LG K30 Screen Replacement Guide – lmx410mk, lm-x410asr, lmx410pm

LG K30 has a curved edged 2.5D glass display with no Gorilla Glass or Panda King Screen Protection. A curved edge screen is more prone to damage than a flat one. So, it’s better to use K30 with a screen protector and case.

However, if your K30 glass or LCD is already damaged then the only solution is the screen replacement. A phone screen is made up of 3 parts. The outer glass, touchscreen digitizer and the inner LCD.

Now in most of the cases, the glass breaks but the touchscreen does work. In this case, the outer glass can be replaced with a newer one. If the impact is severe, then the digitizer and/or LCD would break. In such a case we need to change the LCD which includes the digitizer as well.

There is one more option which is the easiest one and can be done by a non-professional at home. The last option is to get an LG K30 LCD with Frame. Let’s check out these 3 methods of LG K30 screen replacement.

Follow the detailed guide to replace your broken K30 glass with a new one –

LG K30 Screen Replacement Guide / Kit / Cost – lmx410mk, lmx410as, lmx410asr, lmx410tk, lmx410(fg), lmx410cs lmx410um & lmx410ulml


1. LG K30 Glass Replacement – Outer Glass Lens without Touchscreen Digitizer

LG K30 Screen Replacement

In more than 90% of the cases, only outer glass breaks and touchscreen digitizer remains intact. In such a case, you would like to save money by replacing the outer glass only. It sounds great but is quite difficult to implement.

This new glass can be replaced only after removing the broken glass using a heat gun. The LCD film is quite thin and may get damaged while removing the broken glass.

To do this job you would need to hire a professional and you may end up spending more than the cost of LCD. Moreover, it can never match the precision of the factory fitted glass.

However, if you wish to give it a try, you can get the LG K30 glass lens for around $10.

2. LG K30 LCD Replacement

LG K30 LCD Replacement


The second option to fix the LG K30 screen is by replacing the LCD assembly which includes the touchscreen digitizer as well.

This method is easier than the first one still difficult to implement for an amateur. It’s easier to remove to broken LCD but difficult to paste the new LCD with the same precision as in the original factory fitting.

You can grab the LG K30 LCD Assembly from here. It will cost you around $23.

Follow the below tutorial to replace the LG K30 LCD

3. LG K30 LCD Replacement with Frame

LG K30 LCD Repalcement with Frame

The last and the best option to replace a broken LG K30 screen is using the K30 LCD replacement kit with frame. This is the easiest method to replace your LG K30 Glass/LCD. It matches the precision of a factory-fitted glass. No one can tell that you’ve replaced your K30 screen. An LG K30 LCD kit with a frame would cost you around $27 which is just $4 more LCD without a frame.

This method entails one extra task. You’ve to remove a few parts from the older frame and place them in the newer one.  You need to replace the external Loud Speaker, ear speaker, volume rocker, headphone jack, camera module, vibrator & the proximity sensor. Get the LG K30 LCD with Frame and follow the below tutorial for LG K30 disassembly.

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Share your outcome. If facing any issue in K30 glass replacement, please leave a comment below.




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