LG K30 Screenshot & Screen Record Tutorial

There are 2 ways to capture a screenshot on LG K30.  The newer method is via the fingerprint sensor. In this method, the fingerprint sensor doubles as a “shortcut key” to capture a screenshot when tapped twice.

In this post, we’re also going to check out the various screen recorders available for K30 and which one is the best in performance & features.

So Let’s start the tutorial –

How to Take Screenshot on LG K30

First Method – Using  the Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor on LG K30 doubles as a shortcut key to capture a screenshot.

To use this feature, we’ve to enable it first in “Settings”

LG K30 Screenshot with Fingerprint Sensor


Pull down the notification bar  & tap the “Settings icon” on the top-right corner.

In Settings, look for “Shortcut keys” and open it

The second option in the list is, “Take a screenshot”.  Swipe the toggle towards the right to enable it.



LG K30 Double Tap to Screenshot

As explained in the above screenshot, tap twice in succession on the fingerprint sensor and after the 2nd tap, don’t remove the finger from the power key until the screenshot is captured.

Make sure not to press the power key. We’ve to just touch it.


Second Method – Using Volume Down & Power Button


The second method is the old universal method to capture a screenshot. It’s common for almost every android smartphone.

How to screenshot on lg k30

Press the Volume down and power key simultaneously to capture a screenshot.

Make sure to press them at the same instant, else either the volume would get reduced or phone would go to sleep. You’ll get a hang of it in a few tries.

We cannot capture a screenshot in Download Mode & Fastboot Mode.


How to Screen Record on LG K30

A built-in screen recorder is missing in LG K30. However, there is a need for it as a screenshot cannot tell the whole story.

Luckily, many screen recorder apps are present in the play store. I have tried many of them and shortlisted a few which I found best for LG K30. Let’s check out their features along with a screen recording sample.

Tips for Clean & Effective Screen Recording

  • While using any of the below Screen Recording Apps, make sure that you’re recording the video in Clean Recording Mode i.e the app window should be hidden while recording.
  • The most effective way to stop screen recording is by using the Power Button. The power button puts the phone to sleep and the recording is stopped automatically.
  • If there’s a need to pause your screen recording in between, use the app with Magic Button feature and set the transparency to around 3-5 % so that it’s hardly visible.


LG K30 Screen Recorder by Kimcy929

Check out the above video. It’s captured using Screen Recorder by Kimcy929. It shows the features of this screen recorder app.


  • Ad Free
  • Game Launcher  – can add game and record gameplay
  • Hidden Magic Button to Pause & Resume screen recording
  • Overlay settings to create watermark
  • Camera support – Front / Rear
  • Clean recording by default – Hidden recording window


  • Only video trimmer is present not an editor

You can download the above screen recorder app from Play Store using the below download link –


LG K30 Mobizen Screen Recorder

Pros –

  • Editors Choice Award
  • Bug-Free always works without any fuss
  • Video Editor
  • Front Camera Support
  • Clean recording Mode


  • Annoying Ads
  • No Magic Button to pause recording

Mobizen Screen Recorder Play Store Download Link –



LG K30 ADV Screen Recorder


  • Can add watermark
  • Clean recording mode
  • Hidden Magic Button to pause recording


  • Video editor only in the Pro version
  • Ads are present

ADV Screen Recorder Play Store Download Link –


LG K30 XRecorder Screen Recorder


  • Can hide the recording window during recording
  • Video editor is present


  • No hidden magic button to pause screen recording
  • No option to add watermark
  • Annoying Ads

XRecorder Play Store Download Link –


LG K30 AzRecorder Screen Recorder


  • Supports Time-Lapse
  • Hidden Magic button to pause/resume screen recording
  • Overlay Settings to create own watermark
  • Front Camera support while recording
  • Video Editor is included


  • Ads are present in the free version
  • Flashes app name (Azrecorder)  at the end of every recording

AzRecorder Play Store Download Link –




Our of the above 5 apps,  I like Mobizen and Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 the most.

Kimcy929 Screen Recorder, because of its simple user interface, lot of useful features & the only screen recording app which is ad-free.

Mobizen, because I’ve used it extensively & it has never failed me even though it’s filled with annoying ads.

Tell me your favorite screen recorder app which you use on your LG K30.

If I’ve missed any good screen recorder app, please mention it in the comment section below.


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