LG K30 USB Debugging & Developer Options – MetroPCS / T-Mobile

USB Debugging is found within Developer Options and its kept hidden by default. So, to enable USB Debugging the first step is to unhide the “Developer Options”.

To connect the phone to PC in ADB / Fastboot mode we need to enable USB Debugging. This way we can boot into Fastboot mode for unlocking the LG K30 bootloader.

For Bootloader unlocking, along with USB Debugging, we need to enable “OEM unlock” in developer options.

Let’s proceed with the tutorial to enable Developer Options & USB Debugging on our LG K30 –


How to Enable Developer Options & USB Debugging in LG K30 LMX410 MetroPCS / T-Mobile


LG K30 Developer Options

To enable Developer Options, pull down the navigation bar and click on the “Settings” icon at the top right corner.

In Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and open “System”.

Now again scroll down and select “About Phone”, the second last option.

After enabling Developer Options, it’ll get visible above the “About Phone” option.

Click “About Phone” to proceed further.


Developer Options LG K30

Now click “Software Info” to open it

The second last option is “Build Number”. We’ve to tap is 7 times to enable Developer Options.

LM-X410(fg) developer options

Once done, a text would flash at the bottom of the screen “You are now a developer!” as shown in the screenshot above.

Now go 2 steps back where we found “About Phone”.

lmx410 developer options

You can see above “About Phone” there is a new option which is nothing but  “Developer Options”

Open it after accepting the warning.

lg k30 usb debugging

In developer options, look for USB Debugging and turn it ON by sliding the toggle towards the right.

Accept the request and give permission to Allow USB Debugging.


lg k30 enable oem unlock

To unlock the LG K30 bootloader, we also need to enable “OEM Unlock”.

Look for it in developer options and enable it.

Now we’ve to install the ADB driver and boot our LG K30 in Fastboot mode for bootloader unlocking.

We can also use the ADB Mode to Move apps to SD Card on LG K30.

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