker Wireless Charging Stand

lg lmx410ta wireless charging

This unique wireless charger from Anker doubles as a Phone stand. It lets you use your K30 in landscape or portrait mode while charging.

It comes with a 3 ft Micro USB cable but lacks an AC adapter. It’s a little bit costlier than the basic Anker Charging Pad. You’ve to shell out  $13.99  for Anker wireless charging stand.

Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad with AC adapter – $14.99

lg k30 qi

I’ve included Belkin Charger in this list because right now it’s on offer and is a renowned brand offering the highest quality standards. Its 3-year warranty speaks for itself.

Its current price with AC adapter is $14.99

Youstoo Leather Surface Wireless Charger – $15.19

is the lg k30 qi enabled

Now we’re heading towards the charging pads which offers beauty with brain.

Youstoo Charging pad offers a premium anti-slip leather surface. It’s a very highly rated (4.8 Amazon Rating) wireless charger.

It comes for around $15.19 after 10% coupon discount.

Tozo Ultra Thin Aluminium Unibody Wireless Charger – $16.14

does the lg k30 support wireless charging

The last wireless charging pad on our list if from Tozo. Its a unibody charging pad made up of Aluminium. It’s an Ultra-slim charger with a premium look.

It’ll cost you around $16.14 after a 5% coupon discount.


3. Setting up the LG K30 Wireless Charger

Now that you’ve got the Reciever and Charging Pad lets do the setup and start charging our K30 wirelessly –

I’m charging my LG K30 using a wireless charger in the below video –

I’ve used a cheap wireless charger which is useless, to be frank. It offers a very slow charging speed. If you’re serious about wireless charging on your K30 choose among the above listed Qi receiver and charging pads. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

Pros & Cons – LG K30 Wireless Charging

Pros –

  • Very Easy to Setup.
  • Hassle-Free Wireless Charging.

Cons –

  • Slow Charging.  (Charging rate matches with a 1 Amp Charger)
  • The phone gets little hot while charging
  • Makes some hissing noise


A wireless charger can never match the speed of a wired charger. If you give more importance to convenience over the charging speed than wireless charging can work well for you. Otherwise, the wired charger is a better option.


Which way do you charge your LG K30? Please share your valuable thoughts via the comment section below


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