LG K30 Screen Mirroring to Roku, Samsung TV without chromecast

For Screen Mirroring a wired connection works best. There is hardly any frame rate loss and the best part is it works without an internet connection. However, the bad news is that these days quite a few Android smartphones offer MHL / Slimport / Micro-HDMI support.

These days, wireless screen mirroring is getting more and more popular. With the advent of Smart TV and Wireless Display Adapters, MHL support looks like a thing of the past.

Now Let’s talk about LG K30.On K30 we don’t get the cast option which is found on Motorola and other Android phones with stock vanilla android. Screen mirroring was possible on LG K20 plus after flashing Lineage OS Custom ROM. However, there is no root available for LG K30 as of now. So, we cannot flash a Custom ROM on LG K30.

The bad news is that K30 is not compatible with MHL as well. Else we would have mirrored our screen to the TV without Wifi/Internet. The wired connection is also more stable with less lag.

Thus, we have to resort to other options for screen mirroring/casting on K30.

In this post, we are going to mirror the LG K30 to the TV without using Chromecast. So let’s get going

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How to Mirror LG K30 to TV without Chromecast


how to mirror lg k30 to tv without chromecast

I have tried dozens of app on the play store to mirror my K30 on the TV screen.

The majority of them are completely useless and filled with ads. The only app which did a commendable job was “Cast to TV -XCast” from Inshot Inc. After all, it has got a 4.7 rating from 130k users.

Download and install the app from the Play store app or using this play store link.

This app works with Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Xbox, Apple TV, Android Smart TV & DLNA devices. Check out the LG K30 Screen Mirroring Video as follows –


Just make sure your Wireless Screen Mirroring device and LG K30 are connected to the same wifi network.

lg k30 screen mirroring

You can see my LG K30 is connected to the “Home Wifi” wifi network.

lg k30 screen mirroring fire tv stick

My Fire TV stick is also connected to the same Wifi network.

screen mirroring lg k30

Now we are ready to run the “Cast to TV” app.

It automatically detects the available device. You can see my Fire TV stick is visible as “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”

We’ve to tap it to establish a connection between this app and fire tv stick.

The connection is established. It says “Device is Connected”.


lg k30 miracast

You can always check the connection status by tapping the “Cast” icon located at the top-right corner.

does lg k30 have screen mirroring

Now Let’s try to Cast a Video on the TV screen.

Tap the “3 bar” icon located on the top-left corner and select “Video” as shown above.

lg k30 screen mirroring without chromecast

Let’s try to play this National Geographic Documentary – Strange Animals of Asia.


lg k30 to tv

The connection gets established almost immediately depending upon your Wifi speed.


miracast lg k30

The Video has started playing on the TV screen.

LG K30 MHL compatible

There are various options on the screen to control the video playback.

Let’s “Stop” the video and try to Mirror Photos from K30 to the TV screen.

Open the Menu and Select “Photo” as shown above.

lg k30 screen mirroring to roku

This is my LG K30 Photo Gallery.

lg k30 screen mirroring to samsung tv

We’ve to swipe through the screen to change the Image. It almost immediately changes on the TV screen as well.

lg k30 screen mirroring to samsung tv

This is how the wallpaper looks on the TV screen.

lg k30 screen casting

We can also Cast an Audio on the TV screen. I’ve selected the MP3 file “Life is Good” as shown above.

lg k30 cast to tv

The Audio file is being played on the TV screen.

how do i screen mirror on my lg k30

The most useful option in the Cast to TV – XCast app is the “Web” option.

Using this option we can play online videos from Youtube and other video apps.

Let’s Open Youtube and Cast a Video from LG K30 to the TV screen.

how to screen mirror lg k30

I searched for LG K30 and played the first video which is a review of the LG K30 Smartphone.

lg k30 screen cast

As the video starts playing on the phone screen, we’ve to tap the Red “Video icon” as shown in the above screenshot.

Now set the desired resolution for video streaming.

lg k30 mirror cast

Wait for a moment while it’s loading the video on the TV screen.

lg k30 smart view

The video has started playing on the TV screen.

lm-x410 screen mirroring

We can change the video resolution afterward as well.

After Screen Mirroring would you like to enable Wireless Charging on LG K30?

Please share your LG K30 Screen Mirroring / Casting app via the comment section below. Feedback is Welcome.


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