LG K30 Firmware Download & Update lm-x410(fg) MetroPCS Stock ROM

In this post, we’re going to learn how to restore a bricked LG K30 by flashing the stock firmware (kdz) using LGUP software.

This post can also help you to recover your phone if your K30 firmware update was stuck at some point and now you are unable to boot your phone.

First of all, we’re going to download the required files.  You can download them from respective download links –

LG Mobile Driver v4.4.2  .exe setup file –


LGUP Dual Mode Zip file – Extract the zip file after downloading


LG K30 MetroPCS X410Mk20h Android Oreo 8.1 Stock Firmware Zip file – Extract the zip file after downloading


LG K30 T-Mobile  X410Tk20f Android Oreo 8.1 Stock Firmware kdz file –



How to Upgrade / Downgrade / Unbrick  LG K30 LMX410 MetroPCS / T-Mobile  Firmware using LGUP


LG K30 firmware download

After downloading and extracting the necessary files, Let’s start the process by installing the LG Mobile Driver.

Double-click the “LGMobileDriver 4.4.2” file to initiate the installation process.


LG k30 download mode driver

Click “NEXT” to proceed further and complete the installation.

LG K30 LGUP Driver

The driver is installed successfully. Now, we’re ready to connect our LG K30 to the computer in download mode.

LG K30 Download Mode

To boot LG K30 into download mode,

Power OFF your phone

Insert one end of the USB data cable in the phone’s USB port

Press the Volume UP key on your phone.

Keep it pressed, and connect the other end of the USB data cable to the computer

The phone should now boot into the download mode.



LG K30 LMX410 Download Mode

Download mode is a Firmware Update screen with a black background as shown in the pictures above.

LG K30 Serial Port Modem driver installation

Wait for the LG AndroidNet USB Serial Port and LG AndroidNet USB Modem driver to install.

In the device manager, we can check the installation status under “Modems” & “Ports(COM &LPT)” as visible in the screenshot above.

LG K30 LGUP Dual Mode

After extracting the LGUP_DualMode folder, Open it to view the files.

LG K30 LGUP flashing

Tap , “LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3” setup file to install it.

LG K30 LGUP installation

Finish the installation but don’t run LGUP yet.

LG K30 LGUP DLL file

Right-click “SetUser” file, and click “Run as administrator” as shown above.

LG K30 DLL File Download

Now click “LGUPU” file to load LGUP software.LGUP LG K30 LM-X410MK flashing

Our connected phone LG K30 is visible in LGUP as LM-X410MK.

The current firmware version is X410MK20c. We’re going to upgrade it to X410MK20h

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5 thoughts on “LG K30 Firmware Download & Update lm-x410(fg) MetroPCS Stock ROM

  1. hello i … i have a question i have a x410mk lastest ver can i downgrade to x410mk10b_00 to unlock the phone i have chimera … i want to know if there is not worrys about a briked phone men

    • Yes, you can downgrade, but your data will be wiped in the process as your android firmware will change from Pie to Oreo.

      To make sure, you can check the Antiroll Back version in Hidden Menu. Dial 277634#*# in the dial pad –

      In the “Operator Hidden Menu” select “Version Info” and scroll down to the bottom of the page –

      If all the Anti-rollback version values are 0 you can downgrade the firmware.

  2. I need help.after my phone died i plugged in my charger and the same exact firmware update notice in this blog popped up only it never did anything for a half hour it never did anything and i was forced to unplug phone to try and trouble shoot .now after an entire day of my phone needing the hard restart or whatever, it says no simcard and lots of crazy stuff like the phone wont charge? And the time and date werent right as well as no connection to network .now i have connected to wifi but cannot call out and also cannot open any you tube pages to troubleshoot…..what do i do now?i cannot access email either.

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